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May 12 2004

Win Buffy season 6 on DVD. A contest with questions a lot harder than the usual "What is Buffy's name?".

Those are difficult questions. As far as I know, most of the Cordettes were never named. The asian girl is only referred to as Cordette #1 on Oh well, I probably wouldn't win anyway.
Those are decent questions. Might have to refer to the watcher's guide...
They are much tougher than the norm. Impressive.

Course, then I felt a tad pathetic when I realized I could answer all but one off the top of my head. Could be a sign that I need serious help.
There's a third member of the "We Hate Cordelia" club? Hmmm. Some of these are definitely tough. Oh well, I'll just buy my DVDs.
yeah they are tougher, i only know 4 out of the ten. it would be 6 but i can only think of 2 acotrs who have been on all 3 shows, and only 2 cordettes, harmony and aura (although aura i think was only in the premiere, and not even with cordelia's gang- but i've definitely heard the name aura tossed around by cordelia, so i just figured she's around...somewhere...). are there really 4 named? odd.
I'm not formiliar(sp?) with the third member of the we hate cordelia club, I got all 4 cordettes and every thing else tho.
I'm pretty sure the third member was Jesse. These questions are difficult though. Does anyone know which firefly cast member auditioned for Angel's role in buffy pilot?
I think I got them all, I had to do a lot of searching on the internet to find the answers but they are there if you've got some time on your hands. Considering it's a contest, should people be giving away the answers? It doesn't bother me because I only did it for fun but I don't know how others would feel. It was kind of fun trying to find them on my own.
i don't remember it being stated that jesse was in the WHCC tho.
Willow to Xander: "Remember the 'I Hate Cordelia' Club, of which you are the treasurer."

Or something like that, from "Phases," is the only reference I can remember. So Xander's definitely a member, and we can assume Willow is too, and if there's a third, it would have to be either Jesse or Buffy.

riaspark17 - You'd be talking about Nathan Fillion.
I guessed Jesse because the club was founded before Buffy was around. I don't recall any mention of Jesse being involved but he'd make sense seeing he was such pals with Xander.

I can picture Nathan Fillion as Angel. I think he could've done a great job in that role but then who'd have played the captain? I'm glad it was him, he's perfect for that part.
thanks invisible green. Gotta wonder how both BtVS and AtS would have been different if Nathan Fillion had been angel...

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Marcie sure hated Cody, but Willow and Xander wouldn't have even remembered to invite her into the club. ;-)
Ya I think it would be an inference to say Jesse was member # 3 since he was never ever mentioned on the series after The Harvest - and it wasn't till season 2 that we learned of the club...of course considering how friendless & pathetic the three of them were supposed to be I don't know who else it could have been...
To be honest, I sorta sent in an argument to that question. I'd misread it originally, and thought it simply asked for the 2 members of the club. Then, thinking about it, I realized all the points everyone's made, (i.e. never mentioned elsewhere, it's an inferance that there'd be other members, etc.) and really came to the conclusion that the club was largely a rhetorical device for Willow to remind Xander that the two of them, at least, have always been at the top of the "we hate Cordelia" list.

So, I think it's not a very strong question.

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