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May 11 2004

NBC to resurrect "Angel"?! Once again I find myself posting an almost definitely false article from

Oh sweet mother of God, that's the worst rumour yet. *Bangs head against table*. The show is not coming back. And why would NBC pick it up? It was shown on a netlet, the ratings that Angel got on The WB would be nowhere near big enough for NBC to show it. It's insane. And cruel to the fans as well.
I don't believe it for a second, quite amusing though, and where the hell does that website come up with it's stories.
I can't believe people are actually falling for this. It's a sick joke. Happy late April Fool's or something. Geez.
The puppies on the WB Angel board are wetting themselves with this news...I, being a skeptical, synical bastard..find it to be a load of crap.........NBC,Prove me wrong!...*Yawn*
ooh... pigs flying!
I saw that a couple hours ago and was waiting for the more information. And yet, there is still none.
Me... want... to... believe... I just don't wanna be let down. And I just can't logically see it happening. But heres hoping to god that pigs can indeed fly... just for the hell of it, I'l hope it's true.
NBC? whoever's playing a joke on us needs to use a little more imagination
I want to be positive and think it will happen, but then I remember that creative TV is being killed by "the smallest groom".
This "if public response is strong enough" line is what alarms me the most. Similar "rumours from reliable sources" stating the same has almost without exception turned out to be false.

It's basically a way of saying "hey, make more noise, go on with your campaigns!" and I really doubt a network, at this point, would care either way. I say if they're really looking at negotiations right now, the noise we make, our efforts from now on, will not affect a decision.

Therefore I find it easier to believe that this comes from an articulate fan who wishes to keep up the campaigning dispite people generally losing hope right now.

I'm not really into the whole networks thing though, so I'm not sure how credible it is that NBC would even consider Angel.
Er, yeah. I agree. I can't see a network saying that, because public response couldn't be strong if the public wasn't aware that such a thing was an option. Networks are not exactly the type to publicly give those sort of ultimatums -- they may go unsaid, but saying it outright like that?
Sounds like another bogus one. Remember the TV movie news last week?

But to add credibility, not all the final decisions about next years line-ups have been made yet. Enterprise still has until May 20th before the official announcement is made.

Don't we have Wiccans out there that can make a spell?
The site is trying to get hits.
They're using the logo and everything, doesn't that mean NBC can sue them for quoting something they've supposedly said?
this reminds me of a 'Dark Angel' campaign

group of fans got together, put out a fake report saying that Fox would make a third season only if fan support was strong enough so they should contact Fox telling them so
Thankfully, we won't have long to wait to find out if this is, indeed, a hoax. NBC announces its Fall schedule on Monday, May 17th.
And one other thing. NBC would be far more interested in the Van Helsing spin-off 'Translyania' than picking up a show for its final season.

Am I annoyed about this rumour? Yes I am. This sort of thing just pisses me off. And now boards all over the world are picking up on this crap and a lot of people are failing for it.
I agree simon. It is annoying to hear of all these false hopes. Whoever starts it off knows that they will easily generate publicity and gain some sort of sick satisfaction out of it.

I don't want to start a flame war, but shame on for even reporting this information.
I agree Simon. Since this is no doubt a hoax to get traffic, and this site steals everything from spoilers to pictures from the fans (without permission) and makes it their own, this might backfire big time. Cease and Desist letters from Fox might be coming soon. Sometimes TOO Much publicity is not a good thing.
But what if it's TRUE? Pygmies DO fly if you push them off a skyscraper.
I don't wanna throw shit at, I don't know those people or how 'decent' they are. However, this would appear to be some kind of - like someone said - publicity stunt, and I can only see this benefit If this is indeed completely made up, it would seem obvious that themselves are guilty.

I totally agree with you, Simon, on the pissed off thing. This is enormously disrespectful to the fans, and if this turns out to be the creation of, they can quite literally sod off.

And if this isn't at all their doing, I'm terribly sorry to imply such a thing.
Well as much as I share some of the views expressed above, I would rather not see this develop into a slanging session about

I know a fair number of us are annoyed and some what angry but I personally try to follow the maxim of "if you can't say anything nice about a site, don't say anything at all".
It pains me to say this (since I kind of agree) but let's not badmouth other sites too much.

Hee :)

*snap back*.
Yeah, hence the no throw-shitage. And yeah, it's mostly about venting frustration.

