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April 22 2004

Eliza Dushku appears on Richard & Judy (UK chat show). The website lists her on the coming soon section, but she was on it yesterday. There's a mention of what she said in the comments section.

Like most interview shows it's not a live broadcast and it's taped a few days in advance. So I'm guessing it will air within a week or two.
I thought Richard & Judy was a 'live' show. Isn't that their main selling point? As they sometimes mess up live on screen. And she was on it yesterday as my girlfriend saw it!
Richard and Judy is a live show RavenU, it has to be due to the phone in competitions they have.

I actually did catch the Eliza interview thanks to my dear mother shouting from downstairs "There is somebody coming on from that Slayer show you like" hehe.

Nothing too important to report. She was mostly discussing Tru Calling, promoting the fact that it has started on Sky One. They did mention both her Buffy days and the Save Angel campaign but only briefly. Actually i was glad they did stop talking about it because Richard made us sound like a bunch of insane fanatics. Thankfully Eliza put him straight.

As a side note, this continued promotion of Tru Calling suggests to me that Fox is willing to bring it back next season at least for the immediate future, maybe a half season deal like Angel was renewed for originally this year. Not good news for the chances of Eliza being free to consider the Faith spinoff.
Well Tru Calling wasn't mentioned in Fox's slate of series signed for early renewals so it's a case of wait and see in May. I caught an episode of Tru Calling for the first time when I was in the States last week. Wasn't too bad. Though it really is 'Quantum Leap' for the 21st Century. Eliza sure does have star quality. Also watched Joan of Arcadia. The less said about that the better. F***king awful show.
Richard annoyed me with the way he made BtVS and AtS fans sound. There are some fans that take it too far (that happens in every fandom), but he made us all sound like raving lunatics. Good on Eliza for putting him straight!
Wow, someone else who agrees with me that Joan of Arcadia is bad. I saw it once and really disliked it. So many people looooooooove it. I thought perhaps I had gone insane. (Well, Joan of Arcadia aside, maybe I have).

Good on Eliza for sticking up for the fans. She always has something nice to say, doesn't she?
I wouldn't over emphasise Richard Madeley's comments, it was said quite jestfully, and wasn't a serious dig at any sort of fans. Both he and Judy are Buffy fans.

Richard Madeley is the man. He also owns one of the largest collection of fruitbats.
The Host is possibly correct in that Richard did say what he said as a bit of fun but comments like that are usually taken literally by non genre fans.

Let's face it, shows like Buffy and Angel are generally looked down on by the mainstream public as being for kids and geeks. Now we may all know better but you can guarantee that most of Richard and Judy's viewing audience will have taken it literally that the Buffy/Angel audience are all obsessed nutcases with stalker tendencies. Not that they ever needed an excuse to be insulting about television show that require a little thought and imagination.

Watch a show about a bunch of dull people who live on the same street and stand around gossiping about each other in the local pub and you are normal. Watch a show about a girl who was chosen to kill vampires and you are weird!

Don't know about the rest of you but i'd choose weird anyday!
"Watch a show about a bunch of dull people who live on the same street and stand around gossiping about each other in the local pub and you are normal. Watch a show about a girl who was chosen to kill vampires and you are weird!"
Exactly! Most soaps here in the UK are so miserable, full of dull, petty, stupid, clods that you'd cross the street to avoid! What's the point of watching that? If I ever watched a whole episode I'd be ready to down a bottle of scotch and sit im my car in the garage with the engine running!
Brookside was good in it's prime and Eastenders had its moments with David Wicks and his son for example but I haven't watched soaps in years. But they do dominate the TV charts and lets not forget that there hasn't been a US show in the top 30 most watched shows for the last few years.
Doubtful that there will be again for quite a while Simon. Most terrestrial channels refuse to include US shows in their primetime schedule. In fact you would be hard pressed to find any US show between the hours of seven and eleven at all with the exception of Channel 4's sitcoms and Charmed, which for some reason seems to be Five's golden child series. No accounting for taste though is there!

The truth of the matter is that the British are extremely dull when it comes to television. In forty years how many really successful genre shows have been made here? Dr. Who, Red Dwarf, maybe a couple of others, certainly not more than half a dozen.

