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"I have to find my pleasure, Spike. You taste like ashes."
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May 09 2004

Spike TV movie on the cards? In a convention report about James Marsters, he is indirectly quoted as saying that there is discussion about a Spike-centred movie project.

I believe this was translated from the original German article. And there's been that many claims and counter claims about whats going to happen next for the Buffyverse, I just don't know what to believe anymore. But a Spike movie would be nice.

I hope this is true. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
Boy, they're doing everything they can to milk James, aren't they? ;)

I can see this happening. Definitely. But with all of the screen time he's had on Buffy & Angel, I'm not so sure I could sit through this without getting sick of him. Then again .. I have faith in ME & James. I'm hoping that we'll have buffyverse guests & not just something about Spike's past, etc.
I'm all for it. Spike is one of the most well-developed characters in the shows. And it's clear both Sarah and David are not all that interested right now in any movie projects, so to go with Spike could be a good solution. James has said several times he was still enthusiastic about his character, the Joss/ME collaborations and the whole Buffyverse.

Plus, since Spike was on both shows, they can have other characters from all over join him without confusing things on wether it's a 'Buffy' or 'Angel' movie.

And yes as ever it would depend on what they do with it but that's always true for everything. I think it's a good idea. Team him up with Giles! Enough history there to have friction, but still plenty to explore. Throw in Faith, plenty of new ground between those two. And Willow just for the heck of it!
I could definitely sit through a movie all about Spike. Actually, I can't think of anything I'd want to watch more. ;)
just heared back from Princess of darkness who was there .. apparently it will be written by Steve DeKnight ... i hope the WB wont screw it up!
Let me just preface this by stating that I think James is an amazing, versatile and charasmatic actor and Spike is a fascinating and complex character. However, I think he may be at his best as a supporting character. It's not that I don't think James could carry it off, I just don't want to see him getting stuck. He could probably do anything given the chance and I'd like to see him try.

Oh yeah, this gave me a giggle: "for those of you wondering, his hair is still shaved." So he's not a chia pet, then?
Also lets keep in mind James track record when it comes to Spike news - simpley put nine times out of ten he's hasn't a clue - how many times has he said one thing and then something else has happened. So taking the info with a grain of salt.

On a side note Ijust read the JAR interview from SFX and he made an interesting comment, which was,

Q:"Is there the chance of another spin-off series?"
JAR: "Not at the moment. There's been some talk,unoffically, about us doing Angel movies on DVD."

Now that tidbit I find interesting.
Kessie - I got the feeling from this article that this was just a possibility - no where near a definite. Do you have more substantial news?
I think at this point, I'd be able to sit through a 2 hour TV movie featuring Spike and Giles watching a Passions marathon..
Ok hit me over the head but wasn't a character on Passions a puppet - and then we have puppet Angel.
I miss Buffy but a Spike movie either about his past, present or future would be much better than nothing.
Timmy wasn't a puppet, he was a doll that Tabitha brought to life.
I would be very happy if this was true. I would like to see other cast members such as Giles, Xander and Wesley but I'd also like to see that crazy slayer again. Obviously there are issues between she and Spike and if he was put in a position where he has to be like her watcher that could be very interesting. They could send Spike off to join Giles in whatever they are doing in Europe.

I think, if this is true, it's great news for James. He obviously does not want his time as Spike to end. I'm not being critical of DB, but he is ready to move on and I'm happy he's not depressed about it, but it's obvious that the rest of the people involved aren't as happy and didn't want it to end.

SMG, AH & MT all have some good things lined up so it's no biggie if they aren't there so I would love to see NB get a chance to revisit his role as Xander, especially with everything going on in his life right now. I'm still waiting for Ripper to be made but I'd settle for seeing Giles in a Spike movie as long as he has a substantial role.
I would also like to see Xander again. What about a Xander's adventures in Africa spin-off? He could have a hot African chick side-kick, and have crazy adventures and stuff. I think that would be pretty cool.
Quick note: Spike TV is an actual television channel, it's the first network for men. What he states is there's a Spike TV movie in the works. What that means is they may be doing an Angelverse movie on Spike TV, which is the TV channel, channel 36 in NYC that currently shows the Trek shows and is owned by CBS/UPN/Viacom/Paramount group.
What he states is there's a Spike TV movie in the works. What that means is they may be doing an Angelverse movie on Spike TV