Sorry, I'll behave. :)

Moviehole has picked up and is printing as fact, so something's definitely stirring.

If it is a hoax, maybe NBC will enjoy the publicity and go with the idea anyway.

As for it's a terrific resource site, second only to this one, for Buffy/Angel stuff.
"There are actually some rumours of NBC picking up Angel for season 6. We can assure you that the given information is fake."

This does sound pretty ludicrus. No station in their right mind would pick up an older, expensive show like this. UPN was the only one that would consider doing it with Buffy, and they got burned. Would this make any sense for one of the big networks? Do they really care about the genre audiences? Anyone with some inside knowledge of the way networks operate that could shed some light?

I'm just not sure why would publish something false and so unbelievable...maybe they did get the email (false or not). But then again, maybe they are hoping people will follow this very train of logic.
The site only re-printed what said,right?
Yes have reprinted what said but seem to be treating it as fact.
The latest from

"EDIT 2:00 PM
We think more and more that this news is a fake because NBC will announce his schedule May 17th and Angel staff/crew are no more available, we will try to investigate further. We are sorry in advance if we’ve been fooled."
That's grand, now they're taking it back. I really think this was made up by them in the first place. In fact, in light of what they say, NBC announcing its fall lineup, etc, they probably took a look around and noticed heat rising against them.
Perhaps if they had stated that BRAVO, which is owned by NBC, was considering picking up "Angel," it might have been a tad more believable. Not that "Angel" fits in with other shows on BRAVO, ie. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Inside the Actors Studio, and reruns of The West Wing.
More believable would have been an 'Angel' TV movie on TNT in 2005 ala 'The Pretender' - especially since TNT has now got a bigger budget to do movies - 12 episode limited run series - and mini-series.

Opps ... maybe I shouldn't have said that someone might pickup on it and try to print it as fact. So strike that last part. :)
This is how labels itself as the "Number 1 Buffy source"? By pandering such blatently (and hysterically) FALSE information??!!??!!

Is next going to produce Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and Hannukah Harry in quick successsion?

Will pigs fly out my bum?

Oh, well, I just saw the posts about not bad-mouthing other sites. Let's consider this as not bad mouthing, but just supreme and utter shock. Hmmm, yeah.

[ edited by cubiclesatan on 2004-05-11 15:55 ]
Oh, yeah?? Well, I heard that NBC, ABC, and CBS were all sending representatives to compete in a "Reality TV" show, where the winner gets the right to air season 6 of Angel...

What?? Don't roll your eyes at me!! It's true!

[ edited by aftermac on 2004-05-11 16:20 ]
I would like to believe it, and some part of me does, but this is a fake. Though, i don;t understand, whether Angelmovies are coming or not. Are they????
Y'know, I didn't know you could defecate on the Internet, but apparently you can.

And "Like you we fear a sophisticated fake..."

What sophistication?
Did I just see a Pink Elephant floating around?
Oh, was that the moon...

guess, someone is drunk, reaaaaally drunk....
Yes, that little blurb was anything but sophisticated. A casual glance can tell you it's horse crap.
Numfar, do the dance of shame!!
As much as I would like to believe it was true(and in all actuality Angel would fit good in NBC's Wednesday night line up)this has to be fake, NBC is run by mostly stupid people so there is no way that Angel would get a chance on NBC. Hey Simon or Caroline, if we can't start a flame war against, can we start one against network execs.....
I love the way they slap the NBC logo onto the tiny bit of drivvel they did post about this and then deem it authentic, they did the the self and same thing when they claimed the WB and UPN were re-considering it and also when sky one was going to fund the series...I dont get people like this.
"Angel staff/crew are no more available"

Is this webpage from a non-English country? I ask because this sentence above is not even correct English.
And how are they "no more available"? Are they all on new projects now? If so, what? And so what if James shaved his head? Does that mean he can't grow the hair back?

