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May 03 2004

Fillion quoted as saying Firefly movie trilogy is possible. "The deal they have with Universal precludes another TV show - so a revival ain't gonna happen. The plan is, if the film does well enough, to have a trilogy of films."

No Saffron, shame that, she was an interesting character.
"YoSaffBridge" of the funniest one-liners ever!
I'm kind of sad about Badger not being in the movie. There were a lot of interesting possibilities there, and I was convinced that he'd be the one to turn in Simon & River.

But I have no idea how the storyline of the movie will play out, so I'll just be trusting in Joss--I'm sure whatever happens will be just as interesting and right.
I hope it's a huge hit at the movies because it sounds for sure like it won't be going back to TV (unless I misunderstood) and I'd be thrilled with a trilogy. I wonder if that means Joss gave the studio a premise for more than one movie?
What does it actually mean that the deal precludes another TV show, is it that if the movie does well they would have to do another movie rather than a second season.
Ghost Spike - I hope you are right. I thought it meant there wouldn't be any tv show but what you said makes more sense.
I'm disappointed that Saffron won't be in the movie but I realize there are a lot of characters to deal with already. I hope, if this movie is successful enough to fuel a second one, that Saffron can have a part in it.
Well I think it's great news!! Sure, I'd LOVE another show, but they've been there/done that and they are moving on to the big screen.

A hit movie would guarantee a second movie, just like any other movie franchise out there, be it Spiderman or Legally Blonde. Makes perfect sense to me.
Trilogy? I don't think we should get ahead of ourselves. One movie at a time.

Captain Reynolds, Zoe, Wash, Kaylee, Jayne, River, Simon, Book, Inara, and of course Serenity herself. Anything beyond that is gravy, but that core ten will get the movie through anything. Technially Book & Inara can be written out. Simon and River only NEED to be there if the plot involves Blue Sun. Reynolds, Zoe, Wash, Kaylee, and Jayne: it'd be hard for Serenity to take off without them.

Saffron? Badger? I can live without.
"precludes a tv show" probably refers to the fact that 20th Century Fox was only generous enough to sell the movie rights to Firefly to Universal Pictures. Fox still owns all the television rights - even though there's a snowball's chance in hell they'll ever exercise them again. Therefore, even if Universal wanted to make a Firefly tv show again, they couldn't. Was that just enough information to confuse you?
thats what i was thinking wren.
Even if 20th Television does own the rights for the televised format, I wouldn't automatically assume that they wouldn't be interested in reviving the series, if the movie(s) where to be a hit and some network would be interested in acquiring the show (and hey, _everything_ is for a sale, if the price is right).

This most likely won't ever happen, especially since the ownership of the networks/cable channels slides into fewer and bigger hands as we speak and networks clearly are moving towards inhouse-produced programming in their efforts/pressure to maximize profits for the parent companies.

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