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May 13 2004

(SPOILER) Angel finale trailer. Sighs.

If I start crying during the trailer, chances are I'm not going to do so good with the episode itself...
I think since I read the spoilers I may skip watching the last episode for a while - I'll Tivo it and then send it to DVD but not view it - even though I'd love to it would end the antipation for me - knowing that there wasn't anything coming after it like another season - so I want to make this final anticipation last a little longer.
I am extremely sad about this. Joss don't leave us!!
Congrates to all the cast, staff, crew who worked on the show. What a pleasure to watch and become immersed in this world of vampires, demons, puppets, gods and oh yeah SPIKE. Yum.
SMG missed out on a perfect moment. Her loss not ours.
I'll be watching and probably shed a few tears. Sad but true.
Maybe a spin off or something? Don't be cruel....
Gosh...I still cannot believe this show is ending. Its like i'm just now realizing it and i'm in "fresh" shock. Even when the news came out about the cancellation (grrs and arrghs to the WB) it didn't really sink in. Now its starting too..:'(
Its just so depressing, the episode this week made me excited for teh finale, but I'm dreading it all the same, it's ending and its bullsh*t, but it's happening.
...and the last time I get to repeat this :-(

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Despite the crappiness of the WB for their treatment of Angel, I must admit, those advertising people really do make appealing trailers. Much better than the ones UPN made for Buffy. This trailer gives me shivers, and I can't wait to see the episode, but am dreading its arrival at the same time. Weird...
I was a little surprised by what they gave away in the trailer. If you slo-mo through it you'll see a few frames of Lorne doing something pretty shocking (or at least it shocked me because I was almost totally unspoiled).

Words fail to express my sadness as the end nears. The WB will be dead to me after May 19th, with 'one foot in the grave' broadcast network TV falling in right behind it.

It's been a hell of an era, though, hasn't it? These last eight years, we've watched Joss and Co. define and transform the horror/sci-fi/fantasy/
dramedy genre TV by bringing vampires out of the coffin and into the modern world with wit, intelligence and inimitable style. Good, good times. May we be fortunate enough to see the likes of Buffy and Angel again some day.
I feel your pain buffyfanatic. Maybe it's because up to now we all had that little voice in the back of the head that said "maybe" even though all the facts said no one will save our show. Now with the final show upon us, we have to face the fact that it's really truly gone.
Wiseblood, that sounded like a eulogy!

*goes to cry*
My wife, who waited until halfway through this season to get hooked on Angel, has said that she doesn't think the show will get cancelled, and she's rarely wrong, so there's still hope, right?
brother_grady - what drugs is she on and will she share?

Although, v. nice to see the husband saying his wife is rarely wrong!

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