That's an interesting theory, but I doubt those big production companies would put a Angelverse tv movie on Spike TV. It would be more likely aimed at WB or UPN. Something more mainstream. I think what James meant was a Spike-centric tv movie.
s'kat - That was a joke, right?
Two hours or so, of nothing but Spike? I can't really take him much now, so I think I'll be watching something else when and if this airs. Good luck to James though. He's a swell fella and deserves all the success in the world.
I'd say that this is the most likely spin-off. James is the most enthusiastic and he is the biggest link between the Angelverse and the Buffyverse. So any of the other characters could guest star. My bets would be that Tom Lenk would be the first co-star to sign up...
I think a Spike movie would have to be about Drusilla. They haven't seen each other since "Crush", and Spike's been through a lot since then (to say the least). Juliet has done a lot of flashbacks since then so I assume it wouldn't be too hard to get her. Of all the unresolved relationships of the two series, this is the one I most want to see revisited.
I don't care who else is in it or what it's about...I am thrilled if this happens. James is still VERY enthusiastic about the Spike character and has said openly that he will reprise the role or whatever Joss wants. I do hope at some point Joss will do a big screen film but if a TV movie will tide us over and perhaps test the waters for a spinoff...why not? Spike IS the most obvious character to feature in movies or spinoffs. He has links to both series and storylines from both shows are still unresolved as far as he is concerned. Plus if Steven DeKnight writes should be good. I would rather see the film on FOX though....the WB still pisses me off. So... I'm keeping my hopes alive that we may see Spike again in the future. Maybe they will address the outcome of the finale somewhat and that could lead to further stories. And in all honesty, I would just love to see Spike finally find some happiness.
I'd like a black and white movie about Spike and Dru in Rome in the 50s...

I, too, hope we see SOMEthing more in the future. It is a very sad thought, indeed, that May 19th could be the last time I see James as Spike.....ever.
Spike in London!!
The ideal would be for Mutant Enemy to come up with a flat figure - a monetary amount they can accumulate for a BuffyAngelVersian project that doesn't include either Buffy or Angel. Feel out all the other talents and say, "look. This is how much money we got. How many of you are interested?" Take the seven lowest bids, and write a story around them. If one of those seven is either James Marsters or Anthony Stewart Head, you've got a sure bet. You don't need Buffy, or Angel or Faith, and probably couldn't afford them. Anyone from Drusilla to DeadFred, Jonathan to Kate. Personally I'd take either Giles or Spike, and then any six of the other supporting & cameo players over the course of 7 plus 5 years. If you could throw in a Firefly alumnus in a new role for good measure, you'd be good to go.

What I mean is, take ANY seven characters from the fictional world of vampires and werewolves that Whedon has weaved, and you'd have gold. Whether it'd be for the silver screen, boob toob, or straight to dvd, if you produce it, they will watch.
ooh, yeah a Spike and Drusilla reunion in present day with loads of flashbacks. I'm sure Julie Benz and David Boreanaz could do cameos for the flashbacks.

I'd love to see Dru's reaction to Spike having a soul and how he feels he would have to deal with her now.

Please Joss, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Come on you don't think Dru knows Spike got a soul - I'm sure the moon sang it to her - when he got the soul when he died and when he came back. He was her knight afterall and her family. Anyway I think if they were to do a film it would have to involve Dru - if I had my way Dru would be making her way through the new slayer brigade and turning them - so they would be like her. I've always had a sneaking suspision that perhaps Dru was a potentional slayer in her time. Well if that was the case, imagine if once Buffy released the potentional slayers it also awakened the slayer asspects in Dru - and now you have a insane vampire that is also a slayer killing everything in her path - except for other slayers whom she is turning. You could also throw Dana as a Dru in training only more so. Angel and Giles want her dead but Spike feels he can save her but he may have no choice but to stop Dru once and for all.
Something they could do in a 2 hour movie that I would love to see is a Spike backstory where he is full on evil throughout and the antagonist instead of protagonist of the story. 70's punk New York, Boxer Rebellion or Victorian London or Prague would all be great locations. It would be a totally Joss thing to turn his Universe upside down by having his stars be the villians and new characters be the heroes in a closed end story.
Okay, first of all RavenU, I LOVE your idea of Dru having been a potential Slayer and now she's a crazy vampire Vampire Slayer running around somewhere. Spike could be called upon to deal with her since a) he's obviously got a history with her, and b) he's got that whole "slayer of Slayers" rep going.

