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April 28 2004

Sweeping Sendoffs: Familiar TV faces are leaving amid frenetic rating period - about the ends of Friends, Frasier, The Practice, and of course Angel.

In the print version there's also a sidebar called 'Filling the Gap' where Goodykoontz recommends shows to replace the leaving ones with- for 'Friends,' he recommends 'Joey', for 'Frasier' - 'Scrubs,' for 'The Practice' - 'Monk,' and about 'Angel' he says this:

"If you'll miss Angel try: Buying DVDs of the series. Creator Joss Whedon is suddenly without a show on the air; it's impossible to substitute for his level of genius."

I agree with Mr. Goodykoontz that Friends, Frasier, and the Practice have way outlived their glory days. I would put ER in the group as well, but that show just doesn't want to die, even though I think it should have a couple of years ago.

I hate to see Angel go at all - it's my favorite show of course - but I like reading positive words about the show from critics, etc.

In a way, I'm glad to see Angel go out on top and right after my favorite season ever. But deep down I wish that Joss & Co. got to decide when it was time to pull the plug, like they did with Buffy. I just hope that Angel has time for a fabulous and fitting finale.
i dont think they decided to pull the plug on buffy......wasnt it due to a certain slayer moving on? i think so.....
Well, Joss was going to move on after season 7 as well, though I suppose the show may have continued without him had Sarah not decided to hang up the stake. But really, a Buffy season with no Joss input wouldn't have been something I'd want to see anyway.
Actually, I think that the cast, crew, and writers were at a point where they could have gone on without Joss or SMG but it just wouldn't have felt right. We'd be reading press releases stating that everyone feels guilty about it.

But I'm okay with the decision they made with Buffy. They were just done. They went out good, too. I would have enjoyed it better if HALF of s7 was gone.. but it was still alright.

The sad thing is that Angel doesn't feel finished. They could have gone ATLEAST another season. Or even if they had gotten a half-season renewal, things could have been better tied up. Stupid WB.
Well, Joss, SMG, and EC wanted out and ASH was only part time too and a show without SMG wouldn't have worked for me. Also, without ASH and EC not being there and Joss not being in control I don't know how good it could've still been. It would've probably ended up being one of those shows that people thought should've ended earlier (like the X-files going on without DD). When Giles went to England the show just didn't feel the same without him and he was just one character.
The Buffy ending was good...but given its track record, with season finales, I think a 2 hour season finale would have done the show justice. I don't think it is, but I hope that Angel could possibly be given a 2 hour farewell, for this could be it for the Buffyverse...for now anyway. I really really agree that Friends has overstayed its welcome, I was ready for the end of that when they announced it during season 8. And I also agree that the Practice and definetely Fraiser, have been long overdue for a cancellation.
Christopher- ITA with you.

Up until the last drop(no matter NE1 says about 7)I loved Buffy and with a few exceptions(Anya,Xander,Giles, Dawn)I think season 7 was pretty much a nice way to wrap a bow on the whole story; with still leaving a "present" if U will inside the "box" for more possibilities.

I was sad when it was over, but I was not angry, cuz it felt like it was done, and like I said, not cuz im a seasonsevenbasher, I thought it was great(if not my fave); but beacuse it just felt like it was done.

I cant say the same for ANgel. I said it b4 on some post on this site, but basically the feel that Ive gotten about this season is that it is NOT a stand alone. Like season 4 of Buffy, I see this season as being a transitional season, setting up much more interesting things to come. If there had been a season 6(sob) I kinda feel like this season would be its companion guide. I feel that this season was mostly to "plant" seeds for a much darker, much more dramatic and entertaining(Im not a season5hater either, btw, if its coming that way)season six, which may very well have been meant to be the last- The shit REALLY hits the fan in season five and then season six wouldve been time for them to clean up the doo doo.

Joss and everyone else at ME, cuz lets face it, there are ALOT of people that make this universe as rich as it is, not just Whedon, are really great at that kinda stuff. They always have thge big picture in mind, and I dont think they expected this, or else this season wouldve been a little more different, more arc driven.

So yeah, Im sad, but not in that ful-filled way like I was with BtVs, more like a cooki-dough kinda way. And Im still pissed.

And also like I said b4, you'll all probably laugh, but Im trying to be optimistic about the "rumoured" movies next year. I really think we need someone to start some sorta campaign so we can make our voice heard about the Tele-pictures subject.But personally, I do feel positive that something good will come of this next year and this isnt the end of the "Fangs"

cuz god I need my Angel-verse fix
Yeah- despite the fact that they could have and might have continued BtVS past a 7th season had SMG decided she wanted to do so, the show really did end on its own terms, and not because the lead actress pulled the rug out from under it or anything. She only put the final nail in the coffin, but I always felt it was very much in the air that Season 7 was going to be the last, even before SMG made it absolutely official. Joss had said before the season started that it would be his last, the season started out with the feeling of being a bookend to the series (bringing back all the past big bads, with phrases like 'back to the beginning'? Tell me that doesn't seem like a herald of the end...), and while there were some actors and writers who spoke of the possibilites of further seasons, there were just as many who seemed to assume that that wouldn't be the case- take Jane Espensen, for example, who on The Succubus Club said she was surprised when she found out, mid-Season 7 or so, that there had ever been any talks of going to Season 8.
I do feel BtVS ended on its own terms, which of course is not at all the case with Angel.
I agree Forcorreo. I totally think that Angel could definetely move forward, with the way the storylines are going, but what are we to do. The Wb as well as many other networks have heard the fans cries, and seen the billboards/adds and they just can't do anything about it, or don't want to. Angel's gone and there's nothing the fans can do about it, its funny how so many people are behind Angel, but a handful of executives are the ones calling the shots...
It wasn't like SMG walked off the set. She gave ample warning and the creative forces behind Buffy were able to properly put the show to rest. Angel has been given almost as much warning although under dramatically different circumstances. It sounds like Whedon's not making dramatic changes from where he was planning on taking the series anyway. Maybe he's hitting the accelerator now in places where he might have tapped on the brakes. One could argue that killing everybody in the last episode was a bit extreme, but it was a temporal distortion episode. Likely, he would have done that if season six was a certainty anyway. One can say all stops have been pulled, but the destination is the same. The season finale will have finality, but it will also be oblique. How would you have done it? Give way to your worst impulse.
[squee!] Ooh, Brian Eno! Oblique Strategies! [/squee]

Angel was in no danger of running out of gas. With the amazing setup this year I was eagerly anticipating a 6th season, even if that turned out to be its last; I'm hoping the Devil-You-Be WB is looking at the good ratings in desirable demos, continued fan support and critical acclaim and considering it may have made *ahem* 'an error in judgment'.

And speaking from a purely practical, non-bitter standpoint, TV movies with a guaranteed audience wouldn't be a bad way to plug the hole that's going to be left after Dark Shadows bites it. ;)

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