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April 23 2004

Wonderfalls on Cable? Cranberry (who runs has an update from Bryan Fuller. Also read a new message from him at the SaveWonderfalls site.

Nothing substantial, but still good news.

All things considered, I'm glad the WB I can continue with my original plan of boycotting the dipsh*ts! On to cable! I swear, I'll go up another tier if they show it on Showtime or something.
If a cable station that I don't have shows Wonderfalls, I will pay any money to get it! Yeah!
I'd be happy if the show continued in any form, even if the cable network only showed what's already been produced (though you'd think they'd wanna retool the series a bit or at least reshoot some parts to allow Jaye to swear as she naturally would. Also, without censors and advertisers to worry about, Bryan Fuller and company could tell Sharon's arc exactly the way they wanted to and actually show her kissing her GF from the getgo the way he wanted instead of having them fall out of frame).

If it was an obscure subscription cable channel, anything other than HBO or Showtime basically, I doubt we'd get it imported to Canada anytime soon (aside from that Quebec channel that's confirmed they're airing it this Fall). Would have to wait a couple years to have it shown on regular network TV (the way Sopranos and Band Of Brothers did). If on HBO or Showtime though, I'm sure The Movie Network would pick it up and we could see it the same week or even the same day as the U.S.

This is a long shot, but that would be amazing if Wonderfalls was saved. It doesn't even matter anymore that out of the two cancelled series I cared about the most this season, I wanted Angel to be saved a lot more. At this point, I just want someone to give a big "fuck you" to network TV, specifically The WB and/or Fox.
ack! not showtime, I dont have that channel!! Oh well, even if it comes on a channel I dont get, I hope the move to cable will give Wonderfalls the audience it needs to get those dvds out!
I think Bryan meant something like Bravo or USA, not HBO or Showtime.
I think HBO would be the best idea! That would really give Wonderfalls more freedom and possibly more than 4 episodes will be aired. It would be something so new and different, and that what their shows are like.

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