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April 26 2004

Angel's 'lost' script. Following on from a comment in a recent thread, here is a writer's draft of David Fury's 'Corrupt', the AtS script that never made it to production.

Hot dang! Blessings on you and all your future offspring, Caroline (and Allyson, too, since she was the one who offered to make it available in the original thread where I mentioned once reading it). My search is ended. :)

*off to cut, paste, savor and jubilate*
All credit goes to InvisibleGreen for this one.
Duly noted. Thanks!

*Blesses Invisible Green's future offspring as well*
Yes excellent, I shall look forward to reading this :).
THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Invisible Green and Carolyn! that was greatly entertaining...

Then Angel lifts his head. He's bruised, bloodied and IN FULL VAMP FACE!

The pimps stare at each other, dumbfounded for a beat. Then CHARGE him. Big mistake.

Angel kicks serious ass with some impressive BAT-FU action. Much carnage delivered to the bad guys.

I loved that bit! The whole script kicked, although I'm sttill pretty happy with the way most things turned out.
I got this from Ashtareth at, who, luckily, had saved it on her computer and was kind enough to e-mail it to me.
I've been looking for this for months! Thank you so much!!! You rock!
I saw this once before - definitely a very interesting script.
Thank you so much to Invisible Green and Allyson and everyone else who got this together so quickly!
About the comments about the episode on the linked page, I actually do think that production on this episode did get going before the WB put on the brakes. In the first season credits there are clips that are never seen in any episodes that I believe are from 'Corrupt.' There's a brief flash of a distinctly non-human girl, possibly a demon prostitute, getting into a car and there's the end credits shot of Angel, Cordelia, and Doyle standing together on an empty street. I suppose that the group shot could be from promotional material, but I always thought that this episode was stopped during filming.
Regarding Prosperina's comments on unseen footage, check out the unaired 6(?) minute promotional shoot that Joss and Co put together to sell the idea of a spin-off called Angel. I don't know where you can find it, but it is on the web somewhere.
You used to be able to get it at I think I first viewed from this kind person.
Thank you Invisible Green, Caroline, Allyson and Ashtareth. Already saved it to my pc and am now in the process of printing it up to read at my leisure (and for everyone else in my house to read too!).
I couldn't get the link to work, stakeholder.

Thanks for the script!!!
I remember reading about this episode back in 1999. Always was curious about the concept. It would've been a great epísode.
Now I'm trying to picture Elisabeth Rohm trussed up like a junkie hooker. That's kind of an odd mental picture.
Strange, it works for me when I click it. Sorry about that. Might have been too many people trying at once.

Here's the URL:
Thanks for the link to the unaired pilot, stakeholder. It worked fine for me. I guess that was the source of the footage that I was thinking of, unless the footage that was actually shot for the scrapped episode was incorportated into this short presentation. I don't think that's very likely, since I believe that this short pilot was shot well before production got started as a way of showing the WB what the series would look like. It's interesting that all the footage that isn't immediately recognizable as being lifted from BtVS episodes seems to be used only for this pilot, with the exception of a couple of things that made it into the credits.
It worked when I cut and pasted the link you wrote out. Thanks!!
Ah - an episode, even if it was a lost episode, with Doyle. It's weird, but, for having him around for such a relatively small number of episodes, I miss him a disproportionate amount.
Whoo-hoo! has now ripped off my webpage! I knew it was going to happen, but it kind of makes me feel special.
Invisible Green - You are truly special!! I'm glad they credited you too! I suspect someone from lurks here!
Thanks, blwessels, and everyone else with the praising.

I suspect someone from also lurks at, seeing as how most of their articles are taken from either here or there.

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