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May 12 2004

(SPOILER) Boreanaz Bids Angel Adieu. Amongst other things, David tells TV Guide Online about whether he'll resurrect Angel for those rumoured TV or DVD movies (no major spoilers in this interview but still spoilerish).

I had a feeling that he would say that he doesn't plan to resurrect Angel anytime soon. In some ways I hope The WB ask Joss for the TV Movies and he refuses them and does something that doesn't involve their network.
[Laughs] I don't think I will, no.

Ouch! Here we go again...
I don't blame him for his comments. How many people stay in an intensive job like that for 8 years of their life? I'd be relieved to have the pressure off of my shoulders as well.

He has already given us more hours of television than many other TV stars I'm thankful for all of the great episodes I can watch again and again.

If the shows carried on forever my bank balance would be crying over all of those DVD boxsets ;-)
Perhaps I should stop reading David's interviews until I'm over the show's cancellation. In three years or so.
Well, you know, people constantly compare being an actor to other jobs, saying it's such an intensive job (and this isn't aimed at you, brob) for eight years. The thing is, regular people do stay in equally intensive jobs for eight years, without the freedom of having most of the summer off, and while being paid $20,000 a year. So I don't really feel sorry for David for having to shoulder that job. That said, I don't feel any malice towards him for his comments, either. It IS just a job to him.
Well, this is not about him, it's about us. He's not doing the interview so he can read it himself, is he? I wish the actors would come to Whedonesque every now and then so they could see us suffer. *keepswhining*
And I agree with weatherby. The kind of money these actors get paid is worth a little weight on the shoulders.
I agree with your points weatherby, but they also have to live under the spotlight of the media, which can be very hard sometimes. I know someone who has suffered from media abuse and did not deserve it at all. They also can get ripped to shreds on messageboards for saying three words that are taken out of context, or at least aren't meant to sound as they are written.

He has shown he is genuinely appreciative of the fans, so I don't take his comments as being too harsh at all. He deserves to move on. No one complained when Emma Caulfield said she needed to move on after only 3/4 years.

The Buffy/Angelverse is large enough to have a whole host of other spinoffs now. I think a Spike TV movie is where we should be looking now.
Before this becomes the fiery topic it's bound to be, I'll put in my two coins of international denomination: David has been quoted saying similar things since the Australian TV Week story which many people discounted as seeming out-of-context. Being that this interview is from TV Guide makes it difficult for fans to deny that David really doesn't want the part any more. He's interested in a "higher level" which doesn't appear to include TV movies. Let's wish him the best of luck, as he looks forward to a non-ANGEL future.

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All valid points brob1, which brings me to my next question...why is sarah michelle gellar the exception? she has only ever expressed positive comments reguarding Buffy and her time on the show (well mostly positive) And she gets a mass outcry of slander and bitching but here is david stating that a 'huge weight' was lifted when he heard the show was being cancelled.So what i'm basically asking is why are the fans so hostile towards sarah but not david...i just dont get it.
I think is is unfair as well willowzbitch. I think as a fan community we have all grown enough now to not slate the stars for wishing to change their jobs. I never felt an ounce of badwill against SMG either. They have both said they would come back for a feature film or something, so the verse is definitely not dead.

We should all just get together and thank them for great entertainment and bug Joss into producing another spinoff asap!!
I think they just need to be away from the part and the show and "what they had" before they can look back with fond memories of it.

I think sentimentality will hit David too, eventually, it's just that right now he's fed up with the TV series format and the character, aswell excited about the prospect of a real movie carreer. I can't, and won't, blame him.

As for the Buffyverse and the "loss" of Angel as a character, I'm not sure we'd ever be pleased with an end to Angel's journey. It's like.. this character has been around for hundreds of years, it's not like his road to redemption will take 5, or even 6. So, character wise, he would've been written out prematurely no matter how far they take the series.

I think this makes it easier to swallow that David doesn't seem to have any interest in returning to the part. It doesn't make the loss of a sixth and final season with proper character resolution for Wes and the gang a less depressing loss, though. In any case, other characters can easily be explored further in a spinoff of some/any kind, leaving only the prospect of a developed Angel/Spike relationship sadly unrealised. Which, to me, is the biggest loss.

To sum it up, we'd lose Angel as a character prematurely no matter what happened. He's had a wonderful arc of ups and downs, and I really believe we're ready to leave him now. I'm just hoping it's on an up. No resolution for the other characters is a bloody crime, however, but if the campaigning has stirred enough interest to warrant a spinoff, we just might get resolution for those after all.

