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May 14 2004

"The Queen of Hearts" - part one. The adventures of Spike and Dru continue in this new Buffy ecomic.

The artwork does seem to divide people but I love the dialogue especially Dru's.

The artwork does leave me torn. Dru's dialogue is delicious. Reminds me of a thought I had when I first saw the season two episode that introduced them: how could Spike have possibly put up with her for an entire century? Why doesn't he just tell her to shut up? Love is both blind and deaf, apparently.

"I don't mind losing, as long as everybody's playin' fair." At first I thought this sounded out of character but the more I think about it the more I see that this could very well be a cornerstone of Spike's psyche. Life is in essence a game to him, especially before he gets chipped and souled. Good and bad is rather irrelevant to him. Or rather, to reach for a metaphorical allusion, a present day professional football star fights for whatever jersey he's wearing, but has no allegiance to one city over another beyond the paycheck he's making. Spike happens to be wearing a mantle of evil. It's the team he's on, but that's mostly due to circumstances. He could care less about the politics of good and evil so long as the game isn't fixed.

So although the look of this ecomic could be improved, it's a wonderful exploration of the characters of Spike & Dru. Nice writing, and the art is stylized and tolerable, so long as one accepts that the artist knows nothing of anatomy.

Are we supposed to know who Zachariah King is? There was a King Zachariah in the Old Testament I believe. He was king of Israel in the 700s BCE. I don't recall any reference to the character in the Buffy mythos, so why would Dru & Spike just run off like that?
They showed Drusilla boobies.

And the one big dude at the end looked like Hellboy.

Sorry I have nothing more constructive to say beyond "boobies" and "Hellboy".
Yeah, James once said he liked working with this artist because he had a Mignola style. Pretty clear with the Hellboy guy!
Well, the artist is of the "Gee I wish I was Mike Mignola' kind. But he isn't Mike Mignola. And I wish I could be as enthusiastic about the characterization. Just like last time's outing, little things are just off. For example, seeing how they're a kinky passionate vampire couple, I found it ludicrous that Spike would freak out like that simply over Dru biting his ear.

Also if this is supposed to've taken place before "School Hard", Dru is supposed to be weak and sickly. And even if all you've seen is that one episode, that should still be plain. Sorry but due to those type of things it feels more like fanfic to me.
I first thought it was Hellboy when I saw that guy too. And you gotta love the boobies. Drussila's and the stripper's.

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