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October 23 2002

Anyone keeping an eye on Cassie? There's been some changes at (the site for the girl in "Help")

There's a new poem on the frontpage... does anyone see any other changes?

They've added something to the Ramblings section. When I checked it a week ago there was nothing of substance there. Now there's some prose of Cassie trying to get a message through from nowhere, because of course nothing is nothing. There's also an adorable picture of her scuba diving. Nice legs. And her full name is now revealed as Cassandra Agatha Newton. Again I say the Cassie website is a fun little gift the people at M.E. have given us fans, but it's too soon to tell if this is going to have anything to do with future episodes of Buffy.
hmm..."I shouldn't care for a boy I'll call 'Him.'"
That new poem on the front is creepy!
Keyser, that may be just a coincidence. "Him" is a common word.
Is there such thing as coincidence in the "Joss-verse"??? ;)

ps: she should shop for another 'free guestbook'---those geocities guestbooks are too high maintenance for a dead chick.

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