Also, any future Angelverse movies need to have Clem and Oz in them.
I really don't think Clem and Oz need to feature in Angelvers movies. Clem is really not that important or interesting and Oz has no relevance in the Angelverse, especially in a Spike TV Movie.
I also think RavenUs idea is very intriguing and would make an excellent storyline.
Wait! Wait! Can I change my answer? Spike and Dru together again would be perfect. Expand on that five second Beat Generation scene or even better, RavenU's idea. That way Giles could be a part of it.
Oh, but even if Dru weren't a potential Slayer, that is such a fabulous idea anyway -- a potential Slayer being awakened when she had already been turned into a vampire. This delights me!
quoting a friend from sparklies


There apparantly have been discussions about a Spike movie and James said that he told Joss that he would do it, when it happened in the next 5 years. Just a possibility as far as I understand it, nothing concrete yet, so Slayerverse's first report that JM told them that the Spike movie was going to happen this year apparantly was a little bit too enthusiastic "
Slayerverse didn't say it was going to happen this year, or at all. They just said it was a possibility.

"To loosely quote him, he said: 'I don't believe your efforts were senseless. We are discussing a new Spike TV movie project.' He was referring to a Spike-centered movie, not one for the Angel series."

That was the 2nd article. The first article they put up did say it was going to happen this year and that it would not be connected to either BtVS or AtS.
Where's the second article? I can only find the one.
Look on here

"The highlight was that Marsters mentioned a possible Spike movie this year!"

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James said both: the second report was a combination of Slayer and Leetahs experience while Nikas first update was based on one. Obviously nothing's confirmed right now, which is why the "possible" is in there.
firt off, RavenU, I really love the things you hafta say whenever you post on here, cuz you seem like you got a brain and enjoy discussing this Verse as much as I do. but Dru as a potential?

No way, its debatealbe on whether or not thatd be cool, but I think to do something like that would insult our(the fans) intelligence, and ME doesnt do that. I mean, it sounds kinda soap opera-y to me, like revealing that someone has a twin sister or something, I just dont think it would work. and also- Dru is EVIL, I hafta believe that if she were a potential in her time once she died, that possibility died, too. Why? well because being a slayer is "good" power, magic, whatever and when s0omething dead and "evil" takes over , I think that would be it, but nonetheless I still love ya.

And someone also said something else that I agree with. if Dru is still alive; Im pretty positive she knows Spike is ensouled. A bird probably told her or something. She probably knew before spike even went on that "journey" I think she knows more 'bout Spike then he does. regardless, Id love to see her return-PRESENT DAY, Im a little "over" all the flashbacks.

I wouldnt say Ima Spike Junkie, like alot of fans are; even though Im now realizing most of my favorite eps seem to be about him; but Im not a hardcore Spike fan, but I do love him as much as anyone. I for one would tottaly love to see a Spike movie or better yet a TV show. If Angel can do it then so can Spike.

Another thing someone said that I hafta concur with is about Andrew. I think if a Spike-anything where ever to happen he would/should be one of the first people to go to. His character has only been around 2 years or so, so I think that's a plus. He has the history to the verse but hes still pretty "green" and nothing is set in stone for him yet, cuz hes so fresh, I think. It would be interesting(IMO) to seem him have more of a bigger role and take him to some new places. Who knows, we've seen him grow up a bit and even get some chicks, maybe he can even eventually grow a pair. Plus I think he and James' chemistry is amazing and hilarious and I for one can never get enough.

