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April 23 2004

The WB will not pick up Wonderfalls. Despite recent rumours that the WB would pick up the show, a network source tells TV Guide Online "it's not true".

[sarcasm lies=on] "I'm so shocked." [/sarcasm]

Although the premises are similar, Wonderfalls is much more entertaining and unpredictable than Joan of Arcadia, but the latter deals with a more traditional Christian mythos. Whereas Wonderfalls combines eastern and western philosophies and one has to delve deeper to grok it.

[oh btw I chose to compare the two in this context because 1) they're similar in premise as I explained originally and 2) because Joan is according to reports being greenlighted for this fall whereas Wonderfalls is not.]

In other words one has to be more mature, have a more open mind, and exercise more peculiar sensibilities in order to appreciate Wonderfalls. Whereas Joan of Arcadia allows most people to turn off most of their brain and still appreciate it. Joan of Arcadia is Touched By An Angel for a younger, less idealistic audience. Instead of the lead being an Angel who helps people, it's a kid being told by God to do cryptic things and maybe figure out why later, ...or not who cares?

Wonderfalls caters to the same demographic, but rather than using God as one voice in many guises, it adheres to the mysteries of the universe and has voices coming from all over the universe in different guises, and never verifies just what or who is telling Jaye to do things. In fact the voices don't tell her to do anything. She has to interpret the very meaning of the words, and she's usually wrong. Environment is personified. Gaia becomes part of a chorus, right along with Jehovah and Yahweh and Allah and Jaye's own neurotic grey matter. It's all and nothing. Very zen, and yet not zen at all.

Of course Wonderfalls failed. It required thought. Joan of Arcadia just requires you show up. I'm still trying to figure out what Tru Calling is requiring of its audience. I don't even think a pulse is necessary.

God I'm gonna miss Whedon on TV. What a wasteland.

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Weird. We got confirmation from Tim that the WB WOULD be looking at the episode Lovesick Ass sometime next month...
I saw that Tim Minear said that himself on the Buffistas board. Does that mean that the WB was stringing him along just like FUX? No way! That can't be possible! 'Cuz we all know what stand-up folks they are at the WB.
The TVGude article simply says that the WB will not be picking up the show for fall. Tim never said they were picking it up - only that they were going to review one episode for consideration. And he never implied that the chances with the WB were anything but slim; he seemed much more hopeful that a cable "netlet" would pick up the 13 produced episodes.
"I'm still trying to figure out what Tru Calling is requiring of its audience. I don't even think a pulse is necessary. "

I respect you greatly for this, well done "ZachsMind" :)

(And im not suprised by this news at all.)
Well the Wb is full of nothing but good for nothing CUNTs that enjoy crap television. I knew they would reject Wonderfalls, but hey don't let it get you down...they could spin-off 7th heaven...because who really needs good shows like Buffy, Angel, Wonderfalls , or the countless other shows who get outshined by garbage.
Thanks Duke. =)

I take back some of what I said about Joan of Arcadia. It's not completely brain dead. There's some good acting going there. I think young Ritter does his father proud. Very impressed with Steenburgen as always. I like its sense of humor. However, the writing is predictable, the domestic urban setting is about as interesting as my rear view mirror after I park the car, and except for the God-driven gimmick, it's just another family drama with a sidetrack cop drama occasionally and some diluted BevHills90210ness. I could write a better television series in my sleep.

Wonderfalls was refreshing. It deserves better than this. Joan's a good show, but Wonderfalls was better.
Can't say that the WB not picking up Wonderfalls is a great shock. They cancelled Angel because it's audience was too small. Anyone really think they would pick up a show that had lower ratings on a bigger network and that got axed after 4 eps? Not very likely.

And I can't stand Joan of Arcadia. Not because of the acting, which is decent. (Though it is pretty much an issue with Charmed or Smallville for example....and far from the ONLY issues I have with those shows) but because of the whole premise. But then, it's for a christian audience. When you're not a christian I have no idea why you'd want to watch.

God plays mindgames with us. We should be grateful for it. And always obey. Right. I'll pass.

I was very happy that Wonderfalls didn't go there. Of course the problem was that JoA fans probably considered it an irreverent rip-off (which is wasn't) and that people who don't like JoA probably found it too similar to JoA to give it a try. And then there was the Timeslot of Doom.

Another element is that Fox expected it to hit it big with the 'girl' crowd. And while many of it's fans were women, it was not a 'girl' show in *that* way. Like Firefly, it probably just 'wasn't the show they wanted'.
Gio cool down and don't use language like that here.
Sorry Simon, but the WB is notorious for killing great shows, while 7th Heaven, and Gilmore Girls are still on the air.
Gio - "Gilmore Girls" has been a critical darling in past years (though not so much this one). If it was my type of show, I'd watch it, but it's really not for me. "7th Heaven" usually isn't considered a bad show, either, just a mediocre one. I wouldn't call it "garbage." (Though, honestly, I've never seen a full ep of either show). And seriously, the WB isn't as "notorious for killing great shows" as FOX and ABC are. "Angel" is the only show on The WB that was killed by the network, as far as I can remember.

Also, I don't really trust this article. If it's true, then Tim and Bryan are lying to us. I would guess that The WB is going to pass on "Wonderfalls" (because really, why would they want to pick it up?), but since they haven't even reviewed "Lovesick Ass" yet, we really can't say anything for sure.
Invisible Green. WB has killed off good shows like would have been over, if UPn hadn't picked it up. Also, Birds of Prey and a few other decent shows were axed while they allowed: 7th Heaven, Gilmore Girls, there countless unfunny underated sitcoms, and though I watch it, Charmed, which has really been ruining its great history with its current season,to linger on. I don't like the network very much or FOX very much either for there poor decisions.I'm just tired of this reality trend, which is endangering many well written entertaining shows, although some of these reality shows are entertaining it is becoming very old and tired. It takes scripted shows 5 or more seasons before they become repetative, but with reality television they constantly repeat themselves season after season or sometimes every few weeks. I miss the good old days when the only reality TV on the air was MTV's the real world and road rules, now anyone is shoving something disgusting down their throat or embarrassing themselves, and the networks take note of this and use the "out with the old, in with the new"theory to plan each new season. I think it sucks for fans, writers, and most of all the actors. Well I hope the next Buffyverse spin-off is on cable, that way we can at least see one full season before cancellation.
Question is... do you trust these unnamed sources? If it was Not True, surely Mister Levin himself would come out with the news.

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