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April 29 2004

James Marsters comments on fan efforts to save Angel. Via his publicist, James Marsters offers some thoughts to Angel's Food Drive on fan efforts to save the show.

Oh , bless the boy that's so nice. I like the fact that James always seems to find time to say " Thank You" to the fans
Yeah that's nice. And hardly the first time he's gone out of his way to acknowledge the fans. Also not afraid to say how sad he is the show is ending and how much he loved it.
What a sweetheart. He's beautiful inside and out.
Oh, that's just lovely. :)
He's always so wonderful to the fans. I wish him much success. (Do I ever.. I can feel withdrawals coming on just thinking there are only three more episodes left of Spike.)
It's always nice to see the cast, writers etc. acknowledge the fans. I have no doubt that James will find work soon enough. He is not only a good actor but a gracious man as well.
It's so good to see someone with such success take time to recognise and thank his fans. As a result, I doubt James will ever be unsupported by the public.
At least the cast and crew can put "I worked on a show called Angel that, beyond all reason, thousands of people around the world tried desperately to save because they loved it so much" on their resumes. Not everyone can do that.
Aww, what a sweetheart. This is the 2nd time James has acknowledged and thanked the fans for their support on trying to save Angel. I love him. He's such a great guy.

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