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April 30 2004

Interview with Eliza Dushku on London's Metro website

That was a great interview. She's very funny.
Good interview. I especially like the part where she mentions her brothers' opinion of her Maxim shoot, and the fact she's not going to do another one because of it. I think I remember from an interview a long time ago that she got very upset when her Grandmother wouldn't return her calls after seeing her play Faith. She must be very close to her family.
Ah I didn't know she was Albanian, that would put a different spin on The Onion's rather snide remark about her commentary for the 'Wrong Turn' DVD.
Great interview. But I'd like to say, that the 2 hour season finale of Tru Calling was GREAT! It was the highlight of the season. Hopefully FOX decides to pick Tru up for season 2. Anyone with any info on that please post.
Good for her for standing up for her political beliefs. Those stupid Access Hollywood people have no clue. (Just because she was in a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't mean she wanted to vote for him.)
Great interview. Half Albanian, half Danish eh? But the name would be Albanian then. I knew it was something eastern european but I've been wondering. Think they really are the only Dushkus in america?

Love the Arnold anecdote. Heheh, you go girl. "Ok Eliza, just say you're voting for Arnold now." -"Uh, are you high??" hehehe. Good stuff.

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