Oh and good luck, David. Whatever you do, I'll be watching. Unless it's porn, porn is where I draw the line. Can I say porn here? Oh well.
Well said Mirkan :-)
Maybe we should also look at it as a blessing that the show is going out on a high, and our heroes are still going on.

It could be worse: The Farscape finale had BOTH main characters seemingly die!

At least we know Angel and Spike continue fighting the good fight and it leaves it to the imagination and not some dumb cliched sacrifice death scene.
"Perhaps I should stop reading David's interviews until I'm over the show's cancellation. In three years or so."

I know how you feel. That said I am very disappointed about his remarks that he doesn't think that he will return to the character, however, artistically speaking, after eight years I can't blame him for wanting a change. I really don't know about a big screen movie with just DB (don't shoot things now) but Angel was a cult hit! A well written show with good actors, a show that challenged our thinking. In order for a movie to occur I think everybody would have to be into it, especially SMG, I don't think that DB could carry a movie on his own, at least not a big screen adaptation.
Let's hope all the actors appear in some quality film or tv whatever. As for Spike spin-off, I would be glad to see it and now it seems to be the only viable option.

Good Luck David! I will watch you even if it is porn (hehe!)
If he doesn't want to do it, he doesn't want to do it. We can't force him to keep playing Angel for the forseeable future.
DAVID DUCHOVNY (circa X-Files S7): God, I am so sick of this series. I want to branch out into films and stretch my talents as an artist. Love Chris Carter, but it's time to go.

DAVID DUCHOVNY (circa X-Files S9): Coming back for one episode only; this isn't where I am anymore.

DAVID DUCHOVNY (today): The second movie looks like it's shaping up well. Chris Carter has the script ready and we're waiting for Universal to come through with the money. I'm really excited to get back into the mythology and pick up where Mulder and Scully are now.

Boreanaz is de-pressurizing. He deserves a break from ANGEL. Let's see how he feels in a year or two.
He's said he's up for a Angel movie, they could finance it for 20-30 million, make that back easily with dvds alone if not shown in the cinema.

A higher playing field.
The movie would be called Wolfham and Heart
tagline "The one vampire who can destroy them has joined them."

Actually this could be a good thing. Anyone who has looked at pictures comparing David Boreanaz circa season one of Buffy to season five of Angel should be able to see it: the change is a subtle one, but indicative of the future. It's difficult for any actor to play a character that is supposed to not age at all. Brent Spiner had a similar problem after seven years as an android on STNG. By the time the movies came along, they were caking that gold facepaint on Data pretty darn thick. Comparatively, Angel doesn't have any gold facepaint to hide behind.

Five years from now, unless they say Angel has become human and is now aging at a 'normal' human rate, Boreanaz will no longer be the ideal talent to portray the character of Angel. Come to think of it, James Marsters may have similar problems in the near future, although the guy's already over forty isn't he? And Spike has never looked a day over one hundred and fifty. So it might be a different deal for Marsters. As long as he stays thin and active he may have at least a decade left in him before it starts to become laughable that he's still playing the role.

Boreanaz though? He's absolutely right. He should graciously bow from Angel, be thankful for the opportunity, and then never look back. It is time to hang up the fangs, and not a wrinkle too soon.
We just keep going round and round in circles don't we? I understand DB's need to leave Angel behind and move on to other things. I just wish he could be a bit less abrupt about it. He should realise that it's the fans of Angel that will watch him in his new roles, so alienating them isn't a good idea. Saying that, though, I wish David all the luck in the world and I do understand why, after 8 years playing Angel, he wants to spread his wings and try something new.
I think that I like this quote the best:

It's not worth it to get too stressed. [Laughs] What can I do, man? Look, it's a f---in' show, and it was a great experience. I think we can be very proud of what we've accomplished. Now, you just move forward.

This is what cleared up any curiosity I had about how David truly felt about the show and the character. I think that he's very thankful for having this amazing role for 8 years...but yeah, it's over, so what is he gonna do? It's just like when a relationship ends or when you're fired from a job (which, he pretty much was) -- you either mope about it for months on end or you get over it and move on. David seems to be over it, so good for him.

We, on the other hand, are obviously another story. I'm gonna need a longer mourning period, as I think we all will.
They also can get ripped to shreds on messageboards for saying three words that are taken out of context, or at least aren't meant to sound as they are written.

