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April 22 2004

James Marsters is the UK's favourite to play Romeo. An online poll conducted by the Royal Shakespeare Company has voted James Marsters as the nation's favourite to play Romeo. Kiera Knightley is the favourite to play Juliet. She even beat Juliet Landau in the poll.

Although, I can't seem to find this mentioned on the RSC website, maybe it has not been announced yet officially.

The poll results are out on the RSC tomorrow cause that's the anniversary of Shakespeare's birthday.

And good publicity for James by his fans there methinks. He would be a good choice for Romeo but whether the British people would agree with it is another matter entirely.
Mmmm.... He could be Romeo to my Juliet any day. Just don't tell my boyfriend I said that :-D
Luckily, his name's James also, so I don't have to worry about any accidently name slips (unless I suddenly say "Spike"!!)
I haven't heard about the voting, interesting. I see him as Macbeth though or Hamlet. Romeo is just too much 'romeo' for my taste. Great publicity for him.
I have always thought Romeo was a very young man and think it is a great compliment to James' acting ability that so many people think he could pull it off. Nice to see his talent recognizioned this way.
Someone might want to put the nation is the UK, I figured out the RSC is the Royal Shakesphere Company but some may also not know what that refers to as well.
I'm trilled he's gotten this kind of recognition but let's face the hard truth, although he could play any role with his talent. He's a little old to play Romeo. :-(
He doesn't look his age. But he's not 15 anymore either. I think age 30 should be the limit for actors playing Romeo as he is supposed to be a naive youth. Now MacBeth or Sweeney Todd (if only he could sing musicals). I would love to see those performances.
He did MacBeth in Seattle back in 1996 and got rave reviews,I agree with you on seeing him play Sweeny Tood, or the Count in Tweleth Night.
He's not "too old" to play Romeo. He's had too much "life experience" ;-)
I would love to see him play Macbeth also and I hope the RSC keeps him in mind.
Yep - too old for Romeo but still extremely hot! Nice that people are voting for him, we all want to see him work.
"He's a little old to play Romeo"...yeah, by about 25 years!

I could see him as Hotspur or maybe Leontes or Marc Antony (or Cassius!) or Benedick or Hamlet or Macbeth (or Macduff) or Richard III or Pistol or Iago or a whole bunch of Shakespearian roles...but not a teenager!
This is kind of amusing given this fic which was posted about a week or so ago.
Xander as Tybalt--I love it! That Veggiebelle, always so clever and amusing. I really think Darla should have been Lady Capulet though and not Lady Montague:)
When it comes to a Romeo and Juliet story, I thought the Buffy and Angel romance did it better. It's hard for me to see Spike playing the part of Romeo.
I can't see Spike playing Romeo, but I can see James doing it. ;)

Edit: Scratch that... under the right circumstances, I can see Spike doing it, too.

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While I'd love to see James and Keira do Romeo & Juliet, the age difference is a little overwhelming. Keira is 19, and James, what, 42. But ahh, what the heck, James is a good enough actor to make himself look like he's as young as her.

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