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April 27 2004

James Marsters on Buffy: How Spike buffed his ego. He tell TNT about his unlikely path to fame.

Spike fans will be interested to know that he beat Angel in a Sky One Poll about who is the viewers' favourite vampire.

According to the satellite network, he won 57% of the vote, with Angel getting 47% (Eh? Surely some mistake?).

LOL, maybe those numbers are in metric, hehe!!

Thanks for the article. The more things I read about James, the more I get the feeling that he's really a good guy in person. I'd still enjoy his acting anyway, but there's something about knowing someone's a nice person with a good head on their sholders instead of a Diva (which I apply to male and female personalities) that makes me appreciate their work even more.

Could be that he's such a good actor that he's good at acting like a nice guy, but I'm hoping that's not the case.
He had me until the giggle thing and then I have to ask do men giggle? :)

I love the article over all and for being around as long as he has sometimes he just seems so innocently unaware of his popularity on occasion. It's so cute, you just want to pinch his cheeks (either ones). :)
Poor frosty nekkid James! (& I'm sure SMG was making fun of him in a non-diva-like way) I love how he thwarted Joss's master plan by being so very good.
Yup, I think she was too. Probably something to the effect of he could borrow a mitten if he wants, hehe.
If he giggles, that just makes him all the cuter to me. Sometimes I just wish I was SMG so that I could have done those love scenes!!! *sigh*
Since it was so chilly I'm guessing she would offer him a mitten, but then wonder aloud if the thumb part was to big for him. Or maybe that's just what I would have done. :)
He makes me laugh everytime. I guess she could have passed him a sock - wishful thinking!
He said "sometimes you have to giggle". GIGGLE?

Oh James has such a lovely giggle *sigh* it's great to hear him giggling in the background of the commentary for LMPTM
I read the sky one blurb and although I am glad Spikey won, I have to take issue with it. Angel is NOT Buffy's one true love. ;)
According to Alexis Denisof, David B. giggles a lot on set. Don't know about James though :)
BTW, I've seen pictures and he fills out that sock pretty well. giggle giggle..
It's such a joy to read interviews with him because he almost always seems to have such a positive attitude and genuinely appreciates how lucky he is.
I have even more respect for him now that I know he endured being the only nekkid guy on a 40 degree set in front of a bunch of male union members. Uh, that came out way more filthy than I intended.
I had the chance to meet James when he first started performing at 14 Below and he is just a wonderful person. He spent quite some time talking to me and was such a gracious man. I do hope to see him in future projects. He is extremely talented and I would hate his talent to go to waste. BTW I want those Buffy stamps he was talking about. That was the first time I heard about them...
Buffy stamps?! Wow. I've been collecting for over a decade, and had no clue. Course, I didn't know that there was a Karakalpakia, either.
Well I think the Karakalpakia stamp sales just shot through the roof today.
Here's a link to a site that sells them, in fact. About halfway down, look for Karakalpakia and then look for items 76 and 77. Says Buffy Movie, but, nope, they're mostly season 4 and season 5 images. Looks like they're really unofficial. More like stickers, possibly sold as a weird sovenier at a tourist shop.

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Here's a direct link to the Buffy Stamps page:

$2.40 for a page, apparently.

I agree with K8cre8 about the quality. One wonders if they even got permission from Fox to print them.
This was a great read, he's got a good head on his shoulders (that being a compliment to both his brain and pretty face). I hate it when I watch interviews with some actors or actresses and they seem so dumb in person. Marsters seems to get how important it is to know both the character and the storyline. I've been to interviews with actors who didn't even understand the plot of the shows they worked on, and I couldn't hold my respect for them, so I'm glad to know James is a quality actor.

heh, and I love that part of Godspell too :)

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