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April 30 2004

Whedon says yes to Chicago! "Taking time off from his busy schedule, Joss Whedon has agreed to be the Guest of Honor at this year’s Wizard World Chicago" on Saturday August 14th and Sunday August 15th.

What a guest of honour does I have no idea. Anyone here been to the Wizard World events?

Thank you Simon - you made my day. :)

I already ordered my tickets to this event. I'm going to the Philly one to see Eliza in May and it will be my first WW con.
I'm considering applying to be a volunteer for this event. Is it tough work? Anyone ever work one of these?
I have never offically volunteered for a con but I have jumped in and helped if I was at one on occassion and I can tell you it depends on the job they give you. If they make you a runner then prepare to be doing that all weekend long and in most cases litterally, or else you may get stuck in one spot all day. So tough may be a matter of perception.
Uhm that's nice but he better show up for the San Diego Comicon too......kind of counnnting on it.......

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