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May 04 2004

Christian Kane on the End of "Angel". Very forthright and bitter comments in reaction to the show's cancellation and the likelihood of an Angel movie.

"What is it about "Angel" that sparks such a reaction from viewers?"

For my money it has nothing to do with it being sci-fi, specifically. It's just that Joss has gone into this television thing really trying to tell stories that are real and worth telling, and he seems to truly believe in them and it really shows. BtVS, AtS, Firefly...they're all shows where you know someone is behind it who cares as much about the stories as you do- all this investment that the fans have in the shows is not for nothing, there really is something there to be invested in. That's how I've always seen in.
It's really nice to hear about it from him. I think that part of the reason why Christian Kane can give unabashed comments like that is simply because he doesn't have as much riding for him as, say, a regular actor would, like DB. But what he's saying, I definitely agree with.
Bravo, CK. And dude, he's a Cubbies fan. Brownie points for him! *puts on Cubs hat*

I can't wait when the hell and high waters clear and we hear what the regulars have to say!
I like the man's forthright style. Although I wish he'd get a haircut :)

"They're talking about that" is what he said when asked about an Angel movie. Interesting. I was happy to read some sort of confirmation that talks are ongoing. I know Kane is pissed off at the WB, but he did say that if David et. al. agreed to a movie he'd jump on board if asked. I for one am keeping my fingers crossed.
Very nice, especially the nod to the campaigns. He seems like a nice, down to earth guy. He's from the Midwest, what else can you expect? ;)
I'm with forcorreo on the viewer responses. It's not the sci-fi that drew me into BtVS or AtS. It is the writing, the storytelling, and the humor -- and the intent to treat the audience as intelligent viewers, with cross-generational pop culture references, not as a bunch of 8th grade juveniles who are primarily interested in belching, passing gas, and cleavage. I like the playing with ideas, with philosophy (even if it is inconsistent), and with the playing with the rules of film/TV genres. I've never been hooked on TV shows the way I have become hooked on these, and it would never have crossed my mind earlier to become actively involved in the fandom. I have never before done anything to try to "save" a show. There have been other shows that have been more or less appointment TV for me, but never to this extent.

CK does come across here as a down-to-earth guy, and I would really like to know what he, DB, and JM had to say when they first heard the news. My guess is that it was not as philosophic as their public statements -- more likely unprintable. It is refreshing that CK allows his anger to show through, here -- just as it was heartbreaking to see the pain and betrayal in JW's posting about the "hilarious" news of the cancellation.

And CK does indeed need a haircut!
I'm glad he could be so candid with his answers and I hope the postcard and petition campaigns said a little bit of what anyone in the opening credits couldn't.
I echo the sentiment: Get a haircut, young man!
I'm sure DB, JM and CK sweared alot, Levin you ****** idiot.
Whoa! "Refreshing" is right!
Love Christian. Neat interview.
I love Christian he's such a great guy! so candid and cool!

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