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April 22 2004

Scooby Doo 2 Box Office in the UK. Itís just logged its third week at number One.

As Of - Total Gross
4/18/04 - $24,075,053

Holy crap "highest grossing 2004 release to date?". Oh those US films need to be released here sooner. Guess that means there's enough foreign interest for a third film to be made.
yeah definately, maybe SMG and FPJr should of re-thought there decision on not returning.....
Its good to see the movie doing so well, I mean it did well here but didn't even compare to the first movie's gross, but I think this one was much better! Also, who cares if Freddie Prinze Jr. won't return...any moron could do a better job than that damn paper doll. As for Sarah Michelle Gellar, this could be a good thing, in terms of her having more free time to possibly pick up the stakes and kick ass! It will suck not having her hottness in the 3rd Scooby, but I'm sure they will make the right decision... maybe Nikki Cox could play Daphne, she definetely has the look.

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