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May 06 2004

The 30th Saturn Awards Results. Mutant Enemy triumph as David Boreanaz wins Best Actor (again), Amy Acker Best Supporting Actress, James Marsters Best Supporting Actor, Firefly wins Best DVD TV release and Angel ties with CSI for best TV show.

List of nominees here. One day Alexis Denisof will get recognised.

You know, I'd like to start seeing "Winner of Saturn Award for..." on the DVD releases of these things. These should be things the studios and creators are proud of. God knows with the way the Emmys are (boring, trite, same Sh*t wins year in year out), the Saturn award is actually something that does reward shows that get missed in favor of the (usually) bland mainstream stuff. Bravo for the ME team, cast and crew.
Alexis, Eliza, Sarah and Charisma so got robbed, but congrats to everyone else, it was well deserved.
Congrats to all the actors who won!! :)
Wonder why AD wasn't up for a Best Supporting Actor nom?

However, I was happy to see this:


I hope someone at the WB takes note of this recognition of Angel's excellence and the Whedonverse in general. It's probably going to be a while before another Frog series wins any Saturns. If ever.

*Applauds DB, JM and AA cast wins* All well deserved!

Edited because indefinite articles suck.

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Alexis was nominated for Best Supporting Actor. But has he ever won an award? Bout time he did. Especially for this season.
Oh. Well, poop. I'm sorry he didn't win at least once. :(
Yeah, Alexis really deserves some recognition.

Did anyone else agree with Trish Burkle last night when she said "I just might keep him [Wesley] for myself"? It was like interactive tv - my hand shot up in the air and I was like "oh hell yes, you go Trish!"
Yay, congratulations to everyone! It's such a shame when actors from the same show are nominated for the same award. There's no way to choose between the Angel cast - they're all amazing. Humphrey Bogart said once that the Oscars were ridiculous because you can't fairly compare actors unless they're all playing the same role. I adore Spike, and I'm delighted that JM won. But AD is equally fabulous. Wesley has come so far - it's staggering now to watch Season 3 of Buffy and try to believe that it's the same guy. Yet the evolution of the character has made so much sense - AD has done a flawless job.
Dude, he needs to smile a little more, instead of looking like he just had rectal surgery or something...

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