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May 07 2004

Possible new British version of BtVS? Singer Simon Webbe, of Blue is said to have an interest in a British version of BtVS. English language article here.

I do not speak German but I translated the article on Google. If anyone fluently speaks German, please translate.

"Simon Webbe of Blue works on an English ' ' Buffy'' version. Simon Webbe extended of Blue its field of activity. The 24-jaehrige works momentarily on an English variant of the American cult series of "Buffy". A British TV transmitter is to have signaled already more than clear interest in the film scripts. Thus not enough: Webbe wants to along-play in the Vampir series! It does not admit is whether its volume colleagues will likewise go gebannte frog nature or other strange shapes as who wolves, Untote, by age-old curses into action..."

Please god let this be false. Words cannot explain how painful this programme would probably be, if a British channel want a Buffy show - make Ripper, don't try and Anglicise a show that works as it is.
I can't believe that anyone is taking this seriously. According to an article I read today this is supposed to be a sitcom with vampires. Nothing to do with the Buffyverse at all, apart from the fact it's got vampires in it. The TV station interested in it is a low budget cable channel. Simon Webb is a lovely guy, but he should just stick to singing.

Not meaning any disrespect to you kerribear. I can see why people would get the wrong idea of this from the way it has been reported.
I really hope he was high or drunk when he said this. I mean here in America we've ruined remakes of popular Brtish shows (Coupling and I'll bet our upcoming version of the office will be equally bad). Buffy is ours, why don't they remake some show that means nothing to us like 7th Heaven, Ally Mcbeal, or Full House. But please just leave the classics alone. It would drive the good name of the vampire slayer into the ground. Why doesn't he just make his own new slayer, and with Joss's consent make a new slayer show that is loosley tied to Buffy. That would be ok.
My Translation:

"Blue-dy" Horror [A pun combining blue and bloody]

Simon Webbe from Blue works on an English version of "Buffy."

Simon Webbe from Blue expands his field of capabilities. The 24-year-old is currently working on an English version of the American cult series "Buffy."

A British TV station has already signaled more than clear interest in the scripts. But that's not all: Webbe himself wants to appear in the vampire series!

It is unknown whether or not his bandmates will similarly appear as werewolves, the undead, people spellbound with frog mannerisms through ancient curses, or other strange figures in appearance. [This last sentence was kinda hard to translate, sorry if it sounds awkward; the original sentence was awkward, too.]


I'm assuming Cal's right. I hope she is. I don't think anyone would want to watch what's presented in this article, which seems to be from a tabloid-ish publication aimed at teens.

Nevertheless, it was an amusing article.
This is not going to be a remake of Buffy. I'm from the UK, but I would not be happy if anyone tried to remake BtVS. Buffy is part of the Jossverse. I'm positive I'm right about this.

That sounds so serious...lighten up cal(lol)

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I agree with Gio, if they want to make a Vampire Slyer series...get your own slayer. I wouldn't mind if it was set in the same world as Buffy and Angel, but don't make it Buffy, make it someone else, and see if Joss would have some sort of involvement...if nothing more than just some sort of consultant so they get all the "rules" that have been set in the past eight years right.
According to an article I read today this is supposed to be a sitcom with vampires.
I don't know about anyone else but that is a pretty funny concept. They could call it Everyone Sucks At Night or Throat to Throat or....maybe not. Sorry.
If there were a British version -- would Giles be an easy-going American trying to loosen up all these uptight British kids? Would Wesley Windhym-Pryce (Renamed Wes Price, no doubt) be even more shockingly easy-going? Would Spike be a polite Californian?
I read this in the paper today (in England) and it was "a sitcom about vampires", nothing to do with Buffy. Just as movies are pitched as "It's Full Metal Jacket meets Weird Science" so this was described as similiar to Buffy.

Most recent UK sitcoms have been dire. Awfull, lame, dialogue, no originality, terrible acting and so on. Father Ted was the last great UK sitcom before The Office.

