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May 01 2004

Coming this fall: All the deja vu you care to revisit. Article talks about the dwindling state of TV and trys to explains why shows like Wonderfalls disappear so quickly from the airwaves. With an interesting note from some FOX executives regarding the reviews of the series.

"The networks are now inclined to throw everything they have at the wall, to see what sticks. If it doesn't stick immediately, it's gone. That's why Wonderfalls vanished after just three episodes, despite what some Fox executives admit privately were some of the best reviews of any new program in the network's 27-year history."

This article is so true, that it's sad. I'll be amazed if I can find anything to watch next season, unless it's on cable. I'll watch reality TV if it has something to offer, but eating the most disgusting things, marrying strangers, finding America's next whatever, and humiliating countless morons on national television has gotten so tired that it sickens me. As for the new scripted shows many are falling flat, if it isn't a horrible sitcom, it's a drama about teens and plenty of bad acting! Why can't we just clone Joss and give one to each network, maybe then we'll have something decent to watch next season. Not like Joss is the greatest, but he's one of the best. Why can't someone out there create a decent show and support it with good episodes. We'll never have another Buffy, but can't something good ever air? Who am I kidding, if any decent shows air next season, they'll have to go against reality TV or some crappy crime drama from NBC or CBS, and then FOX or Wb will cancel them. Hopefully the networks will shock everyone and tone down this flashy/trashy reality TV trend and offer some new original shows, but that is really just wishful thinking.
Understatement of the year:

I miss Wonderfalls.
Oh man do I miss Wonderfalls. I'm with you there, Cole. Especially after listening to Tim Minear on The Succubus Club recently where he talked about how the story arc picks up in season 5 and the remaining episodes are totally kick ass.

I have to admit I was drawn to the show from the beginning and that does not happen very often. Shame on the networks that cancel brilliant TV so quickly without giving it a chance. I seriously hope TV transitions out of reality ferver and back to quality scripted programming. I don't know what has to happen? The lowest common denominator generally wins out.

Thank the gods Alias will be on next year. That's about the only thing worth watching on regular TV. I only wish I could afford cable.
I'm going on a low embittered-ranting diet (give me strength), so I'll just say that reality TV is the shovel digging the grave of broadcast TV respectability, and networks who continue ignoring the warning signs from dedicated fan bases such as ours will only be getting what they deserve when more mainstream viewers eventually tire of their tawdry wares, and turn away in disgust and boredom.

With the exception of Angel, I'm pretty much already there. Until I can afford either cable or satellite, it's back to total immersion in DVD films and shows, books, comics, art, music and the internet for me.
The X files needed some time to find viewers.
I'll still have a few excellent shows to indulge in next season -- Alias, The O.C., 24, Six Feet Under -- so I'm not ready to hold a TV funeral just yet. But it certainly is getting much, much worse, especially with the cancellations of Angel and Wonderfalls. And if Fox is stupid enough to cancel the hilarious Arrested Development, then shame on them.

Also, since when has Fox been around for 27 years? Last I checked, that network was quite a bit younger than I am.
Mind Pieces - you might want to wait on that Alais comment it seems the show is on the bubble this season and no descission about it's return has been made yet.

I know I think they may have meant 17 not 27 unless they were talking about shows they produced.
Alias got renewed last time I looked. But I could be wrong.
Alias has not yet been renewed, but there's pretty much no doubt that it will be.
Is that the same 'no doubt' that there was about Angel's renewal, or Karn Siscos return in March, or FOX's moving of Wonderfalls to be a good thing. I just read an article the other day that questioned if ABC was actually going to renew the show or not (and it was hedging to the not side - sighting a drop in ratings this year and cost increases)- cause basically ABC is one of those that announces renewals of their series before May and if it's not announced before May it's got a increased chance of being canceled. I guess we'll find out for sure around the 15-19 of May when all the networks announce their new fall schedules.
Yeah, it's the same "no doubt." We really can't be 100% sure.

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