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May 07 2004

Charisma Carpenter on KROQ. A brief description of her recent interview on the Los Angeles radio station. No transcript as of yet, but I'm sure one will surface soon.

Can anyone post why Charisma left Angel? What were these circumstances, I heard that she had problems with Joss, can someone please help me with my problem?
I think it was along the lines of them leaving her in the dark, and seemingly not caring enough to even tell her that she wasn't coming back. Right up until the beginning of Season 5, Charisma had no idea whether they were going to bring her back on or not, which I'm guessing she, and her fans found to be pretty disrespectful. It was kinda "Bye Bye, thanks for being a character on our show for seven years. Off you go now." She never had any problems on the set or with anyone personally. It hit her pretty hard because she loved it so much.
From what I understand it was a mutual parting of the ways. CC has had a history of clashing with the writers which led to a hiatus from the show once before (also complicating her contract issues). She has always been very vocal and word is difficult at times.

The story I heard was that she wanted to take time off after the baby and come back to work on her own time table. Even coming back part time. However, the writers already had the story arcs and all complete. They would have have to make major rewrites to try and accomodate her own time table. Also, she was demanding her full salary even though coming back only part time and the PTB balked at that. However, CC was very demanding feeling that she deserved it.

At any rate because of history and the current disagreement they decided to writer her out of the show. They basically didn't want to go through some long dispute with CC again. Since neither side would budge they agreed to disagree.

This version makes since if you look at her reaction to watching the show anymore. Both sides tried to spin it into the other side being at fault. CC was saying she had no clue why she was being written out which was all she could say so fans wouldn't get ticked off. ME said that they ran out of ideas for CC character.....yeah.....right. Again ME was just trying to save face.

This was a matter of both sides taking a stance and neither side willing to budge. It is a shame because as good as this season has could have been so much better with CC in it. I don't think it is any coincidence that one of the best episodes of the season was CC last.
Thanks to DarenG and Kaivaal for answering Gio's question, but I'd like to put a halt to 'can anyone post' type of requests here before it becomes a habit. I think that type of thing belongs elsewhere, and perhaps our little corner at can be used for it.
Sheesh, you're not allowed to ask questions here? Or am I misinterpreting what you said Caroline?
By all means ask questions if they pop up during a discussion. There's nothing wrong with that. But I know Gio's asked this question before in another thread and we don't want people to think of this place as 'the site where you can get answers to all your Jossverse questions'. I know we can come over pretty strict, but if we weren't before you knew it people would be posting linkless questions to the frontpage or using it as their personal notebook. (It's probably more the way the question was asked 'Can anyone post why...'. That spells trouble to me.)

Whedonesque is where you post links to stuff and talk about the links and whatever follows from that. I'm trying to prevent it becoming a 'free for all post any question you might have' kind of thing, because we get the feeling a lot of the newer members don't really 'get' the vibe of this place yet.
Ok, thanks Caroline, much clearer now. And actually, that supports a suggestion I made earlier in another post. We should have a Search Comments Function, for things exactly like this; so people don't ask questions that have already been answered. But I guess that could also lean towards people using the site for information gathering, which I agree would be a bad thing.

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Caroline, I'm sorry for my inconveinience. I mean as a fan of the show, if I don't know something and I'm around other fans of the show, my instinct is to ask other fans. However, I understand how irritating it is to some of us. And I'm so pleased that you have taken it upon yourslef to personally monitor where and when I've ask such questions. So for your convienience I will no longer ask questions and shall reamian in the dark about certain issues. Apparently people like me are a disease to this site and should use this site to express a thoughts, reaction, or opinion to issues that are brought up for discussion here. I may ask the occassional question, and forgive me if some of you don't like the fact that I have taken offense to Caroline's comments, but I am only human and sometimes feel the need to aks a question. If I've have ruined anyone else's day by asking a question, I deeply apoligize...
If you have a problem with the way we moderate this site, send us an e-mail.
Err, you both have a point. I personally found nothing wrong with Gio's question as it related directly to the link. But there's no need to get heated about this. Better to sort it out via email.

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