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May 14 2004

'Buffy' creator launches new X-Men book. An interview with Joss about Astonishing X-Men and he reveals what his ultimate comic book story would be.

Years ago SFX printed a rumour that the Buffy/Batman crossover was actually happening but it was not to be :(.

I'm so looking forward to Joss playing around in the X-Men universe. His gift for dialogue+characters will do a lot for the comic.

And the Batman gag was awesome, reminded me a lot of Ennis' Hitman.

(Actually, Ennis reminds me of a ruder Joss Whendon in his sense of humour)
We were talking to our local comic shop owner, and he was saying he's had a lot of people ask about this comic. Lots of people that have never read X-Men, too. There's already so much demand for this, and it's not even out yet, that he's made sure to order plenty of extra issues.

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