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May 03 2004

Cleveland Convention Q&A with Nicholas Brendon reveals posibiltiy of ressurecting the Buffy the Animated Series?

I was at the Buffy Convention in Cleveland two weeks ago and after rewatching Nick Brendon's Q&A and when he was asked if he had any future Buffy related plans he said that he had recently recorded three episodes for the Animated Series and that Mutant Enemy was actually producing some episodes so that they might be able to sell it to a network more successfully. Lets all cross our fingers. Even if no network takes it i would love to have a few episodes on DVD

A buffy animated series? Could work. I think it should be a primetime cartoon, networks are airing too many comedy cartoon series on primetime. I think an animated Buffy would definetely attract viewers. However most might disregard it, due to it being animated. But the good thing about that is voice over actors can easily be replaced, and that show, if good enough, could go on forever. That would greatly fill the buffyverse void, if released next season.
Not to be mean or anything, but since this is a weblog, you need a link. We already have a few discussions on this convention, anyways.

From previous reports from the convention, we heard that Aly, Nick, and Tony lent their voices to an animated series presentation by Joss.

Other than this, the only other report saying this was a Buffy series was Herc at Ain't It Cool News, and he's not known for his good comprehension skills. This is the first time I've seen "three episodes" mentioned.
I would absolutly love a buffy animated series. I need my fix!! I hope it does happen. There is so much they can do with an animated series that may not be doable with live action. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
I added a link to the convention site. There must be a link associated with the subject. A glance over the rules is a good idea.
I heard that Gellar wasn't interested in doing her own voice, but I know who would make a great substitute. You might laugh, but consider Sherilyn Fenn. If you close your eyes and listen to her, she and Gellar have remarkable vocal similarities. They both do the vaguely Californian accent, a slight scratchiness to it, with a little girl cadence.
Whoever did the voice work for the Buffy in the video games did an excellent job as a sound-a-like. Whoever they got to play Willow in the second game really didn't, in fact I ended up turning off the sound entirely it was so very very awful. Then I got bored after a couple levels and traded the game in, such a bad game all around.

Anyway, more on topic, I think a Buffy animated series could be really cool, if executed properly. I just hope it doesn't turn out as poorly as so many other spin-off cartoons have.
Ok - I must have blinked in my hearing on that piece of info. I heard him mention voicing the presentaion of the animated series but I don't remember him mentioning doing 3 episodes - I remember him saying he was in 143 out of 144 episodes of BTVS (he was not in CWDP) - although his wife thinks he did film something for the episode.

And the odd thing when Tony Head was on stage after Nick - I don't remember anyone asking him about it. I think everyone was basking in the Jenny and Giles together again aura on stage - they were a blast together.

On a side note: They seperated Tony and Nick at the autograph table (since Tony had already done most of his signing the day before). Anyway - Tony got a photo of Nick and snuck into his line for an autograph - it was ROFLMAO esspecialy when Nick did a double-take at Tony. It was just too funny. Also Nick and Tony seem to have no problems with helping the slash fic fans imaginations go wild when they kissed each other on the lips a couple of times - over the course of events. Xandiles/Gilander anyone? :)
Yes, he said the same thing re: recording his voice for the animated series at the Creation Con at the Meadowlands. Looking forward to it. Hope it actually happens this time!
Tony got a photo of Nick and snuck into his line for an autograph - it was ROFLMAO esspecialy when Nick did a double-take at Tony.

Oh my god, RavenU, that is so funny! I would have loved to have seen the Giles/Xander kiss. Oh, boy!
I'm sure there will be a photo of it somewhere on the net sometime soon - I got a photo of it but not as close up as I know some did. Cause that person brought an 8x10 of the photo to have them sign it on Sunday and Tony showed it to the crowd.
Sounds like they are taking the same approach to the animated series as they did with the regular Buffy series, make a presentation film like with the un-aired pilot to take with them to the networks to help sell the show better.

Usually from what I understand network bigwigs do better with visual aids than trying to explain a concept to them.
And the odd thing when Tony Head was on stage after Nick - I don't remember anyone asking him about it. I think everyone was basking in the Jenny and Giles together again aura on stage - they were a blast together.

Tony did mention the animated series -- he had a Q&A on Saturday as well, so that must have been when he talked about it. Someday I'll bring a tape recorder with me and transcribe those things...nahhhh, too much work ;)
I was at the Q&A on Saturday as well - I guess I was to enthralled by his mere presents that I did not hear much of what he said - other than he's a vegitarian and his auctions. Oh and I remember him talking about VR5 and his former co-star from that show. Oh and the fact he was buck naked in Manchild (which he didn't re-call at first). I also just remember Saturday was when the Librarian Guild made their presentation.:)

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Here's a thought. I want SMG to do her voice, but she doesn't want to commit. So what if you offered her X amount of money to come into the studio for one day, read all her lines into the mike, and then they digitally insert them into the episode. Same with Alyson Hannigan
"...come into the studio for one day, read all her lines into the mike, and then they digitally insert them into the episode"

They record all the dialogue before animating anything anyway.
OH MY GOD!!!im sorry people but even thoe im a huge fan myself,i think making a buffy animated show whould take the realness *if thats even a word* out of it, it would make the real show seem like one big joke...*take things seriosly people please..and think* id cry if they made a buffy animated series,and they probly couldnt even get the real voices enyways...then all the little people would be watching would just NEVER be the same...i like the whole buffy*non anime* movie idia..sorry for my non positive attidute..
If you can find the link, there is a website from the artist who originally was going to do the series when it was pitched a couple of years ago...The proof sets are awesome! Someone should find that link...
The artist is Eric Wight. Click Portfolio, then on any of the thumbnails under Buffy: Animated - there are 16 to look at.

I've loved the idea of this since I first heard about it over a year ago. Incidentally... it was originally going to air on FOX's Saturday morning lineup. No surprise then, that it was canned before it even had a chance to air. From my understanding, there were at least six scripts at the time. I don't know if any of them ever went into the inking stages. Looks like they might make it that far now.
I think there were actually more like 8 scripts, though the series never entered production. Also, the regular BtVS ep "Him" was based on a script Drew Greenberg wrote for the animated series.

Vastcipher - If this makes you like the concept more, the animated series wouldn't exactlty take place inside the continuity of the regular series, it would be like the memories (including Dawn).

Jane Espenson, from her interview with Herc for AICN from last year:

"The animated series was set during season one of the live-action series, in which Dawn did not exist, AND YET, she is in the animated series as a... what would she have been?... as a ten or eleven year old. This means, of course, that these are BUFFY'S MEMORIES of what happened during season one... a glimpse into the revised history created by those darn monks. Neat, huh?"

I believe Joss said at one point that the series would begin taking place after the episode "Angel," so they'd know that Angel was a vampire, and the Willow -> Xander -> Buffy -> Angel love chain would be evident.
Thanks for that link Greyflowers. I didn't know how I felt about a cartoon but after seeing those pictures and Invisible Green's description of the show I hope it happens. It sounds like it would be great.
well Invisible Green i do now feel a little more comfy knowing the anime series takes place in seanson one (hopfully thats how it works)like memories great idea then... i just was kinda freaking out thinking it might take place *as if its like a season 8 or somthing like that...* well if it isnt well then im all up for an anime do you know this stuff enyways???

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