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April 26 2004

(SPOILER) SF Examiner on May sweeps and rumors about TV movies.

Same old story as the others no new news there - I read it a few hours ago.
All these rumors circulating can't just be...rumors, can they? Don't they have to have some substance? You've got Buchanan saying for us to keep going, we've got Whedon giving encouragement on that radio show, Wanda/Kristin from E-online, Fox News and now the newspapers are picking it up.

OTOH, we've lost Bell to ALIAS, Craft/Fain to THE SHIELD, David Fury is doing a new show called TRANSYLVANIA for NBC, while Joss is working on SERENITY... James Marsters is chopping his blonde hair off, David Boreanaz is crying at the cast party and Mercedes doesn't think movies will be made.

I'm leaning towards the negative but I want someone to talk me out of it.
They only have substance if you believe the WB sources that are spreading them in order to placate the fans. Tone is dripping with sarcasm: 'And the WB sources have never lied to us before.'

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Kool-Aid laced with cyanide, anyone? Wow.

Yeah, I agree, the WB is evil.
yes twiggy but OTOH Tim Minear ain't doing a blessed thing, nor is Steven DeKnight (at least that i know of); JM's hair will grow back, DB now realizing that the burden wasn't that heavy, will be back, Transvylvania's gonna flop because the motivation for it is 'wow what a great set we built for Van Helsing, we just can't demolish it", SMG is not opposed, Emma Caulfield will come back and says that ASH is totally psyched everytime he talks to JW about the plans for a movie. Am I running out of hands? How's that for a bucker upper?
Tim is working on his script for the "The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress" movie. He's also looking over pilots in case he wants to produce a series. He's also interested in creating his own series.

Mere Smith has been working on a pilot, "Bedlam." Maybe her boy Steve is helping her out.
Ignore the rumors. Stick to the Facts. Joss said we should keep pimping the Buffyverse to give it life. Will it be TV movies? A feature film? A spinoff? I don't care. Just keep up the pressure and see what we get.

We need to start thinking like kids at Christmas. We don't know what we're going to get, but we should have faith that it will be something good and look forward to it with glee.
The WB mentioned the possibility of TV movies in their press release, new episodes are currently airing, and they haven't changed their mind about cancelling the series. I don't think there needs to be any more substance than that for some people to keep the rumor embers lit.
Spike's safe and Angel's safe, I mean there's no way Joss would kill them, again. I think itll be a great episode, although it would be a great comfort to hear news on these upcoming Buffy/Angel movies. But it is safe to say that nobody is ever safe on Angel. So many main characters are killed off, I'm expecting the worst. Eh, but maybe these "movies" will resolve anything the finale leaves in question. Maybe...
Ok - I am guessing that eveyone just skipped over my tidbits from Nick report in the resent Bandwagon thread. This past weekend Nick mentioned a few things.
1) Joss is developing a new series (that mey be called Bretheren(sp?) - but that was all he had on it.
2) Joss is resurecting something for an animated presentation he doing (that is Slayerverse related but may not be Buffy related. Nick, Alyson, and Tony, have already done some voice over work for it but again that is all he knew.
Nick has been away for the past 2 monthes dealing with personal issues and hopes to be back looking for work withing the next month.
RavenU - Thanks so much for the update! I want to know more, but there probably aren't many details at the moment.
Thanks, RavenU. I am sooooo intrigued by this Brethren tidbit. I wonder if it has anything to do with vampires. Or demons. Or both. Or neither. I can't wait to find out.

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