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May 08 2004

He's Not Alone Out There. (BtVS/AtS mention) An article from Singapore about the popularity of horror in current pop culture, with a highly subjective listing of books, comics, TV shows and movies. (Note: Van Helsing takes a bit of a slagging. No spoilers.)

It's neat the genre is getting so much attention lately, but I still feel this writer, like most who do these kinds of omnibus articles, dismisses BtVS and AtS out of hand. Which is too bad. As I was reading I actually felt sorry that s/he has apparently missed out on some of the richest, most multi-layered storytelling of any TV genre. And addictive. Did I mention addictive?

Also interesting (and sad) to note that horror movies released there are "usually censored". I have to wonder, if they're cutting the horror out of horror flicks, what's left? Random scenes of people running around screaming and tripping on stuff? Sounds kind of slap-sticky. Maybe they market them as comedies instead?

They censor the movies?

I am very much against censorship. Recently, I was reading an article in USA Today about new DVD players that can skip over the more adult parts on some DVD's. But IMHO, if you'd wanna do that, then you should pick a different movie, cuz I really don't see the point of it.

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