Plus they both have a thing for Onion blossoms.

I love the fact that even if we never saw Buffy and/or Angel again, that this universe that Everyone at ME(applause) has crafted over 9 years does not have to end.I just love that. there is so much depth in this world and I really belive its the kinda thing that can go on for years and years, with the right people behind it. Who knows- me might be discussing an "Andrew" movie here someday.

Another thing is that with all this "spinoff" and "Angel-pics" and "spike-pics" and all the other yadda yadda we've been here, Im kinda optimistic(which I dont do) that this isnt the end of the universe. I think it can go on for some time if they put the spotlight on some kind of spinny-axis thing and allow different charcaters/actors(cuz gawd knows theyre all ohhh sooo talented)to get the spotlight; which they have always tried to do since day one( "They Zeppo" and "Harms Way" are some of my faves)

So good for James. I like the lad. Id like to see him go back to his roots and go back to London. Id love to see Drusiall re-emerge and see what kind of rerlationship they'd have. Id love to See Andrew play a major role, cuz I think its his time, and Id love to See Harmony Kendall fit into it somehow.

And Im sure Im not the only one, and Im sure it goes without saying, but jesus fu@k!ng christ, I for one think that there is just a HUUUGE pot of gold yet to be discovered by Joss, ME, and everyone responsible for this story; and that pot of gold my friends is....

The Watchers Counsel.
Wesley would be perfect if they ever decided to explore that story. Then theres Giles. Theres Spike if went back "home" to England. Theres Andrew and theres all those girls. little slayers, gay slayers, psycho slayers, non-speaking chinese slayers that are lactose intolerant, etc. I just think that would be a no-brainer and would love to see that whole arc explored, not just in a movie, I think a show . I just dont know where its at, man. oh well.

PuppetCancer out
Puppet Cancer - Why can't Dru be a potential from her time, that was released with all the others? I mean she was able to effect Buffy's dreams in S2 like the potential did in S7. We know from Buffy S7 that the slayer is part demon what is to say that part is laying dorment waiting to be called but not until the other slayer has died but since she was killed, technically she was out of the running and her dorment demon would never be called at least not the traditional way. However, when the spell was cast it awakened all the dorment slayer demons. The question then becomes without the human conscious to guide a slayer what might she become (Faith or perhaps Dana)- especially when she finds out she is already thing she is meant to kill, oh and not to forget insane to boot. Remember Buffy's biggest fear from S1 was becoming a vampire. I think the story could be very interesting. We could even include a watcher cover-up, destroying almost all records of her being watched by the Council as a potential until Angelus comes along, then she becomes a curiouity to one watcher in particular as he follows her vampiric exploits - including watching her sire William - a watcher whose last name happens to be Giles. Imagine if Rupert finds out that one of his ancestors not only aloud Dru to carry on but documented it - including a detailed account of the siring of the man he had come know as Spike.

Ok my brain has delved way to far in to this. :)
Poor Spike already had his hands cut off by one crazy Slayer. I don't think he needs another one!
Another Spike-centered story that I'd like to see developed involves both his distant and not-so-distant past. Remember Cecily? The object of his affection, the focus of his "bloody awful" poetry? And remember when that same actress appeared as Anya's friend and fellow vengeance demon Halfreck? When she saw Spike, she said, "Hello William." I want to know what happened with her... how she went from that snooty, prissy, proper, fragile little girl to an all-out vengeance demon and I have to believe that she and William/Spike have crossed paths before Buffy Season 6 in the 100+ years that have passed since they first knew each other. Plus, this could possibly mean more Emma Caulfield as Anya, which is ALWAYS a good thing.
How about a Spike, Faith & Xander show. Perhaps in the Cleveland Hellmouth. Hell lets shoot the moon and go for a Spike/Fray Crossover Jessica Alba=Fray?
RavenU...I'm late to this posting...but what a concept...I LOVE it!!! Very intriguing indeed.
Also, Drew Goddard confirmed that Halfrek/Cecily are the same people.
If there were going to be a new spinoff show involving Spike I'd prefer him to be the only character from Buffy or Angel. All the other regulars should be new characters.

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