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May 13 2004

TV Gal Gives The Love To Amy Acker. TV Gal highlights Amy Acker's remarkable work on AtS this season.

The only AtS news is right at the head of the article

I have to agree. I have never been a huge Fred fan, but her work this season has really made me appreciate her both as Fred and Illyria.
I know I couldn't believe how fast the Illyria worshippers started coming out of the woodwork almost immediately - including myself.

It was like instant-hit. Amazing. I just wish, futilely, there could be another season to explore that character.
Concur. Amy Acker has always been fabulous, but I suspected that was just her, y'all. Not so much acting, as being cute. *shmap* That'll show me. She's acting the smurf out of Illyria, and Fred and Illyria together was like Spencer Tracy doing Jekyll and Hyde -- tilt of the head and a wide-eyed stare, and she's the freaky blue queen in a flouncy little skirt.
Heh - nice comment Bogu.

I love how lately, Illyria has been getting nicknamed on and off the show. Last night they call her Blue, there's been Smurf (thank you Wes) and I've heard her refered to as Illy.
I think Illyria is one of the best characters Joss has ever created. I wish we had more of her.
I'm pretty sure she was a dancer in college. The way she moves her body now as Illyria is definitely balletic. The other big visual difference is I think they used to hide just how skinny she was with her wardrobe. Now that she's in a catsuit that leaves nothing to the imagination she looks freakishly thin(not that I mind). I definitely prefer her dropping the southern accent and lowering her voice, she sounds more human now than when she was Fred. The dialog they've given her is also a big plus. I think it's meant to funny when she says stuff like "your sorrow smells like rotting flesh hanging from your body"(I paraphrase). Lets start a Save Illyria campaign!
Agree with all of the above. I, too, never believed that Amy was doing all that much acting. TV Gal is on the money when she says it's almost like a different actress. Once again, Joss gets the best out of his actors and puts us all to shame.
Illyria worshipper right here. Amy Acker blows me away.
I also am thrilled by Amy Acker's performance this season. If Angel has to end, I'm happy that she was given a chance to show us just how talented she is and that she is getting praise from people in the business. As Fred alone, I don't think that would've opened many doors for Amy but being able to now play Illyria in such a mind blowing fashion should be getting the attention of every casting person out there.

I'm hoping if there is a spin-off that Illyria has a part in it. I was pleased to see how much time they have had she and Spike spending together because it seems to me like they are deliberately building up some sort of relationship between them. Maybe there some truths to the Spike movie/spin-off and Illyria will be a part of it.

She has quickly become one of my favorite all time Whedonverse characters and I'm disgusted by the possibility that once this show ends, that will be the end of that character. I want more more dammit!!
Oh, Vpecoraro, yes Amy was a dancer. There is a very humorous deleted scene from "Waiting In The Wings" from the season three dvd set where Wesley has a fantasy of him and Fred doing ballet. She looks like a beautiful dancer and he, well, he's being the very humorous and clumsy side of Wesley. Wished they had kept that scene in. Also, that episode also has Summer Glau, the actress that plays River from Firefly, as the lead ballerina.
Amy Acker getting to show off her chops has been the best pleasant surprise of this season. I'm sad that Fred is gone, but I wouldn't have predicted that the 180 that they did in bringing Illyria about would be so compelling.
I still say Joss has something for dancers - ballerinas especially - Juliet, Summer, and Amy were all former ballet dancers and then you also have Robia who was a proffessional dancer (one half of the Price team of Diamond and Pearl). Must have to do with his love of musicals.
All too true you word wizards!

I loved the remark about Illyria being an "instant hit."

Those of you that know me are aware that I never cared for Fred. Her stuttering drove me crazy, (sorry NB, but hers was so forced) and I hated all the fanboy drool over someone who I classified as a stick figure, by that I mean her acting too.

But Illyria?? Whooo! What a great character! And Amy SO brought her to instant life. I liked her from the beginning (my first impression was Whaa? COOL!) and now I just adore her. Do any of you actually think that Joss will do nothing with these characters? Not me. I'm betting on some kind of show in about 2 years, after the decompression.
RavenU, don't forget Michelle Trachtenburg and Charisma Carpenter. I believe they both had a background in dance. I'm fairly certain MT was into ballet and CC was a Laker Girl (dance/cheerleader). (I'm having computer issues right now, so I can't check on either.)
Think of what a huge risk it was to supplant Fred with Illyria. If it works--and has it ever-- you've created a character a whole show could be based around. If it fails, you've just killed off the one genuine and pure hearted character.
I miss Fred, but Amy's astonishing performance just about makes up for it. She didn't have the luxury of Illyria evolving over time like Spike or Wesley did. She was thrown to the wolves and she's been brilliant. I think her physical presence is also a plus because she is so impossibly thin and ethereal that it's just a small leap to otherworldly. And yeah, when she still appeared as Fred but spoke as Illyria it truly freaked me out.
I agree with TV Gal that one of Joss Whedon's talents is recognizing the potential of his actors, which may be why he "recycles" some of them. He's got his own little repertory acting company and he seems to inspire them to do some great work.
I agree. Amy has been brilliant, especially as Illyria-in-Fred-gard; the mix was wonderful. I miss Fred's sweetnessóand the development of her love affair with Wesóbut Illyria's dimensions are great. Plus, I agree, the nicknames are great ("Smurf"!!).

Amy was a dancer until a knee injury ended that career for her. If you haven't seen the extra dance scene on the DVD, watch it! It's hysterical to see Alexis Denisof act the fop again (he's wonderful at physical comedy).
Where is that extra scene? I must have missed it...
I'm already working on an essay that looks at the character Illyria--she's just so interesting!

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