Well, after the repeated DB interveiws, I think we are taking his words in the write context. I think they sound just as they are meant to sound. All I've heard is, "Yeah, sucks for the fans, but they need to get over it. And it's great for me! No tears!!" Maybe he should ask AA or MM about that no tears policy....

TVGO: Where do you see yourself going from here?
Boreanaz: Shooting a film with Martin Scorcese off the coast of Africa. [Laughs] F---, why not, man? Give me a call, Scorcese. I'm open!

Um....luv ya, but keep dreamin', sweetie.

why are the fans so hostile towards sarah but not david

Depending on your view of hostile, I think it's been pretty clear on this board in several threads that a lot of us are not happy with David. I'm amazed that this can always somehow be brought back to 'poor sarah' when it's not even about her!

Nah, I should just stop being surprised at what I read from DB, but DAMN if he doesn't sound happier and happier in every article I read. Fine, he's not going to lie and tell us he was heartbroken like Joss was. He didn't cry like AA or MM or god knows who else. He doesn't want to reprise the role like JM, but I SWEAR there are more tactful ways of saying things than he manages.
Yeah, I love DB... but he seems a little snobby with his interviews lately. I hope he does great things in the future, but that he doesn't forget his past.

And what was that little snip "at" SMG for? I have been under the impression that SMG and JW wanted to have Buffy make an appearance, but SMG's shooting the Grudge got in the way. Way to go, DB, making it nasty. *sigh*
Coming out: DB's first book. "101 ways I am happy about AtS geting canceled!" (Other title being considered: 'AtS Canceled - 'WooHOO!!')

And a common mistake. That question means 'where do you THINK you'll be in 10 years'. Not 'where do you WANT to be in 10 years'. He hopes to be there of course, that's all, but really the first second I read answers like this, they seem very arrogant.

And the comparison to Duchovny is sound. X-Files was far bigger than Buffy ever was and both Duchovny and Anderson had as decent a shot at a movie career as any TV actors. And yet....

Sorry, I hope it goes well for David but the odds are not good. And really, if I was Sarah or David I think I'd be more aware of the very real possibillity that like Duchovny, I may jump at the possibillity of reviving my character several years down the line. I'd stick to lines like 'never say never but not anytime soon'.
quote" Actually this could be a good thing. Anyone who has looked at pictures comparing David Boreanaz circa season one of Buffy to season five of Angel should be able to see it: the change is a subtle one, but indicative of the future. It's difficult for any actor to play a character that is supposed to not age at all. Brent Spiner had a similar problem after seven years as an android on STNG. By the time the movies came along, they were caking that gold facepaint on Data pretty darn thick. Comparatively, Angel doesn't have any gold facepaint to hide behind. "

AGREED. David B looks a bit more cubbier on the face, and you can tell like Angel in season four/five looks way different then Angel of season one/two/three and definately back in 1996/1997/1998 the buffy years.

8 years is enough.

I would love a film or a higher playing field as DB put it to wrap some things up.

It might be a good idea for Angel to turn human, and DB to play the character like that, maybe in a Spike or Faith spin off, essentially be Angel without the vampire and all those memories and widsom, sort of be like a Gilles, and comedic moments when Angel thinks he's a vampire and forgets he's human and does jumping and stuff, be cool
It's what happens when you regularly workout the upper body, particularly the shoulder and neck muscles. Boreanaz isn't fat, he's just fitter and a lot stronger. Working out the upper muscles makes your face wider; but it's not fat, quite the contrary.

He's also shortened his hair.

Vampires don't age, sure. But it's a TV show and everyone knows that!

But nowhere is it written that Vampires can't workout or cut their hair. After all, their bodies can heal, so muscle tissue is certainly flexible.
Well, I have always got the impression Sarah was giving off a 'never say never but not anytime soon' vibe, myself.

And, agreed. It is a TV show, I think people need to cut DB and JM some slack about looking different than they did seven years ago. It's like people who get angry when you can see Angel or Spike is breathing in a scene. Good lord, they are actors, you can't tell them not to breathe. Er, sorry. Bit off topic rant there.
I didn't mean to insinuate Boreanaz is getting old and fat. He is getting older just like all of us, and over time that does begin to show (or 'working out' or whatever). My point is I'm trying to convey what his own agent is probably telling him. If he does not want to be playing Angel at comic book conventions when he's sixty-five, he needs to get out from under the role and shoot for new territory. We fans may want to see him as Angel for the rest of eternity, but it's not in his best interests, and point of fact to my original statement: it's not in ours either. Same goes for SMG.

