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April 25 2004

The Sy Fy Genre awards are now open. Click on the awards link to vote.. James, David, Sarah, Amy, BTVS, ATS and Joss all nominated.

"buffy" leads with 9 nominations, and "Angel" got 8 nominations (not bad). although i am a little confused, it says that buffy was cancelled. Angel was cancelled, but i dont believe Buffy was................oh well.
It really annoys me when people say that Buffy was cancelled, because it wasn't, UPN wanted an 8th season for god's sake.

Voted for James Marsters' work on Angel rather than his work on Buffy because the show needs all the help it can get, don't really see the point in splitting it in two, he plays the same character, I can see him not winning that now, despite the actor getting the most votes.

Also not quite sure in what the point is in letting me vote again in 24 hours.
How did "Farscape" get nominated for "Best Theme Song?" IMHO, Farscape's theme sounds like the moanings of a drunken deaf four-year-old. Worst theme song I've ever heard.

But, yeah, I had difficulty deciding what show I should vote for, for JM. I went with Buffy.
Have to disagree, the Farscape theme is brilliant, so completely different (like the show) from anything else, the first version (which I reckon might be what you're thinking of, because that was a load of moaning) wasn't much cop, but the version on seasons 3 and 4 (and hopefully the mini) was really cool.

Voted for Angel though, would have voted for Wonderfalls if it had been there.
"Cancelled" is the same as "not on tv anymore" nowadays. Just like "literally" is the same as "seriously", and "ironic" is the same as "very slightly coincidental".
Oh, the Farscape theme's changed? I've only seen eps from the first two seasons. Nevermind.
I voted James on Buffy, although that decision was not an easy one.
Totally ridiculous how they split the vote on James. I voted for BtVS simply because he's done more work there. He's also had more numerous brilliant moments, but that's because he had six years to do it there. They're piling up on AtS now as well :)

I might go for switching between shows for his vote every day I remember to vote.
i went for buffy as well, i dont really like his performances on angel as much- only when he's comical.
yeah i voted for him on buffy as well. hes good on angel, but he did have a lot more time on buffy so thats the only reason i chose that one.
Quantum Leap was in the 1980's? Am I that old? :)
i used to love quantum was one of my favorite shows.
Sam Beckett...mmmm...
I love JW, but it's a bit soon for a lifetime achievement award...
yeah i agree about the lifetime achievement award, what were they thinking adding him to that?
I also voted for James on Buffy but think it should've been a vote for both roles combined. That may cause the vote to be split and he could get the most votes altogether and lose. I chose him on Buffy because he had a more versatile role on Buffy and that's where his character truly grew. I've enjoyed him on Angel but it seems he has taken some steps backwards in character development. I know if there was to be a next season we'd see more of that growth because he literally had to be re-introduced to the Angel fans who may not have been Buffy fans.
Worst theme song I've ever heard.
heh! Invisble Green you reminded me of the comic book man from The Simpsons;"worst theme song ever!
i voted for james on buffy also. I was going to pick angel for the sheer reason that i wanted to show support for that show, but james' performance in buffy is absolutely great all through season 2 to 7....he plays an evil vampire absolutely wonderfully, his comical moments in season 4 with the chip in his head is classic, and the spuffy moments were actually something desirable to watch even though angel and buffy were special together (in my opinion).

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