Anything remotely out of the ordinary is considered bad taste in the UK. You watch what the mainstream watches or you are ridiculed. Personally i make no apologies for my taste in television and thankfully i have a great group of mates who maybe don't share my Buffy/Angel addiction but certainly don't mock me for it. I have got most of them watching Alias though so that is a start hehe.

As long as the terrestrial channels continue to sideline genre series into conveniently obscure timeslots they will never be accepted as normal viewing and that isn't going to change anytime soon.
The truth of the matter is that the British are extremely dull when it comes to television.

I can't agree with that. The British might not make genre sci-fi like the Americans do, but to claim that anything out of the ordinary is considered bad taste is ridiculous..

The Office? Jam? Brasseye? And before them, in the eighties, British TV was responsible for two of the greatest shows ever - The Singing Detective and Edge Of Darkness.
None of those series, as much as i enjoy The Office, are in any way out of the ordinary though, at least not in the sense i meant.

I never claimed that the UK was incapable of quality television, just that the likes of vampires, ghosts, aliens, time travel and the future were almost taboo subjects as far as british television production was concerned.

Other than Ultraviolet and Strange (I believe that was the title of the recent BBC show) i cannot think of a single series that has dealt with anything paranormal or supernatural in a very long time.

No surprise either that both the two i do remember were cancelled after just the one series. Ultraviolet even went as far as to avoid using the word "vampire" so as to prevent people turning off the show due to assuming it was beneath them.

The shows you describe may be extremely good for what they are but they are still "acceptable" subject matter, which was not what i was refering to with the phrase "out of the ordinary".
I thought Strange was a great show, but it seems to have been quietly forgotton, despite a fair ammount of publicity at the time. I remember thinking it was as if someone stole Joss's notes for the Giles spin off and decided to make it first. It had its moments.
I don't know if some would describe "Queer as Folk" or "This Life" as having acceptable subject matter but they were still damn good television. And there was that ITV two-parter "The Second Coming" on last year which had Christopher Eccleston (our new Doctor Who) as the Son of God returning to modern day Manchester.
Again though Simon, even though both may raise an eyebrow from this country's older generation (and even some of the more closed minded of our generation) neither of the shows you mentioned deal with the subject matter that i am refering to.

The Second Coming was an exception as far as the content of the story admittedly but only being a two parter i don't think it really qualifies either.
Well to be honest, I think part of the reason why genre shows aren't more prevalent here is that British TV doesn't have the budget for good genre shows and therefore would deem it too risky to make such shows as a result.

Angel from what I can remember costs $1 million dollars to make per episode. Though I am pleased that the Beeb is bringing back Doctor Who next year.
British TV does it's "out of the ordinary" a little differently I think. The media outrage levelled against Chris Morris after the Brasseye paedophile special was unprecedented in television ANYWHERE, let alone the UK.

As for British science fiction on TV, maybe you're just too young. The Survivors, Blake's 7, Tomorrow People, The Prisoner, Max Headroom, The Tripods, Space 1999, Day Of The Triffids, Hitchhiker's Guide, Cold Lazarus, The Last Train, Dominick Hide...

There weren't any teenage vampire slayers, but there was a mountain of sci-fi.

Without the same potential audience US shows have there wasn't the same money to plough into these shows (Blake's 7 had especially hilarious effects), but they were there. The trend has gone now as there is more of a stigma against science fiction in the UK than there is elsewhere. It's not seen as 'unacceptable' or cutting edge. Just nerdy.

I agree with you in that recently there hasn't been a lot of activity in the area. But then, there are only the five network channels (and Five doesn't really count), and hardly any original drama by satellite/cable channels in the UK. Dreamteam is the highlight of Sky's programming, and that just about says it all.

There is no way that 1m could be spent on an episode of an ongoing show. And when the budgets are low, the results are laughable. Strange for example was battered by the press here.
Don't underestimate British genre TV. Not only does it have the longest running sci-fi series ever (Doctor Who, which is back in production), but Doctor Who had higher ratings than any sci-fi show from the states you care to name over here. And had at least 3 times the viewers Enterprise, Smallville and indeed Angel get in the United States now, despite only having 1/5th of the population.

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