Don't get me wrong, I don't for a second believe this article, I just had questions from it. Mainly because NOTHING in it makes any sense what-so-ever., the site for the French magazine of the same title, and are run mostly by the same people, so, yes, English isn't the first language for most of the staff. is a French site. They've posted a similar "inside source" rumor before, claiming SKY was offering to pick up half the cost of ANGEL. Typically, the posts there are reprints/copies from other places. I suspect the site owner is going to face a lot of fall-out over this particular statement.
Why do people do this? It is cruel and just wrong. I would give anything to get ANGEL back but I don't believe this for one minute. I had this site linked on my blog but haven't visited in a long time since I know how full of crapola they are, but this just takes the cake and I am deleting them right now.
It's true! Angel will be on NBC next season. Everyone's going to live in the hotel again, but they can't ever leave, and they have to use the internet for everything, and they'll vote one cast-member into an alternate dimension every week, and at the end Jasmine will come back and marry Angel in a Very Special Episode. And, also, they fight crime! You read it here first!
"Well as much as I share some of the views expressed above, I would rather not see this develop into a slanging session about

I know a fair number of us are annoyed and some what angry but I personally try to follow the maxim of "if you can't say anything nice about a site, don't say anything at all".

I hope that what I have to say isn't considered in defiance of that - I really wanted to say this (I had it all typed out and everything before I saw that you guys were asking for no badmouthing, and it's just gonna itch at me if I can't get it off my chest...) so if any of you mod-types think it's inappropriate or whatever just say so and I'll erase it. I'm not sure it's really crosses the line into bad-mouthing anyway, but it is criticism.
So anyway...I'm just gonna paste it exactly as I wrote it (after that build-up what I have to say is probably gonna seem fairly anticlimatic [/long-winded)-

It's been a long time since I've taken anything does seriously. All the things that I had ingrained into my head about citing sources and noting the reliability of the sources etc. in all the English classes I ever took- these are clearly things that the people who run never learned. It's very irresponsible and it bugs me. Even here, the person says things like 'our source is very reliable',' but they still don't spend a moment describing their sources, or why we should believe they are are reliable, or anything.
In all fairness though, I think it all may be due more to naivete and ignorance than to any hidden agenda that they may have. It's possible, for example, that they have been talking to somebody at NBC (and that somebody could really be anybody who works there...) and that that person has been yanking their chain, and they're buying it. Of course I could be wrong.
Wouldn't it be funny if in the coming week Levin realises what a huge mistake he's made, that Dark Shadows is crap, and next week slips Angel into the fall lineup.

I know this won't happen, it'd just be funny though.

I'm not saying his is going to happen, someone at is probably typing up this and fraying's posts as reliable sources right now.
Well said, forcorreo! I like, but not for their news *cough*downloads*cough*. I also am irrated by the way they just completely repost articles, briefly mentioning a generic website (not even a specific page or a link!) or sometimes the author. I much prefer the way Whedonesque provides links to articles, so you can read them in their proper context without copyright infringement.

Random note: I thought was a Niue website, seeing as how .nu is the domain base for that country (a small island country off the coast of New Zealand). It's .fr for France.

Also, what's up with listing the official Buffy and Angel magazines as their partners? Are they really affiliated?

You know what one of us should do? Write an article about how's original (read: made up) news articles (read: rumors) are total bull, then we can get a link on here, and wait and see if they repost it. It would be funny either way.
If one of us wrote an article, that was dressed up as an article about Buffyverse sites on the internet, but was actually bashing websites like, and how they make up the majority of the news, and another one of us posted it, chances are within the day it would be on their site.

[ edited by Ghost Spike on 2004-05-11 19:12 ]
Well, i know its false, but I gotta hope......
The Angel fans deserve better then the way everything has been from Friday the 13th, there must be something greater coming to dull the pain, whatever it is-feature film-telemovie, we must live on:D
Theyve edited the story again.

EDIT 2:00 PM
We think more and more that this news is a fake because NBC will announce his schedule May 17th, Angel staff/crew are no more available and James Marsters has no more hair !, we will try to investigate further. We are sorry in advance if we all have been fooled.

Trying to make themselves appear blameless 'cos we all figured out they're talking out of their arses.
I don't understand how they can say both "The reliability of the source has been checked" and "We think more and more that this news is a fake." They completely contradict each other in the context of the article.

[sarcasm] But this article has to be true, because that NBC contact that they have would never lie to them. [/sarcasm]

Also, just cuz NBC announces their new schedule on Monday doesn't mean talks couldn't theoretically be going on. Also, in response to "and James Marsters has no more hair !" You heard of a wig? What about hair growing back, ya heard of that?
Oh definitely, I know is going to get fallout from this. I mean, look at all of us complaining, for one.

Really, I do believe it's a valid complaint. As someone previously mentioned here, the way information is just slapped up there without regard to verification or proper citation (something, say, Tensai does extremely well over at Spoiler Slayer) goes against everything I have ever been taught in an academic context. Simply put, you CITE and VERIFY your information, OR you look like an ass. Take your pick.

