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April 26 2004

Tales of the Vampires #5. "First Look" at Comics Continuum. The issue is by Brett Matthews, Sam Loeb, Joss Whedon, Alex Sanchez, Tim Sale and Chris Richards, with a cover by Brian Horton.

"Joss Whedon wraps up his Tales of the Vampires series, finally revealing the truth behind the young Watchers' training program and their introduction to their ancient vampire tutor. Brett Matthews returns with a story of Buffy's favorite vampire--Angel."

Will arrive in stores Wednesday.

Er... is that Angel's reflection in that second page? Badness.
I don't know if there's such a thing as comic spoilers, but I have an answer to that reflection thing (there were some more scans available somewhere else). So invisitext with the answer coming up here....
Were not these pages previewed somewhere else a couple of weeks ago? Anyway, Tales of the Vampires has been interesting but for me, a let down. I thought there were great set-ups but the pieces were so short that most finished before they really got going. Maybe more of a structure will be clear reading it in trade format. Anyway, my favorite story was Ben Edlund's last isse. Besides Angel tele-films, I'd be pretty happy with an anthology series that deals with different slayers, watchers & vampires through history....and a big screen version of Fray would just rock the house.
Yes previewed last month. But its out a week later than previously expected as I found out when I went to my local comic book shop last Thursday.

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