Marsters though: so long as he loves it, he should portray Spike. The day he wakes up and no longer enjoys the thought of it, he should quit. If he can parlay (sp?) this into a tv movie or a series, more power to him. I hope the fan contingent will be behind him, and all our Buffy alumni, regardless of the choices made.

Except for Dushku. Tru Calling was just a BAD move on her part. *shiver* Faith the Series was her true calling and she missed out. Now she'll be lucky to get snack commercials.

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I can understand him wanting to move on and try different things. That makes sense, because he is an actor and I'd think it might, for some, become kind of boring playing the same role for so long. I always wonder how soap stars who've been playing the role for decades sometimes, deal with playing the same character for so long (and in most case in soaps, the same storylines over and over). I just have a small problem with his expressing of his glee over it. I just think he should've toned that down a bit for the sake of his co-workers and fans. But, that said, I don't hold it against him and I do hope he has the career he is hoping for, even though that reality for most actors never happens. I think he is someone who is an optimistic person and he has just turned his attention to the future. Plus the fact that the show has been on the bubble for so long that he may have been ready to accept it for sometime now.

But because he is so happy to be moving on, I don't think it's important for him to be involved in a possible movie in order to set the premise for it. If there is to be a movie about Spike, it would be very easy to set that stage. Spike was ready to leave and be on his own a couple of times this season but feels obligated to stick around and help out. Once this season is wrapped up, there shouldn't be anything holding him back from leaving. But if there is a spin-off, It would be a nice treat if SMG or DB was available to guest star. It's always nice to see the characters again.
Oh crap! We've got an SMG situation! It seems that David is pulling a Sarah. He wants "to move away from the character". Uh, hello, these are the characters that made the two of you stars! I mean the Brady kids were glad to reprise their roles, as are many other actors on television. I mean SMG drops hints now and again that she may one day pick up the stake, lets hope she's telling the truth. While David openly states that he is done with Angel. However, SMG said this when Buffy ended and now she seems to be talking more and more about reprising her role as Buffy, maybe David will do the same after learning how cruel Hollywood can be. I hope he does well, but let's face it, he's probably going to get stuck with small roles in good films, or large roles in bad ones. After coming off of a show like Angel, I don't think he'll have much of a career in movies. Maybe if he'd made more movies throughout his years as Angel, as SMG did while doing Buffy, I wouldn't feel this way. But how many casting directors are saying "Get me Boreanz!"
"Look, it's a f---in' show, and it was a great experience."

I see it as more than a f---in' show. Charmed is a f---in' show.
I agree Invisible. I was a little offended at that. For him it was just a job, but to us it was entertainment, and one of the last decent watchable things on television. And to some fans it was more than entertainment, it was an escape. And to even a smaller group of fans it was their life. He could be a bit more sensitive, for all the talk he's done in the past about how much they owe the fans and how great the fans are, etc. Do I hear a Shatner here? "Get a life...."
Not to be a party pooper but the Shatner "Get a Life" situation, was a comedy stint on Saturday Night Live, and wasn't Shatner himself insulting the fans. It is often misconceived with Shatner's own personal views.

The only thing Bill Shatner has to apologise for is not making any more albums!
"Look, it's just a f--ing show, and it was a great experience."

DB will live to regret that last statement.

He needs to get out and experience 21st century Hollywood for awhile. After a supporting role in Mortal Kombat 3 or Scary Movie 4 (and the like), he'll realize that Mutant Enemy is one of the few production companies interested in doing anything remotely artistic these days. And it's Joss' devotion to exploring the human condition, with all its joys and miseries, that made BUFFY and ANGEL cult classics with devoted fanbases. Boreanaz? He was fine as Angel, but he wasn't why I watched.

David, I'm sorry, but outside of ME, I'm not that interested in watching you on the big or small screen. You're just another f--ing actor.
Rogue Slayer, blwessels, and others, I agree with you. I too wish he wasn't being so overtly gleeful about all this ending. Its really painful for a large faction of his fan base. He should be more sensitive.

Also, the smarmy Scorcese reference... yeah right. Brings to mind another David...CARUSO!

