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May 02 2004

Sasha's Custom Made Action Figures. Including Buffy, Angel and Firefly. This is a private collection but there are a few items available on the For Sale page.

These have some unique home-made figures for each Buffy season. There is even a Fool For Love line and yes, that includes the Chaos Demon.

The figures aren't to bad for a private made figure, though some looked a bit rough, one thing I noticed that Xander was left out almost completely except for the waiter bust, yeah his character got sidelined after season 3 pretty much, but in the first three seasons he was a major character,bringing Buffy back to life in season 1,his soldier memories helped stop the Judge and the Mayor in seasons 2 and 3, saving them all from the basement bomb in season 3 etc.

Seems Sasha must not have cared for his character to have almost made him to be non-existant in her action figure line.
Dang, those are nifty.

Anyone have any other links to homemade figures like these? I know Sueworld has done some pretty amazing sculptures.
Do you have a link to Sueworld, elrithiel?
Hmm, I'm not sure if she wants the link posted somewhere as traffic heavy as this, as I've noticed the pics are hosted on imagestation. But if you search around the Sparklies forums, you ought to be able to find it and there'll be no bandwidth problems ;)

Oh, and they mostly deal with Spike. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe she was behind the creation of the Spike!puppet, as well.
Speaking of Sue World, anyone remember the Spike muppet!

These are so much better than Moore's designs and I think these bear so much more of a resemblece to the characters
I love it that people are making their own versions of the standard-issue figures. It's a labor of love, piecing them together and making sure their clothes and everything match the show. In many ways these are much better than what the toy companies have managed to come up with.

Some of them are a little rough, true, but Sculpey isn't easy to work with (I always liked Fimo). Her Illyria is great. And somebody had to do a PuppetAngel -- I still can't believe some major outfit hasn't recognized the demand for that character among AtS fans!

Edit: Just noticed there's no Wes anywhere to be found. If she can make a Simon, she could make a Wes, surely. I'd like to see her do Wes in a wheelchair from S2, with optional sticky yellow Skilosh goo from "Epiphany". :)

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In answer to electricspacegirl's question, here's a link to my image station album in which I hold images of my Spike sculpure as a work in progress.

Sasha does great work with her customs. The attention to detail is wonderful, and to be able to do that at such a tiny scale is amazing!
I've seen those on ebay. She's very good, I mean they're not dead on, but they're very close and she picked some very cool figures to make. The company that makes the actual figures should remake these, and sell them. I'd buy a few.

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