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May 06 2004

Serenity takes off soon. Joss talks to Sci Fi Wire about the premise of the film, which begins production in three weeks.

Presumably that's the first official confirmation that all the original cast members will be on board.
Man, I'm excited for this.
I'll see it as long as you truly don't have to be familiar with the series. I've only managed half an hour of one episode.
+Faith+: Buy the DVD's!
I absolutely just can't wait for this! I was so utterly depressed when Fox cancelled this show and left the story dangling like they did. It's like reading a great book but only getting half way through it and being told you're not allowed to finish it. It just drove me nuts.

+Faith+, Joss has said in the past that this movie will be very accessable to people who aren't familiar with the story so you don't need to have seen the series.

I'm just thrilled that the "River" mystery will be addressed! And I'm hoping it is such a phenomenal hit that there will be more movies to come.
+Faith+ do buy the dvds!!! firefly isnt what it seems and really isnt too different from Buffy and Angel except thats its totally different but the whedon touch is apparent once you get into the series.
I agree - I wasn't really into Firefly when it was on tv, but I borrowed a friend's DVDs and loved them. I'll probably go buy my own set now. I think one of my favs was "Ariel". Some of that was just creepy.
*does happy dance of JOY JOY JOY*
*joins wren in happy dance of JOY JOY JOY*
*watches people do happy dance of JOY JOY JOY from the sidelines, taps feet happily*
most important part of the whole thing, more so than River: who in hades is Shepherd Brook???
err, Shepherd Book, for you nitpickers...
*joins wren and willowzbitch in happy dance of JOY JOY JOY*
Whoo hoo! *also happy JOY JOY JOY dancing*

"...The movie is really like, if you took a giant hit of the show all at once. It's very big. Perhaps I should use different imagery."

Oh, Joss. I think the imagery is just perfect. Don't ever change. *coughcough* ;)
quiet little whimpers of joy.

(did anyone else get the shepard book/john book (from witness) parallel? tho in reverse...)
I simply cannot wait until 2005. Haven't we suffered enough?

h'biki, what do you mean about the parallel? I'd love to hear.
I wonder if this'll find it's way over to Australia, or if it'll join the Firefly series and stay away...
Yeah, TV sucks down here. They can't even show a full season Stargate without chopping, changing and finally yanking it. I guess that means no chance of Firefly. You know they air the new season of Angel down here at 11:30pm (!) on a Thursday AFTER CELEBRITIES UNCENCORSED! I could wring their bloody necks...
Wow, that great!!!
** joins everyone who's doing the DANCE OF JOY JOY JOY
Isn't it more or less unique that they have the same cast for the film as they did for the series?
Bloody miracle as far as I can see.

No Owen Wilson as Wash, Ashton Kutcher as Mal, no Reese Witherspoon as Kaylee. Very impressed that Joss insisted on the original cast and that Universal agreed.
Didn't the Star Trek movies have the same cast as the series as well?
Was in Los Angeles for 2 days without Internet access...get back to this...joining the happy-happy joy-joy dance line!
Star Trek did have the same cast, but by that time it had a huge cult following and it lasted for three seasons. No one would've gone to see that if it had been replaced with other people. Firefly, with the exception of us fans who watched the series, is relatively unknown and they could've replaced the cast and the majority of people wouldn't have really known. I'm glad Joss has insisted on the complete cast because they were just too good together to replace.
Kaivaal, I share your sentiments exactly! They mistreat Angel so badly - but then, Buffy wasn't ever treated that well, either.
Here's hoping that we get Firefly on DVD, at least. (Yeah, I know. Flair's having delirious-time again.)
I tried watching Firefly when it first aired and hated it. The whole cowboys in space thing. Blechhh.

I was then encouraged to get the DVDs and watch it in the order JW had intended (by folks on this site). Well, I changed my mind. Its Joss' most mature show yet. Try it.
I guess I have to save up for the Firefly DVD. "Cowboy's in space" made me uncertain because if there's one type of entertainment I try to avoid, it's the western. But as long as it has the Whedon sensibility, I think I'll be okay. I was also afraid of really liking it and having a mere thirteen episodes and feeling cheated that it wouldn't go on, but I think the movie being made changes how I feel. Keep doing the dance of joy, hopefully I'll be able to join in.
*dances the dance of Joy like a madman*


Have I mentioned how BADLY I want to see this....and how BADLY I want it to be a great success???

Well....I do!

*continues dance of joy with renewed fervor*
I'm so excited. :D

+Faith+, Firefly didn't really appeal to me when I first heard about it. Then I broke down and bought the DVDs. After say, the third episode I was hooked, and I love it. You just have to understand the premise. It is a totally different world, you just have to understand it and understand the characters. It's a Joss Whedon show, so you know it's good.

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