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April 27 2004

Scan of Charisma's Playboy Cover issue June 2004. The link is to the sites front page where the link to the scans is listed. It may not be suitable for work.

[ edited by Simon on 2004-04-27 20:07 ]

I think she's beautiful. If I looked like that I'd do a Playboy spread too!
You're the best RavenU! Unfortunately I don't think this link will last very long...

Edit: And DAMN she's fine : D.

[ edited by kaivaal on 2004-04-27 18:43 ]
Can I just say how pretty she looks with the long, dark hair! And I agree with you Rebecca - If had a figure like that I wouldn't mind showing it off.
Well she could be wearing a potato sack and she would still look utterly lovely. Is this on the stands now then? I thought it wasn't coming out until next month. And just a caution, Playboy is notorious for going after folks who put their photos on the Internet. I don't know if it would effect Whedonesque since it is just a link but I thought I'd mention it.
I've change the link since most people will see the cover if they walk into a magazine shop anywhere if you want to see more scans from inside the issue they are at
It's alright to post the link as a comment. But the link issue is copyright, not whether they want you to see it or not outside of the magazine. Might want to make the link to RavenU, or Simon will take down the post.
I have checked slayerverse and they have *all* pictures of the issue. only has some pics and not the best ones. Check it out:
did they add all that hair or did she get extensions? I've always like Charisma with longer hair. She looks amazing in that photo!
I have removed the link from the front page.
She looks fantastic!
Those pictures are awesome, beautiful, worth the wait.

Difficult to write without sounding like a drooling idiot, because Damn, those are some nice pictures!

I wish every success to her, so that the other Buffyverse gals can see that a Playboy shoot won't end their careers.

Now I just need to find a shop where I can buy a copy

[ edited by Ghost Spike on 2004-04-27 21:22 ]

I just checked out her playboy pictures. Um, HOLY ISH!! Ok, call me slow and naive and what not, but when they said she was doing playboy, I kept thinking that it was just gonna be really really sexy pictures with all the right places covered. Boy was I wrong!
I didn't think it could get any better than
Bill Shatner does Playboy (his best gig since Mr Tambourine Man...)
but jeepers was I wrong...
very nice pictures.......
She looks friggin AMAZING. What an inspiration :)
WOW! She looks awesome!!! Okay I know this might sound dorky and cliche but the fact that she has a wonderful personality, is beautiful on the inside...makes me see how gorgeous she truly is. She is the whole package and I'm sure a wonderful mother to boot. I'm happy for her and wish her every success!!! God I wish I had that that body...yeah...I'm jealous!!! LOL
Wow am I jealous, too! But not in a bad way. Charisma seems so wonderful a person that it's impossible for me to be snarkily jealous. Merely pleasantly, amiably envious, perhaps? Go, Charisma! May your career flourish.....
If I looked like that after popping out a kid, I would totally pose naked for the world to see. It doesn't lessen CC in my eyes at all. You go girl!! :)
I think she's gorgeous, but my hubby thinks the lighting was bad and too harsh. (He's an artist, I cut him a break) He prefers the Maxim pics from last year. They were really nice too. I just think that she looks amazing for having a baby and anyone who can get that kind of figure back should show it off!
Oh Charisma... she looks so hot. Reminds me of one of the final episodes of Angel season 2 when they have her do the skanky commercial. She looks damn good. I'm buying the issue to show my support. right
She looks fantastic! I must admit that I was a bit apprehensive when I first heard about her decision to pose for Playboy but those are great pics and very tasteful.
Ugh, sorry. She's beautiful but I hate what the photographer did here. You don't put that kind of harsh sharp light on for something like this. It's pure white in the highlights. I was looking forward to this because Carisma is incredibly photogenic, but this is just not my thing. And the cover makes her look like a shapeless pillar with a head. What a shame.
i'm a fan of her real talents and i think she's a gorgeous girl, but those nipples are scaring me :-p they're so purple, they look abused. breastfeeding i suppose.
I agree, tracy. Other than that, she looks AMAZING!
There is a comment on the site that these pics are fakes, incredibly good fakes but still not the real deal.

Now for the most part i could not say either way but he or she does have a very good point about the cover shot, that Charisma's head looks a little too small for her body and that the hair is just a little off centre. As if the guy couldn't find just the right angle of her face for that one.

Anyone else noticed that?
Actually the cover pic looks awfully fake. The position of her head to the rest of her body looks quite unnatural...which is surprising for a COVER image where you would want one of your best shots to appear...

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