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May 13 2004

Angel ascending, but there's more ... Variety's comic blog acknowledges the end of Angel by giving brief props to Tales of the Vampires. Two too brief mentions of The Astonishing X-Men, and even BBC's long-rumoured Ripper.

That's a great interview.
It's still in talks, so don't celebrate yet, but this will be nice, to dull our pain of the ending of Angel, to have Gilles in the UK in buffy verse, and to have the programme made in UK on BBC, just sounds so logical.
I don't think we'll see Ripper anytime soon, or atleast before Doctor Who though the two shows willbe completely different, I don't think the BBC will have any interest in producing 2 sci-fi/fantasy/potentially pricey shows at the same time. I think it'll happen eventually though, maybe a 2 hour special over Xmas '05 or something, the last shows that the BBC have done TV movie pilots for (Red cap & Strange) became series a year later, so there'd still be hope for a run of 6 or something.

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However actually having Ripper and Doctor Who could be beneficial, a fantasy night, those two could work well together, it's not to be discounted.
It would be nice, but with Doctor Who more than likely going to be on BBC One, I can't really see the BBC devoting a whole Saturday night on their main channel, to cult viewing, half of which would be a spinoff of a show which a lot of TV viewers here in the UK consider to be garbage (and the majority of them will have never watched an episode of Buffy).

Anyway, hell'll freeze over before the BBC move Casualty from Saturday evenings, this coming Saturday is one of the handful of Saturdays in the year when its not on. With that still there it'd be hard to work a fantasy night around it.

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