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May 14 2004

(SPOILER) The Angel Cast Talks about filming the final episode, "Not Fade Away." Bell, Denisof, Marsters, Richards, Boreanaz and Acker all talk about the end of the show.

I think this is the first time I've seen Alexis talk about the cancellation online.
Me too Simon. I was really starting to wonder about his big silence over all this.

Still, that bitty bit wasn't much. I wonder how he really feels. I wonder how Aly feels. Maybe they're happy they can go on vacation together now. Or something.
It's definitely the first thing by AD I've seen anywhere.

And that's so sweet and sad, AA making everyone else cry when she breaks down. Awww! I wanna hug them all. Our little Angel troopers, kicking ass and making it count up right to the last frame of filmstock.

God bless their hearts, they tried so hard to do everything right and they still got screwed by the PTWB, who never seemed to realize just how wonderful they were.

At least a few million of us did. :)
i'm still in denial mode, by the way. anyone else? and poor amy, i understand her pain all to well, she seems like such a sweetheart! much love and thanks to our wonderful little friends who kick butt, make us laugh, cry and think on wednesday nights. you will all be missed beyond words.
I can't realize too that the nex ep is the last ep :'(
This really does bite. Hopefully JW will give us a spin-off soon. Besides it appears that AH new sitcom is not going to be picked up by NBC at all. See,1002,271|88137|1|,00.html

So with JM saying he is willing and other Buffy alumni being available, I think they could put a cast together for a spin-off. We need something since the TV movies/Mini-series will never happen.
I'm in a state of deep depression over the ending of Angel. I'm going to be a basket case on Wednesday. I still can't believe it's over. I, too, hope something takes shape soon (and I don't mean an animated series!). It's going to be such a long wait for Serenity.

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