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October 25 2002

(SPOILER) Joss Whedon speaks about the future of Firefly and why he wants you to watch tonight's episode.

As according to him "This week definitely matters [to the series' future]".

Well, I'll definitely be tuning in of sorts, but I doubt download figures have much clout with Fox.
I've always wondered if TV companies monitor download figures, I read that record companies release MP3s of white noise purporting to come from a major artist so they can see how successful the track will be in the shops.
well, I was planning on watching anyway---
This was the first Firefly episode I really liked. I guess it's the partial beginning of a backstory fleshing out the characters.

I registered a few minutes ago just to say that... I need to find something better to do.
I thought that was an excellent episode, gripping from start to finish. Lovely thing they did with the different colours for the flashbacks. It just looked stunning and the flow was great. I read Fox have ordered three more scripts, so it doesn't look like they're going to cancel it yet.

So... did everybody notice they did a 'happy family' dinner scene, just like in BtVS's "The Body" and AtS "Deep Down"?
Yup. Great episode. The first one where the characters seemed to have any relationship to each other whatsoever. Joss knows very well that we don't tune in because we like vampires or demons or spaceships (well, I like spaceships, but still), we tune in because we actually care what happens to Willow or Angel or ... well, see, I don't care about anyone on Firefly yet. But this episode was a start.

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