I know I emailed the webmaster of and told them I was unhappy with their standards. To quote: if you claim to be the number one source of information in the Buffyverse, then you have an obligation to provide high quality information to your readers. And this was not it.
I disbelieve this on every level. NBC canceled the original Star Trek after only three seasons (the last of which was the result of organized Trekkie efforts in the earliest genre TV fandom uprising).

We had our "Season Three" last year when the WB renewed AtS for S5, essentially sparing it the crebbil treatment in exchange for a radical retool. Despite sterling, stirring reviews and unified fan outrage, I don't see Angel being lucky enough to get picked up on a competitive (and mostly SF/fantasy-unfriendly since ST:ToS) network in what's the production equivalent of the eleventh hour.

I burned my last match of hope a while back. Now I'm ready to embrace the black inevitable and start looking toward the future. Joss knows we're out here and that we're waiting for something else from the Buffy/Angelverses. I still have some insane inner conviction we'll get that continuation, in some form or another, eventually. But I don't for an instant think it -- or a S6 reprieve of Angel's death sentence -- will come via the auspices of NBC. is a French site.

Ah! So, ala Monty Python and the Holy Grail, this rumor falls into the "We've already got one... it's verra nice!" category.
"I know I emailed the webmaster of and told them I was unhappy with their standards. To quote: if you claim to be the number one source of information in the Buffyverse, then you have an obligation to provide high quality information to your readers. And this was not it."

Bow down to CubicleSatan he is da man!
Putting an End to this Rumor:

Sweeps Day 13: ANGEL?? On NBC?? Ha ha ha ha!! Ha!!

I am – Hercules!!

Please stop with the writing about “Angel” coming to NBC. NBC? Cancelled “Star Trek”! Not going to air anything as cool as “Angel,” ever! It was a very very fakey post, from somebody claiming to have some connection to NBC, but Dark Horizons apparently posted a link to it, which means every human being on the planet who ever read Dark Horizons (Hi Garth! Thanks!) emailed the Herc about it over the last 12 hours.

So I asked someone intimately familiar with the situation, a good man or woman who was decent enough to speedily reply:

Herc -

I wish it were true, but it's a steaming pile of BS. The sets have been struck, the writers are on new shows, etc.

Joss is very focused on SERENITY which starts shooting in three weeks.


[Someone Intimately Familiar With The Situation]

Okay, but since you’re here already, you are hereby rewarded with some real “Angel” news, kinda:

You all know that finale-co-writing/directing “Angel” vet Jeff Bell is transferring over to “Alias” next season, yes? Well, ol’ “Intimately Familiar With The Situation” also reveals that “Buffy”/”Angel” superstar Drew Goddard (he co-wrote that last, brilliant Italy-set episode) is also migrating to “Alias”! So look for “Alias” to become perhaps the best show ever next season!

Another “Angel” superstar, Liz Craft (she and her superstar pard, Sarah Fain, wrote the five-star “Underneath,” aired a couple Wednesdays ago), recently mentioned in passing that the distaff scribe duo would be hooking up with the next season of FX’s “The Shield.” (Which is masterminded by yet another “Angel” vet, Shawn Ryan.)

I am – Hercules!!
Is that an article, or... or are you actually Hercules?! : ) That should be a frontpage link.
Whoo-hoo! Drew Goddard's writing for "Alias" too! I'll have to start watching that again. I've only seen part of one really boring episode since the crappy second season.

ETA: I agree with kaivaal - this is front page worthy. And also barbara - thankfully, we know who Herc is, and we know he's not you, so there was no confusion, but you might want to use quotations marks next time, or a "Here's what Herc said:" intro. Thanks for sharing though.

[ edited by Invisible Green on 2004-05-12 06:16 ]
Heh. Magdelena, you can bow down to me, but I am a she not a he. Last time I checked I was a girl and I haven't had any operations, so....!


"La Femme Cubiclesatan"
The thought had occurred to me that if I made a new post for this, I'd have been told that I should have just added the comments to this thread. ;-)

You're right about using quotation marks, though, and making it clearer that I'm not Herc. :-)
Hmm, is it just me, or are us males overwhelmingly outnumbered here? But that's certainly not a bad thing ; ).
I think so, kaivaal. Internet fandom seems to be pretty female dominated. I wonder why.
I think I will repost this on the front page.

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