I give this a 20% chance of seeing the light of day, and if it does odds are about 90% certain it'll suck, in the bad way.

There WAS a UK show similiar to Ripper called "Strange" which I liked, but it seems to have sunk without trace.
"It does not admit is whether its volume colleagues will likewise go gebannte frog nature or other strange shapes as who wolves, Untote, by age-old curses into action..." LOL, silly Google... Ah, *Ehem*, I'm easily amused.

And if any of this rumour is true, it would be tragically pathetic. But I think the name is safe in the hands of ME. They'd have to greenlight it wouldn't they? Or is it just FOX? *Grabs hair ready to scream like Andrew*...

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Actually as I understand it, over in England they think we're the ones that are uptight. If done properly, and from the perspective of young people in England today, this idea would probably be a great show, but not a show we Americans might understand or appreciate. It's moot though, because if the network suit types with the BBC are anything like the ones who inundate Television City USA, the show will be funny when it's supposed to be serious, serious when it's supposed to be funny, and brainless when it's supposed to be intelligent.

But I'm not bitter.
Speaking of UK TV and vampires...has anyone else seen the Ultraviolet mini-series? Take The X-Files and replace an alien conspiracy with a vampire one and you've pretty much got the general thrust of the show. Well worth hunting down.
Yeah, someone mentioned that a little while ago. Actually, what we need is a Search Comments Function. Simon, Caroline? Just a thought.
This seems like a good place to bring up Fluffy the English Vampire Slayer.
I've got Ultraviolet on DVD. It's pretty good and actually a bit scary.
This pop singer is well known in the gossip columns for blowing his own trumpet. Please don't take it seriously. Blue are a boy band after all (and about to end up on the scrap heap).

I've put an English language article in the subject line as well.
Wasn't there an old SNL sketch that crossed Buffy and Seinfeld? Now that would be a show to see :)
*cringe*...god no.
"Buffy is ours"
No, it not just yours, just cause you're from America. That is not right. It is for everyone, and you've taken our greatest shows and remade them. Why shouldn't we do the same? What your shows are sacred and ours aren't? That was just a matter of prinicpal, I don't really want BUFFY BRITISH. It would be dire. But as principal its not just for American's

"Actually as I understand it, over in England they think we're the ones that are uptight"
Actually not so much. The stereotypical view of the English being uptight and reserved is a totally wrong view. The truth is (or at least where I'm from and where I've been) that people like Giles and Wesley are in a very tiny minority and in fact, situations like the one Buffy is living in (minus the Hellmouth) are pretty rare. I don't know if it's just where I'm living, but I see drug-dealing, vandalism etc. quite a lot of times when I walk out of my front door. Couple this with the fact that I'm from the "softie" South! And so the conclusion of this point is that although we don'y think you're uptight as such, shows like Buffy do kind of give the impression of an iddylic surburban life, (with Angel taking the other end). I'm not saying there are no examples of hardships e.g. "Anne" Season 3, but if there was a British show, that stayed true to Britain, it would at least be as dark and as edgy as Angel.

I know I got off point, just doing something to diminish a few stereotypes
A cross between Buffy and Seinfeld? Now THAT I'd pay to see........
The Buffy/Seinfeld sketch is on the internet somewhere, it's very funny, it's a show about nothing......and vampires.
"Who are...these vampires?"
Bovik, has that link been posted at Whedonesque before? I reckon it's worth a frontpage mention, if only for the hilarious accents...
No, I don't think the Fluffy movie has been mentioned before. I was a bit hesitant about putting it on the front page, since it's a fairly big download, so it'll almost certainly kill their site if everyone tries to get it at once...
Yeah herb, it was a sketch that was on SMG's first appearance on SNL. But wait...didn't herb ask a question? Uh oh! Watch out Caroline doesn't like questions herb.
I don't like immature jibes either. I think you should go cool off for a while, before you post again.

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