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May 13 2004

Futon Critic faithful & true with an SOS sent to save Eliza's show "Tru Calling is a great success for Fox, ... it has put the network on the map on Thursday nights, ... for the first time in years."

*raises one eyebrow* In light of Angel ending, I'm sorry but...Tru Calling? I can't even work up the energy.
What's this critic smoking? Up against Friends, Frasier, and Survivor? Tru Calling's on what map? The Nielsens have consistently had Friends, Frasier and Survivor in the top twenty this season. Tru Calling doesn't hit the mark. Crossing Jordan, Two and a Half Men, and last Monday's NBC Movie of the week are in the top twenty of the Nielsens. Overall for the season, Without A Trace, Cold Case, and My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance actually make appearances in the top 20. I would be vaguely surprised to see Tru Calling in the top one hundred.

Next Thursday FOX is going to show American Pie 2, up against repeats of Friends, CSI, and a new Extreme Makeover. Yeah, FOX is on the map for Thursday nights. ...not. The only good thing about this show is Eliza Dushku running. They should drop all the dead people and have her just run marathons in slow motion, in a wet T-shirt and tight shorts. No wait! Halter top and bikini bottom! Even better!

...The only hope at this point is that Joey sucks raw eggs through a straw, CSI Vegas loses over half its cast and all its budget over the summer, and ABC replaces Extreme Makeover Home Edition with Extreme Makeover Auto Detail. Tru Calling couldn't get on the map if it had a street named after it.

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Normally I don't wish bad things on a show that doesn't affect me, that other people enjoy. I simply choose not to continue watching it after checking it out. However, I like Eliza as an actor (and as eye candy, sure), and would like to have a reason to watch her again. In something well-written and, if possible, though-provoking. In something coherent that doesn't assume the viewer is a half-wit.

So because I'd like to see Eliza Dushku completely freed up to try other film and television projects, I hope Fox cancels the shit out of Tru Calling.
Yeah I'm in two sorts, I like Eliza, but thing she's deserves better and should of chosen better then Tru Calling. Maybe we would of been watching a Faith Show this season, who knows. I just think after Faith, Tru Calling is a step down, maybe the show will get really better, but it's risky.
Ditto what Kris said. I got nothing against Dushku. She's talented, beautiful, and deserves her own show. However, she also deserves a better writing and producing staff, and a premise that isn't dead on arrival.
The writers at Tru Calling did too little too late for me. If anyone saw the last episode they've built up this cool conflict of whether it's a good idea Tru should be saving people destined to die with the subsequent alterations in reality it would cause. Having a anti-death/ pro-death debate that was honest would be cool for a prime time show. As we all know from Buffy; if you bring people back from the dead you might be ripping them out of Heaven and if you bring people back from Hell you aren't doing the living any favors. The thing is it's probably a gimmick. Based on their past track record of how they glossed over Tru's siblings serious addiction problems I would guess that they will completely blow it if given another season. Please let the show die.
That's the best laugh that I've had all day! I wonder what color the sky is in that world...

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