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May 02 2004

Buffy Gets Blocked. Some strange looking new figures for your collection.

You can also pre-order these figures online right here.

Excellent! Those work on some many levels. The Master looks if he is wearing a bucket in disguise.
Brilliant. I could just spend hours playi...

Ahem. All I have to add is that I hope a S2 version comes out soon as well.
So, how do we buy them? The site has no links or anything...
I guess they think Angel is already enough of a blockhead.
I edited the description with a link to the pre-order site, for those who are interested.
I'd liked to have seen Angel and Cordy too but they are cute.

Prufrock - liked your comment :)
Haha... Angel. Blockhead. Hah.

Yeah, Angel and Cordy would have been nice.

Speaking general action figures, does anyone else think it's an outrage not to have every single Big Bad? Because, I really would like Glory.

I also want to hardcore lobby for a Geek Trio set, like the Gentlemen set. Or at least a Superstar Jonathan? C'mon, Moore...
Thanks Mindpieces.

I just love these odd little collectibles. The stranger, the better. I actually own this set of tiny metal lunchboxes with cast photos on them. They contain little pieces of black gum shaped like stakes! Anything that makes me say WTF??? I just love.

So I'm a bit warped, what can I say?
Oh my, I would maim for a Superstar Jonathan or Geek Trio action figure set. Andrew and Warren could come with rocket packs...Warren could have his "power balls", Andrew could have the knife from season 7. Superstar Jonathan could have a crossbow. I'd also like a Caleb with eye gouging action! Though I suppose making an action figure of The First would pose a challenge.
Willowy, I have those little lunch boxes with stake gum, too! Great minds....

I want an action figure of the Mayor. And definitely a Geek Trio set. Caleb also wouldn't be bad. Ooh, and Maggie Walsh AFTER she's been reanimated from the dead.
Speaking of Buffy action figures, have you all seen these custom made action figures? This is someone's private collection. She has made some really unique figures. There's a Fool For Love line which includes the Chaos Demon, 70's Punk Spike, and there's even a Caleb action figure.
That's a great link, electricspacegirl. Worthy of a frontpage post.
Phlebotinin, did you get yours on ebay?

It's a good place to get the odd BtVS stuff. Only thing is, you have to flip through so many pages of stupid 8x10 glossies and "signed" memorabilia to find anything good...

Sometimes its worth it though.
I'm in love with these!
Wow thanks electricspacegirl! I just spent the most enjoyable half-hour looking at those figures. She must really have fun doing those.

She gives props to characters that will probably never be done by MAC or any of the other guys, like the Primitive, Nikki Wood, and the Chinese Slayer.

The face painting leaves a tad to be desired, but like she said, she's not a pro, its just her hobby.

I love seeing the different ways people get inspired by our show(s).
You're welcome, Willowy. I enjoy that site so much. I posted this link on the main page.
I aint into the whole collectible scene. my fandom doesnt go as far down as my wallet, but I love these things. I got some Simpsons ones and a Jason Freddy and Mike Myers set and I cant wait to get these and all the other sets that follow
Check out these (cancelled) figures of Spike and Angel. I don't know whats scarier, Angel's puffy jacket or the blood on Spike's face.


I'm laughing so hard right now. Hee. Thanks for posting that.
MindPieces, I think an action figure of The First could work. You could make it like one of the Transformers; Buffy into The Master into The Mayor into Glory... or, maybe not.

Angel's puffy lamb-skin jacket is definetely scarier. And the best thing about them, they're Australian. ROFL!
I always thought The First's truest form was when it appeared through Willow's breath as that huge insect thingy with claws. That's the same thing it turned into in front of Buffy in Amends. I could go for that action figure.

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