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April 27 2004

(SPOILER) Jeffrey Bell interview with Sci Fi Wire. It's about episode 20 The Girl in Question and SMG.

This link contains spoilers.
This should have a spoiler tag.
Also, does every article about Angel *have* to mention Buffy? I'm really tired of the lack of respect for Angel as its own entity. I know people ask these questions and they deserve to be answered, but don't they read 'TV Guide'? This information has been out there for weeks; for whatever reason, it wasn't meant to be that SMG appear in this season of Angel. That's just how it is. No amount of wanting it is going to make it happen.

I would rather have heard Jeff Bell talk about other aspects of the show than whether or not SMG was going to be on it before he leaves to go to Alias. Time is short, and we won't be hearing from the cast and crew much longer. I want the focus to be on the show that's leaving, not the one that's already gone. Is that too much to ask?

(Yes, I know. Of course it is.)

Note: This bitter rant is brought to you courtesy of displaced fury at our power company, which apparently blew out my TV's on/off switch while I was at work today. The night before Angel airs! I won't have time to get the set repaired before tomorrow so I can tape Angel, which means it will be the first time in five years I haven't been able to record an episode when it's actually airing!

Stupid, evil, impersonal power company that's too big to sue! :(
oh God thanks you two (fraying and electricspacegirl) for the warning!!!
Why was it OK for Angel to be in the finale of Buffy but it's not OK for Buffy to be in the finale of Angel?
Well, Buffy was never a major character on AtS. Angel was a major character on BtVS.
invisible green-
I'm well aware that Buffy had little onscreen time in Angel. That's not the issue. The fact that Buffy is the great love of both Angel and Spike and that there have been constant references to Buffy throughout this season *do* make her a major character in terms of story arc, onscreen or not.
i agree with whirligig.......and angel was a major character for 3 seasons of buffy, but sorry, he wasnt much in 4, 5, 6, and 7 yet he still showed up in the finale! go figure

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