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May 12 2004

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Undead. A great post from the All Things Philosphical Board on 'The Girl In Question'.

thank you that was awesome. especially the bit about the jackets, he/she's right, it was so true to the characters.
Reading what s'kat has to say is always a pleasure.
I totally enjoyed that. Very insightful and really makes you think that what appeared to a lot as a "filler" episode said so much more. I was just thinking the other day how Spike when he became ensouled kept the name Spike but Angelus became Angel to distinguish to himself that he was different. Neither of them chose to retake their given names. I also loved the comparisons between them and Wesley. All still yearn for the girl they can no longer have. Angel and Spike both wanted her no matter what, even if it is just an illusion but when Wesley was "offered" the illusion of having Fred he could distinguish it wasn't her and that she is gone and never coming back. It makes it all the more sadder for me.
Excellent analysis of the episode.
That was absolutely fabulous. Try calling The Girl in Question "filler" after reading that! The excellent point shadowkat makes that now they are all twins also relates to the play on perspective. You see different sides of the characters according to how close you are to them.
Very cool. Especially the parts comparing the episode to "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern", the bit players and main players switching roles and all that. Like the play, the episode was a great work that has you happy yet semi-confused while you're watching it, and loving it in retrospect.

So I guess high school did teach me something useful after all. In addition, I mean, to how to be rejected by girls, and, ya know...serve in badminton. Because God knows I've had to do that in the real world.

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Funny...I love Shakespeare AND Stoppard (especially The Invention of Love), and that went right by me...and the more I think about it, the less I'm buying it...Angel and Spike ARE the main characters, not bit players suddenly thrust into the limelight. And they've never been bit players--even on Buffy, they were always major supporting characters, so, although it's a very interesting thesis, I'm not sold.

Maybe I'm hopelessly superficial, but it seemed more like a Crosby/Hope "Road" picture than an appropriation of Stoppard.
I could never say enough good things about All Things Philosophical... and all the grey matter behind it, from Masq's great leadership to every voice in the cacophony that is the voy message board. Any Whedonesque regular who doesn't already know about ATPABTVS needs to check it out. Great site. Great people. I only wish I had more time to explore both it and here regularly.

I'd actually missed this entry so thanks for shining a light on it, Unitas. =)

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