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May 13 2004

(SPOILER) Angel finale article. Comments from Joss Whedon, David Boreanaz and James Marsters on the show's end. Is there any hope for the future? There seems to be a glimmer of one from what Joss and James say (contains fairly major finale spoilers).

I would not have been as brutal about the ending had we had another season."

*quaking with anticipation and a smidge of fear.*
Your quaking is justified.

I know I'll be crying just because the show is over. Damn the WB.
"Lorne (Andy Hallett), a green-skinned, two-horned do-gooder demon who can read minds by listening to a person sing.."

Uh. How wrong is that? Lorne doesn't read minds. He gets glimpses of their (at that moment) most probable future when they sing. What else can be wrong about this article if the writer can't get that simple fact right?
lol. That could be argued as reading their minds then (albeit, their future minds!). It would be easier to sum up that he can read their minds rather than write out the longer description!! Otherwise it is a bit technical for casual watchers of the show.
I am so looking forward to an all-out, no holds barred bloodfest, can we have it "Whedonesque" with a *smidge* of "Tarantino".
I could handle the no holds barred if we had an actual ending to the show - waaaaaaaaah!
I suspect the writer wasn't up on the intricacies of each character's powers... Lorne could be better described as "reading destinies" rather than minds. That's a minor quibble, of course. Overall, it seemed a rather positive article.

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