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April 24 2004

Goodbye, Angel. Another snippet about the end of the show and the "Save Angel" campaign.

Nice to see so many people take notice of the campaign, this time on a New York City weblog. The part about the soldiers in Iraq is interesting as well.

I liked the picture a lot, just shows how much we devoted fans really care, and its nice that more people are noticing! :)
SideNote; Just wanted to say to all of those that thought David was a bit cool about Angel ending. Making it seem that he wanted it to end well I just saw Mercedes on stage at the Cleveland convention and she said David started crying during his speech at the wrap party last Sunday, and that everyone was deeply upset about the cancelation and there was a lot of crying during the last episode. That doesn't sound like someone who was glad the show was canceled.

She also talked about how moved they all were by the fan campaigns - but she doesn't think it will be saved if it had not been by now. And she said that Angel fans were the best and she's never seen a more loyal group.

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RavenU, I nearly started crying when I read your post. Are you going to do a more comprehensive report of the convention, or do you know if there is one floating about? Would love to hear more about the wrap party...then I would probably really start to cry.
I'm really depressed after reading about David crying. Poor sod. Grrrrr *kicks the WB*.
Thanks for that RavenU.

I, for one, never assumed for a second that Davis wanted the show to end, it was just that he was able to look on the bright side and see it as an opportunity for change. Nothing wrong with that. You don't work with a bunch of people for five years though and not care what happens to them.

Can't say that i was too surprised to see so many people assume the worst from David's comments, it's the exact same principal as the Sarah Michelle Gellar thing. Some fans just cannot see that no matter how much they love the characters the actors behind them have a long term career to consider. If the actor isn't seen as devoting his of her entire being to the show then they are instantly turned on.

Not my idea of being a fan i'm afraid.
I'm not to much on the reporting, I just thought that needed to be known - I'm sure others will have reports floating around this coming week.

On a Funny Side Note: Anthony Head has beaten James Marsters now in how much would you pay to sit with a celebrity - A seat at Marsters table once sold for over $5000.00 US, well today a seat with Tony sold for $6000.00 US.

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It's amazing how much coverage the cancellation is getting everywhere. The WB should truly be ashamed of what they're doing. It's rare that something on television becomes powerful enough to touch millions of people's hearts and lives. it's the exception, not the rule.

Trying to generate a piece of art -- and Angel is art -- out of nothing, and inspiring other people to help you is some of the hardest work there is; Joss, ME, the writers, cast and crew have made it their passion. In Angel, they put out a thing that was quality, creativity and cool all wrapped up in one metaphorically-rich, unique package. Not perfect, but a landmark effort greater than the sum of its parts. Through all of its changes, it grew a deep soul, and will leave an indelible mark on the fantasy/horror/dramedy genre which it has also helped to define.

The fact that the WB still doesn't seem to get what they're throwing away is just baffling. They say it's about money, but something in my gut says there's more to it than that. For some reason they never wanted Angel to succeed. They've tried killing it every way but outright before now -- with the non-promotion, the retooling and tampering, the budget-cutting and constant schedule changes -- and when it still wouldn't die, they pulled the plug.

I'm not surprised to hear that DB cried at the wrap party, though it does break my heart. Of course he would! Angel has been a huge part of his life for eight years, and Angel the character is a genre icon. He's been inhabiting Angel in his own mind all this time, day after day, while the rest of us have gotten to watch the magick happen onscreen and turn it off when we've had enough. It isn't fair to judge his response to the end of his show based on a few, brief words taken out of context from a small article that came out before the show was even over. Only he can know what it feels like, now that it's real, and those who think otherwise are deluded.

I mean, consider. We've had weeks to get over the news, and the luxury to talk about it with others who share our experience, but he was still working on the final episodes, as were the rest of the cast, up until a week ago. He was probably numb then, just getting through it by focusing on the work, and now he's feeling the finality. No more night shoots. No more vampire prosthetics. No more hanging out and bringing stories to life with the friends he's made. He's lost his job, and more, that whole world. It's like a death in some respects. He's dealing with that same sense of devastation, loss and grief we've all felt, now. It kills me for all those guys. I love the show dearly, but what I feel can't come close to what those who actually worked on it are going through.

Thanks for the report, RavenU -- it's good to know the actors feel the fan's support at this time.

"Sometimes, there just aren't enough rocks."
>I mean, consider. We've had weeks to get over the news, and the luxury to talk about it with others who share our experience, but he was still working on the final episodes, as were the rest of the cast, up until a week ago. He was probably numb then, just getting through it by focusing on the work, and now he's feeling the finality.

