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April 26 2004

(SPOILER) Marsters Meets His Maker ...well, one of them, at least. Marsters on finally meeting David Greenwalt, who had written for Spike during the character's maiden "Buffy" season. Also contains one of those ever popular "Buffyverse Player Speculates on a Spin-Off" sound bytes. (The article itself tells those in fear of spoilers exactly where to stop reading--the only spoiler in the first half of the article is the title for episode 20.)

"'We started talking about ideas that would be interesting for a series,' Marsters says. 'In about three days, we came up with something that was really fairly interesting. I don't know if it would fly, but it was just wonderful to feel the interest.'"

So basically, they spent a few days creating Spike fan-fiction together. =)

Hmmm, I wonder if it could lead to a spin-off?!! Anyways thanks VSLOLOLGI for the great setup in the spoiler warning. I felt I could safely read this one and I was able to even though I was tempted to keep reading!
they said they talked about many ideas, so i guess thats good news in of itself...........
Yes - a more detailed spoiler warning such as that is often appreciated (says the person who is, essentially, a massive whore for spoilers).

Er, yes. Great article. I love these little bits that give insight to the inner workings of the show and the relationship between actor and creator. Too many shows treat their actors as nothing more than hired talent, and it's been refreshing down the years to see ME tailor their universe to fit their actors better (even if it does lead to some questionable plottery every once and a while).
Love the article. Excited about the hints for upcoming series.

Re what JoyofZeppo said, the ME writers often write not only their actor's lives into the story, but their own, too. Sometimes it's disturbing, like much of S6. But also cool in a creepy kind of way. Makes me feel like a weird sort of peeping tom.

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I stoped reading at the spoiler warning, but he never says the series ideas are for the Buffyverse. They could just as easily be completely new ideas.

Just a thought.
I would love to watch Marsters in a Greenwalt production. Actually, I'd be happy to watch Marsters read the phone book for an hour.
I know it sounded like they were just characters series not really Buffy related characters. Greenwalt has worked on creating other series since Angel.
::wipes a tear:: Aww, my little Tom. Leave it to me... to search for any trace of the Lenk in articles...
i agree with twiggy--wouldn't mind watching him read the phonebook either! ;)
Anyone else having a problem with the link? I keep getting "page not found." And when I do a search on the Zapzit site for the article, I also keep getting "page not found." I'd love to read this thing.
I think we should start up a new campaign. We'll call it "The Get the Men Of Jossverse to Read the Phonebook to Us" campaign. We can have one to get the Women to read them too so the male fans don't feel left out.
phlebotinin try copying and pasting the link into your browser if it doesn't work.,1002,271|87777|1|,00.html

For some reason clicking on the link isn't working some of the time.
Thank you, Simon. That worked.

It is true that James doesn't say directly that the series ideas he and Greenwalt have been hammering out take place in the Buffyverse. Hmmm. I wonder. Somehow I suspect that James and Greenwalt do wish to continue the 'verse....but it's just a feeling.

I'm totally ignorant, obviously. But all these rumors lately about the 'verse possibly continuing in some other non-AtS form could point in the Spike spinoff direction. Maybe. A lot of the hullabaloo could just be the same rumor being repeated. But the statements made by Buchanan and Joss himself (urging fans to keep the flame lit) do give one pause.
"I think we should start up a new campaign. We'll call it 'The Get the Men Of Jossverse to Read the Phonebook to Us' campaign."

Preferably naked!
Naked Phonebook reading! mmm...

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