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April 28 2004

James Marsters official site's head shaving pics (during and after). At least some of these weren't shown on the Seacrest show.

I've amended your subject line to make it shorter. Any more links to pics about James shaving his head to go in this thread btw.
Hehe, cool. Nice to see pictures up of this. We almost smuggled a camera into the audience but that's a big no no. (They turned it into a federal offense actually.) So we wisely decided against it. But these are some good pics.

Man he looks like he's in the army now. he said he was only asked for roles of vampires, rock stars or junkies, so he needed a change. Now he can add soldier boy to that list at least, hehe;-)
EdDantes, did you see him after the show? I knew he was suppose to meet with fans, but I haven't read anything about it. Any news?
Ok these are not from his Ryan Seacrest head shaving these are screencaps from his Sharon Osbourne appearance. More will be up by tonight, including the GOTR performance.

I'm with you Ed, he does look like he'll be going for military roles for the next few monthes - or the first thing that came to my mind was serial killer or redneck - cause that look works there as well. :)

Ok forgive me if I'm wrong but both shows he did were on seperate days correct???? If that is the case why is the boy wearing the same outfit on both shows - surely working all those years he saved enough money to buy at least another t-shirt to wear. Don't get me wrong I like the look but have we not seen him in black enough this year - would it have killed him to add some color like a red, purple, blue, green, or even yellow t-shirt. Yes I know I'm being picky and I'm partially kidding - but come on at least a different color t-shirt would have been nice.

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Love him, pit stains and all! ;)

James is the one who's truly made me realize that yes, sweat can be very sexy. Humina humina, can't wait till he comes to NY!
No, he didn't come out to the courtyard. Or if he did, we missed it. But I think SOMEone would have seen him and posted somewhere. I'm not sure why they said he would be there, but he wasn't!
The way that boy keeps moving around I'm surprised he was able to get his hair cut so fast without any major mishaps. I cannot even begin to imagine what the casters had to deal with when he came in to get his full headcast done if he was that hyper 7 years ago.
I know, RavenU, isn't he totally ADD? But when you see Spike, he's as cool as a cucumber. He probably has to get into character when they're putting the vamp makeup on and stuff!

He was cracking me up, he doesn't just nod his head, he bobs it and uses his whole body! The boy is hyper!
Does anyone else think that his hair looks really gray?
I think gray-ish hair will look really good on him.

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