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May 12 2004

(SPOILER) The Angel cast speak out! In a feature worthy of George Orwell's '1984', the second page of this WB magazine sees the cast talk about their favourite memories of the show (save it onto your computer and view with a pdf reader). Minor casting spoiler.

You need to right click to download and save it. Oh, the gall of The WB.

Yes...after five extraordinary years, we have decided to kill the show you all love. That's what the line should have said in the article.

I wonder if we're going to get an insincere, backstabbing "Thanks for Five Great Years" message at the end of the finale like we did with Buffy when she left the WB?
Well, I couldn't open the magazine to read the article, I got a memory error. The WB doesn't care about us, just $, so I've written to all their advertisers letting them know that I'm a 29 year old with no kids and lots of money, and that as long as they advertise on the WB I will not spend any of it at their business unless the WB brings back Angel.
Figure if enough people do that, the advertisers will stop advertising there and the WB can crash and burn.

Ooops, sorry, switched to evil William mode there....
Sounds like it was written by/aimed for the middle school crowd. Can we say, "manufactured quotes?"

Although, I did find J. August's part strangely amusing: "Alexis is a very nice guy. I'm definitely going to miss his financial advice." Ok, like WTF?

[ edited by SaveAngel on 2004-05-12 20:43 ]
SaveAngel, I thought the exact same thing. "I'm going to miss his financial advice" is not something I'd think of saying first, but to each his own...
I was unable to open it too and got an error message. I was more interested in the "feedback" section though because they are all against the WB and their decision to cancel Angel. I was used to seeing this on the Angel feedback section but this is the WB's main feedback.
Hm, it looks like one person wrote most of the comments. The grammar and vocabularly are really bad. But the WB probably doesn't read the feedback anyway, they just want to keep people from sending them angry emails.
Regarding reading it. I got errors when I clicked on it so I right clicked and saved it to my desktop and opened it from there.
What a ridiculously crappy magazine.
I know. I feel dirty.
Thanks for the advice, Simon. That fixed my problem, too. Of course it wasn't worth the effort, except to see the hot DB pic.

I tried posting to the message board but alas, it was down. 'Technical difficulties' my Aunt Nellie. Instead of taking this opportunity to really listen to all the great feedback they're getting -- because even if it's negative, people are impassioned enough to respond -- they're sitting there with their fingers in their ears.

Yep, this is the way a third-rate network shows viewers that it values them, by trying to placate them with pretty pictures and online PR. Especially after the bomb they dropped on Feb. 13th left a smoking crater in their schedule that they can't hope to replace with anything approaching 'Angel's originality and general level of excellence. Good strategy, WB.
Simon - don't know bu because it mentions upcoming guest you may want to put a small spoiler warning on it for those who wish to be truely let unspoiled till the end.

Also according to Scott Bacukla their Kraft service table was more than fair-to-midlin :)

{sarcasm font on}
The most confusing quote:
James Marsters: "Getting to prance around and not really care about anyone else's feelings has been definitely memorable.There was very fun about playing an insensitive jerk."

I didn't know he had been playing Jordan Levin?????
{sarcasm font off}

[ edited by RavenU on 2004-05-12 22:03 ]
Gosh, that is creepy. Perhaps we should just assume that there's some evil puppet controlling them from behind? Maybe Angel et al didn't destroy the nest egg?
It's like the WB just airbrushed the events of the last three months.
I wasn't sure if I wanted to bother to download that so I thought I'd see what the comments were like. Y'all have definitely talked me out of bothering. Just wanted to say thanks!
Well that was a steaming pile oh - Cr p! What a waste of my time I will never get that 5 minutes back, I should sue!!!

{sarcasm font on}
The most confusing quote:
James Marsters: "Getting to prance around and not really care about anyone else's feelings has been definitely memorable.There was very fun about playing an insensitive jerk."
[ edited by RavenU on 2004-05-12 22:03 ]

How about Andy Hallet talking about getting his horns ripped off... saying it wasn't fun after a while!

These seem to be the only quotes they could put in
Does anyone else think there seems to be an element of taking things out of context and making the "Fang Gang" out to be dysfunctional! (that perhaps the Wb did the fans a favor, damn spin doctors!)I just get that feeling from reading it.
Gag me with a spoon. On second thought, I don't need a spoon.

Aside from the gagging, J. August's "financial advice" comment left me bemused. And Andy's horne-ripping comment and James Marsters and the prancing around comment.....this thing was pasted together out of rags and spit by a bibbling idiot.
magdelena-- I get the same impression. "They're disfunctional and going a bit mental! We had to axe the show before they tore each other to pieces, JM actually turned into a smart-ass circus pony from all the prancing about and JAR made a good investment!"

Also of interest is how the "characters are leaving the WB to slay other demons". Like the show is going to live on they're just taking their business elsewhere. I can think of a demon or two they could slay as a parting gift to the WB.

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