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May 12 2004

Tim Minear and Wonderfalls heavily criticised. Yes, it's more controversial fun with Philip Michaels hated the pilot and exposes Wonderfalls' greatness as just a legend, while Jason Snell argues that a show shouldn't be judged by the pilot (Firefly mentioned).

I've amended your title. Interesting article though it did come over as pointless as there was very little actual discussion of the show itself.
Sorry if my original title came out in a way you didn't consider adequate (or was it just too long?). I guess it says a lot about this article that me trying to capture its spirit resulted in a kinda tabloid-style headline. There really is a lot of venom over very little actual fact - maybe that's just the point of Michaels' columns. (Is there a word like 'polemic' in the english language?)

Oh - and what exactly is 'Magic Shell'?
It was a just wee bit long but I liked the sentiment of it. This seems to be what Magic Shell is.

And whilst polemic does exist in the English language, diatribe came more to mind when I read this article.
Smucker's Magic Shell:
Pour on the magic ... and the fun ... with Smucker's Magic Shell Topping. This topping magically freezes in seconds on your ice cream to create a candy-coated topping that can be broken and mixed right in with the ice cream. It's a topping that's fun to make ... and fun to break!
*imagines nerd reciting baseball statistics covered in Magic Shell*

Eh, I don't even want to read this article. Why kick a show when it's dead?
Frankly while I too was less impressed with Wonderfalls or it's Pilot than most of it's fans, I agree that a show should not be judged by the first ep. It was growing on me and I liked it more and more. Most shows that are now known as classics had so-so pilots and took some time in finding their footing.

And Tim Minear was upset because the show didn't get a decent shot. Fox didn't like it as soon as it was made and putting it on the friday night Death Slot was just a small indicator of that. Moving it to thursday only to cancel it after one single ep on that day, only proved that point. And yes, it was his show, his baby, is it okay if he mourns it's passing?? Good grief...

And what was one of this writer's main gripes? In the show, someone over 40 used the word 'snarky'. Yes. Dear lord. Tim should have been tarred and feathered in the street. How could any person in america over 40 ever use the word 'snarky'. Yes, devastatingly terrible.

Good grief.....

Really, I don't know if it's always the same fellow I've read on that particular site, but I still wait to be impressed by his wisdom or even why he has that column and not someone else. Like say, the average board poster. Save that he is a little more long-winded and has a larger sense of self-importance.
Wow -- although I watched, I think, 2, if not 3 of the episodes before I bailed, I have to say that I agree with what he was saying about the show as well.

I truly wanted to like it, but just didn't -- my gripe is that I don't think it should be mentioned in the same breath as Angel and Buffy, and not even Firefly, which I thought were far superior.
I'm just not fond of his attitude that because he doesn't like it, everybody who does like it must be wrong somehow:

Like anything in life, television is awash in conventional wisdom ó beliefs accepted as facts that seem reasonable enough until closer examination reveals them to be completely and utterly wrong or, at the very least, wildly inaccurate and totally without nuance. You get it drilled into your head often enough that the Civil War was fought over slavery or that Archduke Ferdinandís assassination caused Word War I, and you start forgetting that the Civil War resulted from multiple causes, largely regional and economic in scope, or that World War I stemmed from issues involving nationalism, colonialism and military build-ups a century in the making. So why would you even give televisionís assorted pearls of conventional wisdom ó that The West Wing landed in the toilet once Aaron Sorkin left the show, that Friends should rank among televisionís greatest sitcoms, and that Wonderfalls was a well-nigh brilliant show which only craven and stupid Fox executives failed to embrace ó a second thought?

Because each one of those statements is incorrect, thatís why. And while thoughtlessly mouthing them may help them become further ingrained in our minds, it doesnít make them any more correct.

'Some Like it Hot' is a movie that many people seem to think is great - it was on AFI's top 100 movies of all time list, Roger Ebert called it one of the Great Movies, and I've seen several others mention that they think it's a fantastic one, but it does absolutely friggin' nothing for me. I don't get the appeal of this movie. But I hope I'm not so arrogant as to think that that must automatically mean that those who do love it are fooling themselves. I don't believe that the appeal to them isn't genuine.
This guy has to go and insinuate that all these people loving Wonderfalls are just blindly swallowing 'conventional wisdom' because the show doesn't appeal to him. I know at least one person however, who loved the show without hearing a drop of this so-called conventional wisdom. She just watched it and loved it. No drilling necessary.
Another argument he makes is that the low ratings for the show are evidence that he's right, the show sucks. But this argument only works if there is a significant drop-off in the ratings from the first episode, or from the first hour of the episode to the last hour. Does anybody have this kind of info about the ratings? Because a drop would indicate that people didn't like it and were turning it off. Otherwise, the low ratings just mean that not that many people saw it in the first place, and thus obviously never had the chance to judge whether they liked it or not.

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naaa this guy just doesn't have a clue...Wonderfalls had brilliant writing and terrific characters .Jaye is the most interesting and uniqe character I've seen in ages...

And by the way, unaired episodes 6 and 7 have been spotted on the net recently...and I must say that episode 7 is just marvelous !
I wasn't as impressed with "Wonderfalls" as I expected to be, but I certainly found it watchable. Some episodes were better than others, as with any show. Pulling it after only 4 episodes is ridiculous, but panning it after watching only the pilot is even more so.

BTW, I'm almost 40, and I use the word "snarky"! And I did love when the mother used "the mouth breather's" word, "'sode"!

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