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April 23 2004

Wonderfalls fans donate to zoos. In a fitting tribute to the show, fans have adopted animals which were chosen to reflect animals used in the episodes. Press statement in the 'more' part of this thread.

That press release what I received today in full:

Wonderfalls fans donate to zoos in honor of cancelled show

Fans of the late FOX drama Wonderfalls recently banded together over the Internet to raise over $200 in honor of the show’s cast and crew to feed and care for five zoo animals through adoption programs offered at the Aquarium of Niagara Falls and the Los Angeles Zoo.

The series, co-created by Todd Holland (Malcolm in the Middle) and Bryan Fuller (Dead Like Me), and executive-produced by Tim Minear (Angel), featured newcomer Caroline Dhavernas as Jaye Tyler, a twentysomething retail clerk in Niagara Falls whose self-imposed slackerdom was interrupted when inanimate objects began speaking to her and forcing her to help others. The objects took the form of animals, such as a wax lion, a lawn flamingo, and a cow-shaped creamer.

The adopted animals were chosen to reflect animals used in the episodes. They are a largemouth bass and Peruvian penguin from the Aquarium of Niagara Falls, and a flamingo, Sicilian donkey, macaw, and Capuchin monkey from the Los Angeles Zoo. Information about the adopted animals will be passed on to the honorees through their agents.

Although only four of its thirteen produced episodes aired on FOX, Wonderfalls was critically-praised and managed to garner a loyal following. The Save Wonderfalls website, located at, is coordinating efforts to get Twentieth Century Fox and Regency Studios to put the entire series, including the nine unaired episodes, on DVD.

As a zoo keeper I think this is a great idea! Zoo's need all the support, financial AND publicity-wise they can get. It's also a unique way of showing support for the cancelled season. But why no lion adoption?
You're a zoo keeper? Like that guy in "The Pack"? I'm so fascinated. Wow.

Anyway, I might be remembering wrong but I believe when they started this they decided a lion would be too expensive.

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