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April 27 2004

Screencaps of JM shaving his head. Must-see screencaps of his April 27th appearance on On Air Ryan Seacrest. Enjoy!

I just got done watching this. His hair! It's gone! :( But he does look a lot younger, don't you think? I kinda like it actually...
I think he looks great! :-)
Doh! I forgot all about this and had wanted to watch it! Thanks for the screencaps though because it was nice to see at least that much. He's still a hottie!!
Hubby and I went to the taping today. He was so yummy when Ryan ruffled his hair. He made some interesting faces too!

He doesn't look half bad with it shaved. At least it's not completely bald, which I feared. He said he was not at all nervous and really seemed to be excited to get it shaved off. He said he wanted to be able to audition for 'human being' roles now, hehe. He's a cool guy. I hope we see him again in the near future in a great project!
A nice number one all over. I think that although he loves playing the charecter of spike, it must be a hell of a relief just to be rid of the bleached look and be himself again.
When Ryan ruffled it up I was thinking, "God don't shave it, it looks so good like that!" but I was pleasantly surprised with the result. He looks hot. My shallow yet appreciative obsession remains fully intact, so I'm a happy girl.
It's ironic that he had his head shaved in order to stop looking like a vampire, because now I think he looks like a traditional vampire.
Dang hot. Love him for doing it. Was yelling at Ryan to get away from his head the whole time, but still loved it.
I just finished watching this too (twice, actually, because it went so fast). He looks great! He seemed really full of punk energy and fun and lucky for him he won life's bone structure lottery.
I can't believe how much money they raised for the charity!! That was such a beautiful thing to do.
he is a pretty man
-a straight man's opinion:)
It will be interesting to see what his hair grows into naturally. I'm with James. Change is good.
I was picturing Captain Picard baldness, but this isn't quite as drastic. I love it, he still looks great. Between James and David Anders from Alias, I think the shaved head look is the way to go.
hot damn! this guy...
It will be interesting to see what his hair grows into naturally. I'm with James. Change is good.

Check out Winding Roads or screencaps from it. He's got dark brown, kinky hair!!

Or better yet, check out these pics from him in high school for a radically different James!
He looks wonderful, and I'm looking forward to the return of the brown curls.

I truly enjoyed his appearance. He was very joyful, enthusiastic and lovely to the fans in the crowd. The faces he made during the process were very funny.

Must go watch the tape again.
Does anyone have comments about what he said concerning the future and Spike? I love that. It made the head shaving less traumatic. (and day-ammmm, the man is still fine)
James said that Spike isn't dead and if Joss ever wants to bring Spike back in a new venue he's all for it. That was all I remember him saying about that.
I'm still trying to get over that some woman gave $5,000 US - I guess she's getting a lock of hair and an autograph photo. :)
Yeah, like Rogue Slayer said, we were in the audience and I just wanna say that in between takes, James is always so aware of the fans, waving, smiling, etc. We've been in the audience of 2 talkshows in the past 2 days and he was definitely the nicest guy when it came to acknowledging the crowd. Most 'stars' just sorta wave, if that.

Although I should add that in both cases about 90% of the crowd was clearly there only for him, hehe.

BTW a little warning to people: unless you're REALLY into a guest that's on a show, or really into the show itself of course, I wouldn't recommend being audience. You have to wait for hours, packed together like cattle in the heat. And not everyone is equally nice.

But it was worth it now. We're both big Spike fans and he's a nice fun guy on those occasions. (Even though I was one of the very few people there that came to see him yet did not want to tear his clothes off....)

Oh, and when the guests were waiting to come on again at the end of the show, some women in the upper audience rows ran their fingers through James' hair as he was standing below them! Funny stuff, but I guess he's used to that kind of thing by now.
Actually, I think James said there was talk of bringing Spike back. Of course, this doesn't mean tommorrow.. He seems interested in doing human roles.
He still looks darn adorable to me. I saw GOTR perform on Saturday night and I couldnt imagine James without his hair. But he still has that killer smile!
Here's some more screencaps ther are 50 total (small pics)

Marsters Losing His Locks
YUMMY!!! Just wish I had gotten it on tape (thought it was tomorrow, dang it!)
I do have my VCR set to tape GOTR on Sharon tomorrow though
Well as a guy that these days shaves his head and then grows it back on a regular basis (because i'm fickle that way) i have to say that James has done a very brave thing. Don't know if this is the first time he has shaved it or not but it takes guts to lose all your hair like that initially, especially if he is anywhere near as vain as me!

Back when i first decided to give it a go myself i had a Cobain style haircut and was totally unsure how i would look without it. Not everyone can pull off a shaved head. Luckily for James he is nearly as good looking as i am.

That was a joke by the way, i'm not really that arrogant, well okay i am, hehe.

Seriously though, i doubt he will keep it that way for long, we actually are very similar in looks and i always feel more comfortable with hair so i get the feeling that he may miss it too, if not the bleach.

Anybody know of a transcript of the whole interview being available yet?
Cheers to everyone who donated. $25,000 is a great amount. James still looks hot and adorable at the same time. I never know how he manages. I agree crew cut gave him a younger look and it was a pleasure to watch his interaction with the audience. Bless his heart and his bouncy self :)
All I can say is ....this man is a Prince. Doing something like this for charity is so noble and as for the new look....he's still incredibly gorgeous. Spike will return...I am sure of it. ME,Joss and James all know what they have in this character. Spike is a it any wonder the fans love him....and there's absolutely NO WAY you can't love James. In the meantime I can't wait to see what this amazing man does next.....I will be anxiously waiting .
Rogue Slayer - thanks so much for the HS James pics --- too too funny!
Does anyone know James's actual age. E online says 32 and Tv guide says 41. Somebody help me out, please! The hair thing didnt come out a disaster and he could definetely play a short haired spike, I mean if these movies get made it won't be for another 2-3months, more than enough time to grow some hair back.
James turns 42 this year in august. Many different sources have gotten it wrong for a while now and some fans still don't believe he's that old, and I'm sure he made an effort not to advertise it. (And E online is pretty good at getting things wrong sometimes) You can check on IMDB. He was born in 1962.

Mercedes McNab dated him once in early Buffy (She was pre twenties at the time I believe) and only recently in AtS S5 found out he's this age. She was a bit shocked and surprised herself and I've wondered if she's teased him about it on the set.

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