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May 08 2004

Todd Holland to show two unaired WF eps in L.A. Lucky L.A. residents get a chance to see two of the nine unaired WF eps at special Q&A session.

Wow. Lucky L.A. residents is right. They get to see cool eps the rest of us might never -- at least for a while -- hobnob with the bigwigs, and then lord it over the rest of us forevermore. (Not that they would. Because, uh, they're nice and lucky. :)

[whimper] Why can't what's happenin' be happenin' closer to me? [/whimper]

I'm as happy as a shiny happy thing for anyone who can go. No, really. Will there be snacks? I'm thinking animal crackers would be an appropriate choice.
You can get hold of episode 6, Muffin Buffalo, from the web now.
Really!? Where can you get episode 6, I have to get all of them again anyway, damned hard-drive got wiped!
Found it, apparently episode 7'll be turning up on the net soon.
I found ep 6 off the "supr" site. Too bad it's gonna take about 150 hours to dl, unless it speeds up soon.
If youve got broadband or better it should speed up, mine started like that, now it's got less than an hour to go.
It's sped up to 120 hours now. It'll probably continue getting quicker.
Good episode, nice to see they were going to be more running stories, though it'd be nice to see the episode with the cow creamer to understand how Jaye's brother found out that things talk to her.

And I've just found episode 7 - hoorah!

Which one was Jewel Staite going to be in from?

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