And the f'in show remark? I was offended by that too. Am I being too sensitive? It doesn't feel like I am...
I guess I should feel more irritated that he's not (apparently) mourning the show's passing as deeply as I am, but this is DB the way he's always been. He may play a tortured, self-doubting vampire, but he's the farthest thing from that in real life. It doesn't seem to be in his emotional makeup to get hung up on what's over and done with (which I admit to admiring, being the exact opposite).

He may come to wish, down the road, that he'd phrased a couple of things in the interview more circumspectly. He may not realize that some fans are going to be put off by his acceptance of the situation, and that they might interpret that attitude as insensitivity. Maybe he'll come around to an understanding of those perspectives in time, when he's gotten some distance from the show's legacy. That said, I have to respect him for being honest and optimistic. He's been through some crazy sh*t on 'Angel'; every year after the first was a gamble as to whether or not it would come back for another season.

Besides the age factor, which is a whole 'nother issue that presents special problems for a mortal portraying an immortal, he's been Angel for a long time, and I get that he's probably wondering 'what else can I do?' -- kind of the way an artist doesn't want to keep painting the same picture over and over again, no matter how good at it they are. I feel an attachment to Angel the character that far outstrips anything I feel for DB himself, yet I don't see how DB can reasonably commit to playing the role again when he doesn't know what ME or JW or himself, for that matter, will be doing in the next few months, let alone a year or years from now. I imagine he may be thinking that he may age out of playing Angel before anything moves forward with a potential project, and be replaced, so what's the point of anguishing over it?

I hope if JW or ME decides to make a Buffy or Angel movie in the future that he'll want to be a part of it, but whether that happens or not, I wish him all the best. He's more talented than many have given him credit for, he's worked hard these past eight years, and he's pretty well-adjusted for an actor, all things considered. He brought my favorite TV character to life, and now that Angel's TV life has been laid to rest, it seems he just wants to be able to live his own. If I was in his position, I'm sure I'd want the same. How can I be angry with him for that?

Maybe Joss, who knows him, said it best: "David takes things in stride, and those of us who don't know how to stride are confused."

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Well said, Wiseblood. I completely agree with you.
Hmm, I wouldn't call it "gleeful", I'd call it easygoing. I thought it was a nice interview. I'm impressed with his unflappable manner--I wish I were more like that. The end of the show is very sad and it is a bleak indicator of the state of television. There are, however, many horrible things going on in the world and I think DB's attitude shows that he keeps things in perspective.
There's a difference between 'easygoing', 'taking things in stride', 'unflappable', etc and being tactless, which I feel David is being here. No one asked him to lie about his feelings, but sensitivity is something he seems to lack.
Meh, Boreanaz is getting too old and fat to play an ageless vampire anyway, how tubby did he look in that flashback last week? :-)
My first thought about DB's career after Angel was what pax movie of the week will we see him in next? I enjoyed him as Angel, but I frankly dont think his acting skills are all that stellar. I truly believe Angel was a great role for him, but there aren't that many broody roles out there for him to choose from. I continue to be saddened by his "unflappable" attitude towards the show. Not because he is disregarding the fans (though that hurts) but because Joss put his heart and soul into this universe and I think he deserves more respect from DB for giving him the chance to be a part of it.
I'm sorry if I babbled a bit in getting to my point, my kids keep hopping on me. But anyway,. just my two cents!
And wahhhh...I'm still not ready to let the Buffyverse go :(
Wiseblood, once again I agree with you.
...but there aren't that many broody roles out there for him to choose from.

That's funny, because that sort of proves my point about how underrated DB is. He isn't a broody guy -- he just plays one on TV. The trouble is, he's so good at playing a broody guy, people think that's the only note on the keyboard he knows. He's got a lot more music in his repertoire than that, I think, just based upon the emotional range he's shown the last couple of years alone.

I'm eager to see him stretch himself in other directions ... even though I'll always keep a light on at the end of the tunnel for Angel. ;)
Well said, Wiseblood ... as usual. ;)
Ooh, JamieCOTC! Person I know! Nice to see you 'round these parts. It's lovely here. Good, civil conversation, and the black is ever so beautiful and restful to the eye. ;)

Mmm, and speaking of beautiful but on a more shallow, salacious and maybe not so restful note, after just rewatching the beginning of 'Power Play' -- DB stretching ... (heck, I'm all for AD, JM and JAR stretching, too) ... *eyes glaze over*
- DB stretching ... (heck, I'm all for AD, JM and JAR stretching, too) ... *eyes glaze over*

Fine, just as long as AA gets to arch her back. ;)

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