Damn you Wiseblood and RavenU. I am sitting at my laptop with all the household noises and voices and chaos and tears are dripping down my face, and I have to go and act 'normal'. :-)

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Did people really think that DB *wanted* it to end (as opposed to being alright about it ending and ready to move on)? Wow.
I know youll all laugh, but I am really really hopeful about these movies next year.

Im a pessimist at heart, but I really think we havent seen the end of the "Fangs"

I just know it
Thanks RavenU. Stakeholder very sad now :(
I also never thought that David was happy it was ending. I felt his comments were more of just trying to look on the bright side because there was nothing he could do to change it. It makes me sad to hear that he got upset and emotional but I can completely understand. I wish them all the best and hope they have exciting careers.

And Puppet Cancer, I am also hoping there really will be movies but I feel it's more of a "I'll believe it when I see it" but I hope they prove me wrong.
Here are some comments DB made in an issue of Angel Magazine a couple of months ago in an interview before the show was cancelled.

What worked for you about season four?
"I think what worked for us is the fact that we got to a fourth season and got to crest as a show because of the chemistry between the characters. Not only is it happening within the confines of a scene, but also it's happening before and after we do the scences. We're a really close group of people. We really believe in the show and have weathered a lot of storms with it. So I think what's really worked for us is that we've got this chemistry, we're having a good time and not taking anything too seriously."

Do you think that season five will be the last for Angel?
"Every episode I look at as the last episode. Every season I look at as the last season. I don't think in terms of the way most people probably do. If I did I'd probably go a little stir-crazy and be really stressed...

...What's great about the show is that it's never pushed. It's always been presented [with] obstacles, it's always gotten up and said, 'look, we're a stand-alone show, we can survive every challenge that you give us, you can switch us three nights in a row if you want, but we'll remain truthful and honest to our audience.'

...I couldn't be happier with the formation of everything that's come together and the way it's unfolded."

Any chance of David Greenwalt coming back to work on Angel full-time?
"...The thing with him is that he'll always be there, checking in with me. He's great with that. Not only is he a talented writer, but he's a genuine person.

...Going into the fourth season, we had lots of concerns. We thought, 'Greenwalt's going to be gone.' That was sad. He was like my brother, my other half, because we started it together.

...I think we have the best writers, the best writers on television, across the board. I'm not looks for props or respect in that area. I don't need to. These guys are fantastic."

Were you surprised that Buffy was brought to an end?
"...I'm sure Sarah came to a very peaceful feeling inside that, 'Yeah, this is the time.' Of course everyone is going to bash her because they've got nothing better to do. She's going through a very strange period with that, but she's a strong girl and a really good actress."

Guest starring in the last two eps of Buffy.
"It's something that, for me, was really for the story and for Sarah. Buffy is how it all started for me. I'd do anything for Sarah..."

I think this interview made things pretty clear in my mind from the beginning. That's why I was so sceptical of that Australian TVWeek interview a little while back, and the fact I know how shoddy they are at reporting things fairly. Thanks for update too, RavenU, very moving.

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Im sure we've all let the cance sink in, but let me try to shine some bright

TV movies-Im really hopeful the story of our Fangs will continue somehow next year. even if we only get one, its better than zero. and if we DO get them and they succeed, and they will, who knows what will be next

memeber last year? when season four ended and the show was still not renewed? Im sure we were ALLL shitting our pants. I know I did, and Im sure a few others probably said-"oh god, please dont let this end, not with Buffy! please please , at least let us have one more season, please!"

believe me, Im as sad as anyone, just trying to look at the other half of the glass for once

PuppetCancer out
As bummed out as I was when I first heard Angel was cancelled, I've decided I'm just going to be angry from now on. One big thing I've discovered from Joss Whedon's shows is that we deserve better, and I'm not just talking about genre fans. Every television show, movie, novel and every other form of entertainment should be striving to reach that level of brilliance. It's insulting that the entertainment industry is this short-minded.

When it comes to TV movies, I'm with blwessels in that "I'll believe it when I see it."
Thanks Kaival - that was a nice segment to read.
It's really nice that the Save Angel campaign has been so widespread.

And I'm sure there is a part of DB that is glad that the show is over (it's A LOT of work having the lead role in the series), but of course he's sad, "Angel" was one of the biggest things in his life.
All is not lost for a Joss show according to Nick B at the convention today, he said Joss was working on making another show but he could not tell us anymore than that. But he did mention something about what Chris Buchanan may have been hinting about involving the slayerverse. I don't know how spoilery it is so I will turn on invisotext ... on ... Nick, Alyson, and Tony have voiced a presentation for an animated series just recently for Joss - Side note: Nick announced he was currently in rehab and is 2 weeks away from completing his 2 month stint .... off

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